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Mahnkeconsulting – Get Your Home Mold Inspection

Posted by on July 31, 2012 | Comments

I ain’t pretty sure about you but the domain of real estate and consulting has at all times fascinated me. Still, I never got the hang of things like Mold Testing or Mold Inspection. I read through a number of websites with consulting methods explained, where it was claimed that I would completely grasp such concepts in a matter of few minutes. I ran across the whole text twice in less than 10 minutes and I must admit I certainly appreciate them better than I did earlier. Speaking about all this, I would not allow you to linger on consulting anymore and would now come back to today’s review – www.mahnkeconsulting.com, a complete one stop solution for contract based issues –from audit to Mold Inspection Orlando firm.

Now, as the name suggests, this is the official website of Orlando Mold testing firm, Mahnke Consulting – a firm providing tools to contractors and subcontractors to meet government compliance and regulatory standards. Started way back in 1999, this is a company that provides services to clients with large projects to smaller ones with advisory needs. However, this isn’t a site that would excite or come to use for a layman. In fact, this is a website only for those involved in contracting business.

First thing which I noticed when I got to this website is the sheer boring look – yes, the looks pretty drab and boring for a business with such glowing opportunities and where presentation plays such an important role. Very minimal and in fact not many colours have been made – a yellow border on the top is the only color used; rest of the site is monochrome. The site builder has tried to give it a very professional look – though looks like he has failed miserably in doing this. The layout is pretty simple too – navigation on the left while text is on the right. Navigation is pretty simple though laggy. At times, you would notice a glitch here and there. Although, there aren’t any ads and only a few pictures, the site still takes a lot of time to load and this is again a very bad example of what haphazard encoding can lead to.

Coming to the text, there is plenty of it available on the website, and most of it is written in a pretty convincing manner. In fact, text is all that you would notice on the website. Browse through the portfolio section and I am pretty sure that this is where the visitors’ interests lie. A long list of high profile achievements makes it pretty clear that this is not ‘just another consulting firm.’ In fact, I must admit that I was pretty impressed by the portfolio section and would strongly recommend it to all you contractors out there. Overall, the website isn’t as good as it should be but the business needs no description. A 7 on 10 for this one.


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