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Grace Darling Holidays – Wide Range of Holiday Cottages to Select

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If given a chance to reside in anywhere in England, then I would certainly prefer the North-Eastern region – the most stunning part of the country, gifted with natural aura. And to be even more precise – Northumberland, an area endowed with lots and lots of scenic beauty. In the midst of hills, shores and captivating hamlets, this becomes one’s dream destination for spending a vacation in an exotic location. If you too are desirous of getting a break from your hectic life to spend a vacation, then make sure you have a look at Grace Darling Holidays’ brochure of Northumberland Cottages. And I am pretty sure that it would leave you longing for a trip to this region – having breathtaking scenery along with a distinctive local history.

Grace Darling Holidays is a Holiday Cottages Northumberland-based business which has been in operation in north eastern England for quite some time now. All of the holiday cottages are privately owned and situated along the scenic coastline. Grace Darling Holidays gives you the option of browsing through the cottages online and getting a flavour of what holidaying in such exotic locations is like. You can then book the one of your choice either online or by calling them up.

With a gallery of more than 100 cottages, you have an access to an extensive range of cottages and you can easily select the one matching your requirements and budget – which means you just specify your budget and you get a holiday tailored to suit your needs. I was browsing through the gallery and, I must admit, I was at many occasions tempted to book a cottage for me. They look simply fabulous – a picture perfect destiny for a lavish outing.

Coming to the website, this is one of those websites which you would love to feast your eyes upon. The top of the page has a dynamic banner accompanied by the navigation menus on the left. has a simple three column layout and looks pretty decent – a blend of professionalism and elegance. However, the font size is pretty small and navigation menus are quite petite too. However, the colour schemes are pretty appreciable and I was impressed by the selection. Navigation is found to be quite simple and users can easily browse through the pages. There are lot of images on the website, pretty obvious, and all of them are really striking. This would definitely generate traffic from browsers on the website. Besides, you would notice a few ads on the website too. The website takes a pretty decent amount of time to load, owing to so much of graphical content. Also, there is a lot of content on the website and each portion of it is absolutely mesmerising. It is these types of web content which are most effective in convincing people.

Before, you complete reading this and ponder over your decisions its time that I book a cottage for myself and go on an exotic trip. Overall, 8 out of 10 for this business. See ya next time around guys! Bon Voyage!

Pure Living Heathrow – A good website on condo rentals!!

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Living a luxurious life seems to be a common dream of every individual. Definition of a luxurious life will be incomplete without living in a luxurious house. So what if you cannot afford to buy one, you can always rent in one. Pure living Heathrow is for such kind of people want to live in luxury rentals to spend some time living in plush apartments armed with all possible means of luxury. They have some plush Apartments in Lake Mary FL and Apartments in Heathrow fl. All their apartments showcase amazing architecture. These rentals come with all possible luxury features to offer their customers an enriched and unique experience.

The website is the official page of Heathrow condo rentals. The website can be easily found on search engines by the search terms, “Luxury Condos Heathrow” and “Apartments Heathrow”. The homepage has been kept simple without much usage of graphics, yet, it is aesthetically pleasing to your eyes. Introductory paragraph defines the reason behind the website’s existence. Any user coming to the website will understand the basic purpose of the website as the content of the intro is written in a way to connect with people looking for a once in a lifetime luxury experience. The layout have been designed and laid out well. The content in all the pages are in tandem with the matter.

“Map+directions” page has a map that gives directions to reach the location of pure living Heathrow. This page has been added to help the prospects locate their apartments in different locations. “The “neighbourhood” section features a map that lets you know the localities adjacent to their rental apartments. “Floor plan” section gives you an idea of the pricing of rental apartments. One would also know the availability of apartments in the area and also the amount required to be deposited for each model plan. Amenities section features all community amenities to be found in their rental condos. The contact number has been given in case you are interested and want to make an enquiry. What I really liked is that they have not missed out on providing any information. Links are easy to locate and can be found all through the website. Even the smallest detail of any particular item has been added beautifully.

I would have liked a Facebook widget on the homepage which I found missing. Even a blog section is sorely missed.

All in all, the website is a good package. It has its own way of presenting the matter which is quite appreciable. It has all the possible information like, how to contact them or how to get their rentals. The website very well reflects the owner’s ideas and vision. Navigation through the website is easy with all the menus easy to read and find. Also, it is not crowded which not common to see in other websites. The website is a sure shot good performer and I would definitely not mind coming back looking for more.


Gaffsrealty – Specializes in Buying and Selling Daytona Beach Condos

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As soon as you spot a title like Gaff’s Realty, it becomes quite evident what is going to come across your way. Although it is not certainly something that I would hunt down while I’m doing my regular bit of browsing, I undeniably have a curiosity in this domain. I must admit, I was pretty keyed up to make out how the author(s) of have made it stand out from the list of similar sites.

