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Molar Clean – Short and sweet!!

Posted by on August 1, 2012 | Comments

www.molarclean.com, an e-commerce website that sells tooth brush heads. The main USP of the website is that it only talks about business and nothing non sense. The layout is very simple yet attention drawing; it says loud and clear that they are here to sell toothbrush heads. The website owner is the company Molarclean. The website is basically an online store of their toothbrush heads that fits Braun oral B toothbrushes.

As I have stated in my previous reviews that branding is a quintessential element to promote a product. How will people come to know about what you are selling unless you do not create your brand awareness? Here I really liked how well they have placed their brand logo right on the top. Their tie up with Oral B is also quite visible with brand logo of Oral b Toothbrush Heads or Braun Toothbrush Heads on the homepage.

One cannot find all those flashy displays of photos or texts or graphics as they have kept it really simple. Yet, the website has a very pleasing aesthetic look to it. It looks neat and conveys the message very well. The pattern is too easy to read and understand. I missed an introductory paragraph which is quite a regular feature to be found. The bold captions and pictures of toothbrush heads make any random visitor know what the site is all about. Different types and model number of brush heads are mentioned against their respective prices. The item codes of different oral B tooth brushes are also given that will fit only Molarclean brush heads. The homepage is downloaded fast and can be easily found on the internet. Order can also be placed on phone for which, their contact number has been provided. In short, people now can order tooth brush heads on their website without having to take pain of visiting a super market. There are no flashy texts or advertisement.

“100% satisfaction guarantee” page tells you the benefits of using their brush heads. “Consumer reviews” covers reviews of the product given by the customers. This is a good way to build trust among the prospects about the credibility of the company. However, I found it too simple. They could have made use of intelligent graphics to make it look more appealing to eyes. They could also have included a blog section to make it more interesting.

In short, molarclean.com is a decent performer. Menus and lists are easy to read and understand. Links are easily visible in every page which makes the navigation easy. Also, there are no broken links and all pages are well connected through links. There is much ease of use with all the user friendly features. Absence of flashy pictures or graphics has made the pages to get downloaded pretty fast. The website perfectly fits to the lines of the phrase “short and sweet package” very well. The website www.molarclean.com scores decently and I would give it 3 out of 5.


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