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I don’t know about you, but the moment I read a title like Portable Universe, I’m quite confident I’m about to review a website chock full of portable computer-related products. In fact www.portableuniverse.co.uk is exactly the kind of website that we would love to review here.

As I have previously mentioned, this website is all about bringing the best products to the consumers from the world of portable electronics. Generally, I would turn my nose up looking at a website like this for the plain reason that I am not the kind of person who would be interested in buying Cheap Laptops Under £100. It seems conversely, that this site is an exceptional one. I was casually surfing the net when I found this site and it gripped my imagination. This is the kind of website which gizmo freaks and computer geeks would love to feast their eyes upon.

The design of the site is really nice and is really well coded from the scratch, which I discovered when I hovered over a link in one of the posts. It is a lovely spotless four column design with the products in the centre and other links on either side. This makes buying a cheap laptop from portable universe even more convenient. The poster at the top is unique and provides a professional feel to this site. If you are interested in buying cheap netbooks and cheap laptops, then portableuniverse.co.uk is definitely the ultimate destination for you.

To me, another amazing thing was the news blog on this website. Here, the company – Portable Universe for cheap laptops, was actually availing the advantages of a business blog. They are providing great and credible information, exhibited in an amazing manner, and at the same instant not forcing their product down our throats. Certainly, the key and foremost intention of the blog is undoubtedly to steer up sales, but in reality it doesn’t feel that way at all.

On the whole I found the blog to be both edifying and appealing to read and despite the fact that I have been through a lot of such sites, I still got a lot to learn. What’s more, the blog is also a delight to navigate around and it seems that, a great deal of time was spent in figuring out the manner in which content was to be displayed to the visitors.

All in all, with such an impressive layout, an attention-grabbing blog, smooth navigation, sleek designs and mind boggling coding, this is one of the few websites out there which is informative, good looking and moreover fun to use. An all-in-one package. Besides, there a lot more interesting deals including the ‘cheap laptops under £100 from portable universe’ which make it another must visit site. Only time will tell how this will work, but for now this is certainly a very nice site and I enthusiastically suggest it to any self-respecting tech savvy person out there! A brilliant 4.6/5.

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