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Saveyourselfmoney.com – Insure Your Gas and Electricity

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This blog review is dedicated to a UK’s insurance comparison website, Saveyourselfmoney.com, which is merely different to other websites. Because it includes stand-alone money saving offers making more of money saving sites than just a comparison site. Saveyourselfmoney.com is part of the Save Britain Money group of companies. This company helps customers saving money on as many products as it can from Utilities to Loft Insulation.

To insure the future of the customer through insuring their car, home, life, travel, van, bike and pet is the main aspiration of this website, www.saveyourselfmoney.com/gas-electricity.

In Gas and Electricity insurance category, various services provided are compare electricity prices, compare gas and electricity prices, electricity prices, cheapest gas and electricity.

If your bills are constantly increasing from suppliers which is leaving you hot under the collar and you are looking for a cheaper alternative, then you will be delightful to know that there is an insurance company, which would like to quickly compare the gas and electricity quotes of a wide range of alternative energy suppliers

The gas and electricity Insurance page of this company contains some useful introduction lines which are the photocopies of it. The web page of the website also gives information about the purpose of gas and electricity insurance.

Very eye-catching part of this website which I found is keeping the link of some social networking sites i.e. Face book, Twitter and LinkedIn etc. in the home page of the website, to which it is connected. So that customers can easily get into this website and can update themselves by the recent news and features about Saveyourselfmoney.com and can know about gas and electricity insurance policies and methods.

The most interesting aspect of “saveyourselfmoney.com- gas and electricity insurance” website’s is there is a category on the webpage i.e. Exclusive Offers. The exclusive offers provided by this website are Solar panels, PPI claims, Loft and Cavity Insulation etc. It is very interesting feature of this website that it contains the photo of the particular service, provided by it, and in the homepage of it. The photo of a gas with burning blue flame is very effective. As we know that picture and image has great impact on the minds of human beings than anything else.

Finally, I would be very glad to suggest that the website should contain an online chat window which can answer the queries to the customers instantly. Which will help customers clear their doubts on gas and electricity insurance at once and they will be interested to get help of saveyourselfmoney.com for doing their insurance. Anyhow, overall I will rate it 9 out of 10.

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