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Grace Darling Holidays – Wide Range of Holiday Cottages to Select

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If given a chance to reside in anywhere in England, then I would certainly prefer the North-Eastern region – the most stunning part of the country, gifted with natural aura. And to be even more precise – Northumberland, an area endowed with lots and lots of scenic beauty. In the midst of hills, shores and captivating hamlets, this becomes one’s dream destination for spending a vacation in an exotic location. If you too are desirous of getting a break from your hectic life to spend a vacation, then make sure you have a look at Grace Darling Holidays’ brochure of Northumberland Cottages. And I am pretty sure that it would leave you longing for a trip to this region – having breathtaking scenery along with a distinctive local history.

Grace Darling Holidays is a Holiday Cottages Northumberland-based business which has been in operation in north eastern England for quite some time now. All of the holiday cottages are privately owned and situated along the scenic coastline. Grace Darling Holidays gives you the option of browsing through the cottages online and getting a flavour of what holidaying in such exotic locations is like. You can then book the one of your choice either online or by calling them up.

With a gallery of more than 100 cottages, you have an access to an extensive range of cottages and you can easily select the one matching your requirements and budget – which means you just specify your budget and you get a holiday tailored to suit your needs. I was browsing through the gallery and, I must admit, I was at many occasions tempted to book a cottage for me. They look simply fabulous – a picture perfect destiny for a lavish outing.

Coming to the website, this is one of those websites which you would love to feast your eyes upon. The top of the page has a dynamic banner accompanied by the navigation menus on the left. has a simple three column layout and looks pretty decent – a blend of professionalism and elegance. However, the font size is pretty small and navigation menus are quite petite too. However, the colour schemes are pretty appreciable and I was impressed by the selection. Navigation is found to be quite simple and users can easily browse through the pages. There are lot of images on the website, pretty obvious, and all of them are really striking. This would definitely generate traffic from browsers on the website. Besides, you would notice a few ads on the website too. The website takes a pretty decent amount of time to load, owing to so much of graphical content. Also, there is a lot of content on the website and each portion of it is absolutely mesmerising. It is these types of web content which are most effective in convincing people.

Before, you complete reading this and ponder over your decisions its time that I book a cottage for myself and go on an exotic trip. Overall, 8 out of 10 for this business. See ya next time around guys! Bon Voyage!

Gracedarlingholidays – Trip to Northumberland?

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If you are among them who are planning for a trip to a place with natural scenic beauty then try, Northumberland which is situated in the Northeastern part of England. This place is surrounded with a long coast line which has splendid beaches including golden beach, castles, and some of the best gardens. is a perfect site for a perfect planning to visit this place. The company provides a range of holiday cottages for you to book in. If you are a couple or a group of people, gracedarling holidays provides you from a simple cottage, luxury cottages to self catering cottages Northumberland, whatever may be your choice cottages Northumberland from Grace Darling, has a space in for you. They are having around 40 years of experience in managing a wide range of cottages in Northumberland.

The site design is quite simple yet elegant, immediately catches one’s attention and is easy to navigate from homepage. It also contains information on individual cottage wise from which you can choose. The homepage is quite uniquely designed which provides necessary information about the company and its offering. However, the content could have been brief as a user would need to spend some time in finding the perfect cottage. May be they should give a highlight on each cottage and then if desired may go in for detail search. The search criteria should include few more items like charges, cottage view, make, etc. It should also include the nearest tourist spots for each cottage. However the Feature Key used in the site is quite attractive and provides good information.

Though they have provided enough information, best is to check on individual photographs of the cottages which helps the user in making a proper selection. If you are looking for a luxurious stay then check the luxury cottages Northumberland, luxury holiday cottages in Northumberland or Bamburgh Cottage section in the site. The company also provides good information on local site seeing. Don’t miss to book a cottage which is in the heart of villages like Craster, Beadnell, and Bamburgh or which has view to castles and do not forget to visit some of the oldest pubs, castles, horse riding… And do not forget to check in some deals which the company offers, you can find them in Late Availability Section. They also provide free entry tickets to castles and gardens if you book in advance. You can also find some additional deals in facebook by liking Grace Darling Holidays.

Check the local attraction column for the complete enjoyment to your family or friends like Alnmouth or Bamburg beaches, Lindisfarnie National Natural Reserve which has a good place for Bird Watching, some of the famous castle like Bamburgh Castle, Alnwick Castle, Golfing, Alnwick gardens, and if you are an adventure freak then click on the Adventure Northumberland section in the local attraction page, some of the best pubs and restaurant. has provided you the links for each of the tourist spot for providing full information to the travelers.

Have a happy travelling….

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Polaris World

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Welcome back folks!!! This time we are reviewing a completely different site –, not only in terms of subject but also in terms of targeted crowd and other aspects. Before we move ahead, one very important point which comes to your mind would be the meaning of ‘Polaris World’. Polaris World Spain is a vacation resort business with its basis on golf courses developed by Nicklaus Design (Jack Nicklaus’s business of designing golf courses). Each golf course is surrounded by extensive housing facilities like apartments, country houses and cottages with amenities such as malls, shopping complexes, restaurants, amphitheatres and so on all managed by the Polaris World family of companies. The golf courses are otherwise identified as the Polaris World Nicklaus Golf Trail.

With seven resorts ranging from 55 hectares to 900 hectares in size, Polaris World Murcia is the leading golf resort developer in the region. Almost all of the resorts are around 100 to 250 hectares in size, but there are also larger and smaller ones. Presently being improved, Mar Menor was the first one to be completed. La Torre is wholly developed and is an exemplary evidence of what Polaris World stands for. El Valle, another site containing villas for the most part, is almost complete (unlike the others, apart from Mar Menor, which are chiefly apartments). The biggest development, Condado de Alhama, is more than 900 hectares large and has 3 golf courses within it.

Now, at first look it might seem as if is the official website for Polaris World. But factually it is not. It is, in fact, the website for Villa Cashback – the largest seller of Polaris World property in Europe. At first even I was confused and took it to be the official website for Polaris world, but a closer look revealed the truth. The business has a lot of beautiful properties up for sale and I am pretty sure that people with a lot of money in their pockets would not refrain from feasting themselves upon the luxury of a villa in Polaris World Resorts.

Coming to the website, it is a nice two column layout with links and ads all over the left and content on the right side. The site opens with the home page displaying a beautiful dynamic banner at the top (like the ones on Bing’s homepage – keeps on changing). There are a lot of pictures and ads all over the website due to which the site takes a lot of time to load. Browse through the homepage carefully and you will find a lot of un-clickable links all over it. On the left side, a lot of ads (looking cheap) have been posted beneath the clearly laid out contact details. Coming back to the content, plenty of it is available on the website, although I feel most of it is not reliable. The pages have been littered with a lot of unnecessary links which make it look even worse.

Appearance wise, the website is pretty decent. Although the site builder could have made use of a lot more colours but he has chosen a simple and sober layout. The site feels pretty professional and has a nice feel attached to it, owing to the fact that it is involved in transacting such significant properties. On the navigation front, apart from a glitch here and there, it is pretty comfortable and smooth. Overall, a perfect 3/5 for this website.

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