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Polaris World – Provide World Class Resorts for Purchase

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Owning a resort apartment house is like a dream come true and Polaris world resorts is just fulfilling these dreams of many by providing world class resorts for purchase. is the official website of the company Polaris world property on which, interested people can visit and get the relevant information about the types and location of luxury apartments and villas. The site also serves the purpose for those who are looking forward to own golf resorts as Polaris world golf resorts are known for their class and style.

Talking about the website, it has been very well planned and designed which clearly shows in the layout of all the web pages. The homepage can be easily found and gets downloaded fast. The background colour has been chosen white which very well goes with the subject. Introductory paragraph and picture defines the purpose of the website and specially emphasizes on how one can get apartments at attractive prices with affordable mortgage options. This is a great way to catch the attention of any random visitor. The homepage has a soothing appearance and feel which immediately makes one get connected with matter. The homepage itself comprises of a list of information on different resorts at different locations and their respective price and mortgage option. Every location of resort has been given by its respective photo and also a hyperlink which takes you to the page where every possible detail has been given on the chosen location or resort. Also, the menus and headers are placed at right positions which helps make the navigation really easy. There are no broken links and all the pages are very well connected with the links.

I really liked the way they have categorised their resorts based on location that appears on the left. This enables one to select the desired link and land on a page that gives detailed description on the desired location. Even the contact details, phone numbers and e-mail id are been given right on the homepage. I was looking forward to see a blog section which was not present. Also, there is no social networking block on any of the pages. The site owners must consider adding these two sections to make the website complete. However, on the plus side, three things that I really liked are live chat option, biding block and live help online sections. Also, the bank enquiries block is also a great feature that allows any interested person to enquire about the mortgage options and to estimate his financial ability to buy a chosen property.

In totality, this website is a great package and scores well on the standards. I would also like to mention one thing that I personally do not like flashy texts appearing on any website. This website does have a flashy text sentence appearing on the top of the homepage but this seems to be essential to promote their business and make more sales. The website is good and has the ability to draw customers.

Polaris World

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Welcome back folks!!! This time we are reviewing a completely different site –, not only in terms of subject but also in terms of targeted crowd and other aspects. Before we move ahead, one very important point which comes to your mind would be the meaning of ‘Polaris World’. Polaris World Spain is a vacation resort business with its basis on golf courses developed by Nicklaus Design (Jack Nicklaus’s business of designing golf courses). Each golf course is surrounded by extensive housing facilities like apartments, country houses and cottages with amenities such as malls, shopping complexes, restaurants, amphitheatres and so on all managed by the Polaris World family of companies. The golf courses are otherwise identified as the Polaris World Nicklaus Golf Trail.

With seven resorts ranging from 55 hectares to 900 hectares in size, Polaris World Murcia is the leading golf resort developer in the region. Almost all of the resorts are around 100 to 250 hectares in size, but there are also larger and smaller ones. Presently being improved, Mar Menor was the first one to be completed. La Torre is wholly developed and is an exemplary evidence of what Polaris World stands for. El Valle, another site containing villas for the most part, is almost complete (unlike the others, apart from Mar Menor, which are chiefly apartments). The biggest development, Condado de Alhama, is more than 900 hectares large and has 3 golf courses within it.

Now, at first look it might seem as if is the official website for Polaris World. But factually it is not. It is, in fact, the website for Villa Cashback – the largest seller of Polaris World property in Europe. At first even I was confused and took it to be the official website for Polaris world, but a closer look revealed the truth. The business has a lot of beautiful properties up for sale and I am pretty sure that people with a lot of money in their pockets would not refrain from feasting themselves upon the luxury of a villa in Polaris World Resorts.

Coming to the website, it is a nice two column layout with links and ads all over the left and content on the right side. The site opens with the home page displaying a beautiful dynamic banner at the top (like the ones on Bing’s homepage – keeps on changing). There are a lot of pictures and ads all over the website due to which the site takes a lot of time to load. Browse through the homepage carefully and you will find a lot of un-clickable links all over it. On the left side, a lot of ads (looking cheap) have been posted beneath the clearly laid out contact details. Coming back to the content, plenty of it is available on the website, although I feel most of it is not reliable. The pages have been littered with a lot of unnecessary links which make it look even worse.

Appearance wise, the website is pretty decent. Although the site builder could have made use of a lot more colours but he has chosen a simple and sober layout. The site feels pretty professional and has a nice feel attached to it, owing to the fact that it is involved in transacting such significant properties. On the navigation front, apart from a glitch here and there, it is pretty comfortable and smooth. Overall, a perfect 3/5 for this website.

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