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Every modern business wishes to be the market leader and strives to become competitive globally. But then, this requires a lot of extra efforts both on the part of employees and the management. One very important aspect affecting the progress of a business is the potency of its IT department. Now, having a separate department for IT issues implies – employing a whole new bunch of staff, training them and lots of other investment. Besides, it also diverts the attention of the concern from its core activities. In such a dilemma, businesses are moving ahead with the idea of outsourcing the IT solutions to an expert, one such being Consilium UK – a leading provider of IT support in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Anyways, as I was reading through the website www.consilium-uk.com, I found myself getting so caught up in the importance of IT solutions that I almost forgot about my review. Yes, this site is simply enticing for a tech-geek like me and hopefully you are going to enjoy it too. consilium-uk.com is the official site of Consilium – a business for IT support in Edinburgh. Now, this is what I hit upon while running through the website and I must tell you that you are going to get impressed too.

At first glance, this might look like a very small business to you. But, it is not. In fact, it is the only Symantec Gold Partner in Scotland – an achievement in itself. Founded way back in 1998, this is one of those companies which you can trust your IT issues with. Browse through the products section and you’ll definitely come to know about the multitude of its operation. With accreditations like Microsoft Gold Partner, Symantec Gold Partner, Citrix Partner, etc. you will not give a second thought about the company’s capability. Hover your mouse over the Services menu and you’ll see a host of services. Consilium provides a wide range of services – which includes consultancy, cloud services, project management and a lot others.

Now, talking about the website, this is the type of website which will definitely impress casual visitors too. A dynamic banner at the top (similar to that of Bing’s homepage) on the homepage with content beneath it looks absolutely fabulous. The right-hand side is occupied by a Contact Us form followed by user reviews and accreditations. The site is pretty simple yet trendy in its appearance. Although, not many colours have been used, yet the site looks pretty nice and professional too – a rare example of simplicity mingled with elegance.

Navigation has been kept pretty simple too. There are clear menus on the top which make jumping from one page to another quite easy. There is a lot of content on the website and most of it is quality content. Overall, this is a very nice website clearly bringing out the purpose for which the website has been brought up.

All-in-all Consilium is not just ‘yet another IT solutions company’ but a ‘company with a difference’. 9.5 on 10 for you guys.

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