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The Fireplace Warehouse – Brings You the Great Fireplace Options

Posted by on July 3, 2012 | Comments

As the name suggests, the website http://www.thefireplacewarehouse.co.uk/ is of prime interest for people who are interested in installing fireplaces in their houses or want to give their old outdated fireplace a new makeover. It is an official website of fireplace ware house retailers who have been in this industry for over 20 years and have many showrooms around the North West. They are retailers of every single object that is required in a fireplace installation right from, stoves, fireplaces, fires and accessories. The home page is amazingly fancy and very well designed with pictures of different fireplace models. Any person would easily make out what the website is all about, just by arriving on it.

What I really liked about the website is that every element is strategically placed in the home page. You don’t need to search; everything is there right on the display. The very first thing that gets your attention is the big bold display of their starting price in red.

People who are very much into online shopping these days will find it very useful as almost every possible new age contemporary models are there on display on the homepage itself. The interesting part is this that there are numerous links given which takes the visitor to the required information page. Even the starting price of different models are already mentioned on the pictures separately so that the interested prospect will easily click on the desired model and lands on a page that is giving all the required information about that specific product like, its description, price, discounts and all the relevant information about that particular model. For example, if you click on gas stoves, the link will take you to the page where you will get all information on gas stoves and different models of gas stoves are nicely given. The page also has pictures of different models of gas stoves arranged in an ascending order of price.

One can also get to know about the locations of their existent stores across the northwest. Their years of experience in the industry clearly shows as they have exclusive collection of different kinds of fireplaces, be it a wood burning multi-fuel stoves or gas and electric stoves. They also have amazing collection of fireplaces, fires, fuel less gas fires and holes in the wall. There is 100 percent assurance that you will have a range of options for a single choice. However, the only thing that I missed (Though it is not a major one) is the place where, people can make inquiries about the products.

I also loved the customers’ testimonials section which shows views of their customers which surely speaks a lot about their credibility. Customers’ testimonials reflect the views of customers, about their satisfaction and dissatisfaction of services and products. It also helps you in making a final decision.

All in all i loved everything about the website and it definitely scores high as the website is quite informative, has amazing graphics and pictures and great content that gives every required detail.

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