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Go Travel – Fully Customizing Your Vacations as Per Your Need

Posted by on July 31, 2012 | Comments

I can bet my whole estate on the fact that each one of you out there would love to travel to new places – who wouldn’t? Now, this might make it clear to you that today’s review is about a travel website – and of course it is. But before I move ahead to reviewing this website, one very important caution – ‘fasten your seat belts, this is gonna be a bumpy ride!!!’

Having said so much about the review it would be absolutely pretentious to not tell you the name of the website – www.gotravel.com, America’s Travel professionals since 1979! – This is how the website describes it. Go Travel is the business website for fully customizing your vacations as per your need and that too in your budget. Started way back in 1979, this is simply an amazing example of how even small endeavors can turn out to become huge things. Run across the About Us page of the website and you’ll notice one very interesting achievement for the company – it is one of the top ten privately owned travel businesses in the US and Canada, as rated by Ensemble Travel Group. With 13 company offices and more than 150 dedicated employees scattered across Florida and North Carolina, Go Travel provides European vacation packages at one of the cheapest prices in the whole region. Besides, it also provides special land tours and cruises along with shore excursions.

Now coming back to the website – it is indeed very professional looking and nicely laid out. Visit the homepage and you’ll find a two column layout with the major left part covered by a beautiful dynamic banner showing images of exotic locations and cruises. The right is covered by the ‘Featured Deals’ section. Scroll down and you’ll notice latest updates, tweets, facebook updates, travel tips and most importantly – contact details. The navigation on the website is pretty simple with nicely laid out menus on the top – allowing the visitors the option of browsing through different pages easily. Colors have been chosen brightly and the site has been draped in professional-looking attire. There is also a lot of SNS integration giving it an added advantage. There is a lot of content on the website and most of it is worth reading. Also the site is littered with a lot of images and ads, but the loading time is pretty average.

This website is the perfect choice for someone who is looking to go for a vacation but does not have the time or interest in planning one. Enter your preferences, your budget and there you go – a nice customized vacation tailored to your budget. Whoa! I am simply dumbstruck. This is absolutely easy and mesmerizing, just like cake walk. A perfect 9 out of 10 for this one. See you around next time guys. Till then – Bon Voyage.


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