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Save Yourself Money

Posted by on June 12, 2012 | Comments

Ahhh!!! There are some sites which are fun to tweak with but a pain in the neck to review. And www.saveyourselfmoney.com is one such rare example. You guessed it right! Today’s review is on Save Yourself Money and I must admit it is one of those rare sites where you need to X-Ray the whole website to write a glowing review.

At first sight, it might seem from the name ‘saveyourselfmoney.com’ that this is a website with tips and tricks for making or saving money. But let me tell you my dear friend, it has not got anything to do with saving or making money for yourself. In fact, the only way in which it saves your money is by telling you the cheapest way of getting something. Yes, it is merely a comparison site, and a ‘no- nonsense site’ according to the author.

Visit the site and you will notice that the site provides you with the cheapest quotes for various services, ranging from Insurance to Travel. The website has got a very different layout – content on the top with some ads on the left. The bottom of the homepage is occupied by Latest News and Features.

On the appearance front, the site is almost monochrome, meaning there is not much use of colours. It is built on a simple theme with red as the basic colour which makes it look a bit unprofessional. There are a lot of ads littered all over the website which make it look even clumsier. I strongly believe that the developer could have done a bit more on the appearance front. In fact, the site looks pretty boring to a casual visitor and the first question which would come to your mind would be- ‘Is this site for me?’ The navigation is also very simple but the drop down menus below the services might not work on some outdated browsers.

Content wise, there isn’t much to the site. Bit of unsynchronised content here and there makes it look even worse. The About Us page, for instance, doesn’t even give catch the eyes of the reader. A lot of images have been inserted and you’ll find that the site takes a lot of time to load at moments.

A closer look at the website will make it clear that apart from the insurance comparison services, the other services are inactive at present – a very confusing point for the visitor. However, the site is pretty strong on the insurance front and I must appreciate the manner in which things have been kept – simple and straight. The visitor will get plenty of useful information about insurance – be it motor or pet insurance, and the comparison is pretty useful too, both in terms of savings and knowledge. Great work done there. All in all, it is a nice comparison website for finding you the best insurance deals at the cheapest prices and helping you save money. I am waiting for other products to be added to the list too, which would definitely make it a stand-alone website. Till then a 3/5 for this one.

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