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“WORLD OF EFFECTIVE SPEAKERS-BLOG REVIEW” is a blog, dedicated to UK’s talented and effective world class speakers, who have proficiently made the leading companies i.e. MTV, JP MORGAN, THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL and many others, select the “THE GORDON POOLE AGENCY” as their first choice to get the guest speakers and celebrity talents. Gordon Poole, the managing director of “THE GORDON POOLE AGENCY” started this in 1960 as the first agency in Europe, to supply entertainment to the corporate market.

In the present day “THE GORDON POOLE AGENCY” is supplying Celebrity Entertainers, keynote speakers and guest speakers to thousands of companies and individual personnel throughout the world.

The home page of this agency contains very effective introduction lines which are the mirror of the actual face of the Agency. The presence of photos of some speakers, owned by this agency is the most attractive feature of the home page. The home page of the website also gives “information about “Britain’s largest speaker bureau….” i.e. “THE INDEPENDENT”.

The website contains the categories of its various types of speakers, i.e. Business speaker, motivational speaker, after dinner speaker and comedy speaker etc. Business speakers from Gordon Poole are capable of inspiring the delegates in the specific workplace. Gordon Poole motivational speakers deliver the effective presentation about leadership and teamwork. After dinner speakers from Gordon Poole deliver talks on life-experienced stories and comedies. The website of “THE GORDON POOLE AGENCY” contains the list of business, motivational and after-dinner speakers, in their respective categories. One can search the speakers easily by selecting the subcategories from the parent category.

In Summary, “WORLD OF EFFECTIVE SPEAKERS” is a blog not only explains the need and quality of the effective speakers of “THE GORDON POOLE AGENCY” (www.gordonpoole.com), but also gives information about the agency.

I would like to recommend having face book and LinkedIn links on the home page of the website so that clients can easily get in touch with this website and can update themselves by the recent news about gordonpoole.com.

I would also like to recommend that the website should contain the names of the speakers just under their respective photos, appearing in the sliding appearance in the homepage of the website so that the clients can recognise the most popular speakers and their favorite speakers easily.

Finally, I would be very glad to suggest the most important thing that the homepage should contain an online chat window of the website. The client, who is visiting the website for the very first time, the online customer care service can help client to communicate with the speaker providers easily. This system will definitely help to reach new and regular customer’s need and requirement and to fulfill them in an effective way.

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