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In8 Fitness – A good fitness portal

Posted by on August 1, 2012 | Comments

www.in8fitness.com belongs to iN8 Fitness which is regarded for their quality fitness services. Their fitness centre is geographically located at Lake Mary, Fla. They are a team of fitness professionals whose main objective is to improve overall health of their people by implementing their fitness methods. They motivate people to inculcate healthy lifestyle and food habits to maintain lifelong wellness. Now, this is their official website to where people can come and inquire about their services. The website can be easily found on search engines by “personal trainer Orlando” and “personal trainer in Orlando” search terms.

The website downloads amazingly fast and first time comer will gauge the level of effort that has gone into the planning and designing of the website. Every element has been strategically placed at correct positions. Homepage looks catchy with a black background and usage of green colors. The display pictures give the message loud and clear that they are here to spread fitness awareness. Only a look to the homepage is good enough to know why the website is here for and what it has to offer. The header mission is like an introductory paragraph which describes emphasis on physical fitness, exercise and healthy food habits. The website has all the possible links all through the website that take you to the information pages. Menus and links can be found without having to search here and there which makes the navigation easy. All navigation menus have separate lists that appear below the “navigation’ header. The website is easy to use and a user is bound to find the usability. Social block has all the social networking widgets with a like option that allows a user to like their business page right here.

Content wise, I really liked the “Blog” section as it has interesting recipe of sweet potato fries cooked in a healthy way. Here, the photo of the final dish has been captured beautifully which would definitely make you salivate only to develop an urge to try your hand at the recipe. One thing that I would recommend to them is to add more contents on the importance of healthy living in our lives. “About us” page covers details of the company, right from its inception, their work approach, about their training and nutrition programs to the experience and achievements of their trainer and founder Nicole Kreiser. “Testimonials’ section is under construction but it will be good if they bring it soon. This feature helps in building trust among the customers and adds value to the credibility of the company. Clicking on “Service” menu opens up a list of two elements, nutrition and training. Clicking on any of the two can land you on the page that features their services.

The website is definitely a great package and has the potential to keep the interest alive. The place is rich in quality content that has valuable information for the prospects. To summarize, the website is a good fitness portal that has many standard features that make a good website.


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