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Clockwork Orange

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I don’t know what you may derive from the name “Clockwork Orange” but ask me and I would definitely relate it to clocks and watches. Although I strongly believe that there could have been more suitable and relevant names (I have no idea as to why the owners chose this name!!), I would refrain from anymore discussion here as the choice is theirs and my job is to review the website – www.clockwork-orange.net/

Anyways, I would not do justice to the review, if I would still not disclose the subject matter of the website and would keep rambling about names and choices. So, there you go. It is a business website selling designer jeans and clothing by Diesel, Replay and Pauls Boutique. Confused?? A business concept quite different from the name (No offence mate!! :P).

Now moving ahead to the website, it has got a very nice feel attached to it. In fact, it looks very trendy and modern, probably trying to emphasise that the products it sells are also designer. Type in the URL and the page loads with a huge dynamic banner at the top with portraits of models posing in alluring trendy clothes – putting the visitor’s mind to work at the first instant itself. I must appreciate that this idea is pretty beautiful and I guess you would appreciate it too.

The site loads pretty average, considering there are so many images all over it. The Home page is unique in its layout – a banner at the top and the latest trends section at the bottom (scrolls horizontally with the mouse scroll, so a bit irritating). Move towards the top and you will find the navigation menu and categories menu. Hover your mouse over the categories menu and a drop down menu appears. I tried to check the Pauls Boutique page under the Brands Category and found some excellent Paul Boutique bags. Scroll below and you get to see a large collection models clad in Paul Boutique Jackets. This is similar for all brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Replay, etc.

Navigation is pretty simple though you might notice a glitch at one or two places, especially when scrolling up or down the page. Otherwise it is perfect. One more problem which I noticed is that the site does not work pretty well with older browsers – slow and distorted. The site is draped with lots of colours which make it look even more beautiful. There is a banner on the top of each page. Also, I noticed that the site is devoid of any ads. There is an option to buy online but you’ll have to sign in for that. Also a lot of options are available for payment.

There is not much content on the website, quite obvious as it is a website selling clothes. Also the site has got a fresh look to it and just some small fixes here and there would make it perfect. Till then, a 3.6/5 for this site.

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