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Rissyroos – Find your choice of Clothes and Accessories for any occasion

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The website www.rissyroos.com is the official website of famous Rissy Roo’s of Cornerstone, New Jersey. They are already famous for their dresses, shoes and accessories for women of all ages. Now, that they have come up with this website where all fashion savvy women regardless of the age can find their choice of clothes and accessories for any occasion, be it prom gowns, homecoming dresses or shoes.

The website design has been laid out keeping all the aesthetic features in mind. The home page looks catchy but clean and hardly takes any time to download. Introductory paragraph on the homepage talks clearly about the purpose of the website which is very important as the website is the first representative of any business and should be able to provide enough information. The site prominently highlights the company’s USP right on the homepage. What I really liked is the way they have done the branding which, I found most websites are lacking. The predominant color used here is pink which clearly means that the website is dedicated to the female gender and the logo is visible right on the top of the homepage. Any random visitor can make out that it is Rissy Roo’s website just by looking briefly at the website.

The navigation is quite easy as there are innumerable links given right on the homepage itself. I liked the usage of illustrative images and photos of dress items with the respective prices have been given right on the home page, each provided with links that lands you on the item description page. Elaborate description of every item has been provided right from the material used in the making of the dress, availability of colors and the price. One can also zoom in the pictures to have a closer and detailed look of an item which makes it easier for one to make a decision. Transaction is easier and fast, one can make a purchase without much hassle.

Links like “shop by category” and “shop by occasion” are given on the left of the homepage which allows a user to straightaway go and view and item without having to search here and there. Even the list of designers links are given on the homepage that can take one to the page to view dresses designed by her favorite designer. Titles are given on the top. One thing which I found missing on the homepage is the contact details of the company. There is a separate title names “contact us” on the top of the homepage, but I would have appreciated if they had added it to the homepage content. Social networking block is there on the homepage that enables users to follow the brand on social networking sites.

Blog section is really nice and interesting as they discuss all the latest trends in the fashion here in this section. Customer testimonials emphasizes on the achievements of the company in this business and as a brand. All in all http://www.rissyroos.com/ is a website worth to visit.

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