Now coming back to the review, as the name suggests, this is clearly a business dealing in Daytona Beach real estate. Gaff’s realty is a business firm with a large number of robust employees and offices who having been dealing in Ormond Beach real estate, besides a few others, for a quite long time now. The company specializes in buying and selling Daytona Beach condos and homes and has been operating in the region for a pretty long time now. Gaff’s Realty covers almost the whole of Daytona Beach, Florida beaches, Port Orange and other surrounding areas in addition to dealing in New Smyrna Beach real estate. Besides, the business provides the option of MLS or multiple listing searches using which you can browse through all the houses which are for sale in the region. Since listings from almost all the agents in the region are shown, you can be pretty sure about getting the house that would perfectly match your requirements. In fact, this feature works so perfectly that it almost left me bamboozled.

I loved it when this webpage loaded – an extremely uncomplicated layout and incredibly effortless for me to navigate my way around. The site looks awfully beautiful with the watery top and the dynamic banner below it. I must say, this is one of those sites where beauty has been pooled with business sense. Vivid colors have been made use of and the entire site has been given the background of a beach making it go with with the theme of the website. Navigation bar has been kept on the top with bold and highlighted menus make it very easy to browse through the entire site. One of my favorite add-ons is the MLS sidebar that allows the user to search for homes.

There are a lot of pictures inserted on the site everywhere, though you won’t find any ads. The site takes a pretty decent time to load even on an average connection and I appreciate this. Coming to the content, there is a respectable amount of it on the website and although the same pieces have been repeated in places, it still doesn’t take a backseat. The site also provides the option of searching homes by neighborhood which is pretty impressive too. Overall, if you’re looking for your dream house in the Daytona Beach area, then this is the ultimate destination for you. I would rate it a 8.5 on a scale of 10.


Go Travel – Fully Customizing Your Vacations as Per Your Need

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I can bet my whole estate on the fact that each one of you out there would love to travel to new places – who wouldn’t? Now, this might make it clear to you that today’s review is about a travel website – and of course it is. But before I move ahead to reviewing this website, one very important caution – ‘fasten your seat belts, this is gonna be a bumpy ride!!!’

Having said so much about the review it would be absolutely pretentious to not tell you the name of the website –, America’s Travel professionals since 1979! – This is how the website describes it. Go Travel is the business website for fully customizing your vacations as per your need and that too in your budget. Started way back in 1979, this is simply an amazing example of how even small endeavors can turn out to become huge things. Run across the About Us page of the website and you’ll notice one very interesting achievement for the company – it is one of the top ten privately owned travel businesses in the US and Canada, as rated by Ensemble Travel Group. With 13 company offices and more than 150 dedicated employees scattered across Florida and North Carolina, Go Travel provides European vacation packages at one of the cheapest prices in the whole region. Besides, it also provides special land tours and cruises along with shore excursions.

Now coming back to the website – it is indeed very professional looking and nicely laid out. Visit the homepage and you’ll find a two column layout with the major left part covered by a beautiful dynamic banner showing images of exotic locations and cruises. The right is covered by the ‘Featured Deals’ section. Scroll down and you’ll notice latest updates, tweets, facebook updates, travel tips and most importantly – contact details. The navigation on the website is pretty simple with nicely laid out menus on the top – allowing the visitors the option of browsing through different pages easily. Colors have been chosen brightly and the site has been draped in professional-looking attire. There is also a lot of SNS integration giving it an added advantage. There is a lot of content on the website and most of it is worth reading. Also the site is littered with a lot of images and ads, but the loading time is pretty average.

This website is the perfect choice for someone who is looking to go for a vacation but does not have the time or interest in planning one. Enter your preferences, your budget and there you go – a nice customized vacation tailored to your budget. Whoa! I am simply dumbstruck. This is absolutely easy and mesmerizing, just like cake walk. A perfect 9 out of 10 for this one. See you around next time guys. Till then – Bon Voyage.


Save Yourself Money – This one has some great informative content!!

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Holidays and travel are two things that everyone looks forward to as both are a great way to forget the stresses of everyday life and have some fun. However, any unforeseen mishap in the course of travel can turn a relaxing vacation into a taxing experience. Travel insurance comes to your rescue by compensating for all the expenses followed by any unexpected mishap in the course of travel. There are numerous travel insurance schemes but choosing the most suitable one is the actual task which can be only achieved through comparing different travel insurance schemes. Here comes that will definitely serve the purpose of finding you cheap holiday insurance.

Coming to the website, an instant glance will let you know what all it has to offer. Yes! This site is no entertainment but a place where one can compare travel insurance plans and find the most competitive of all. The website is very well thought out, planned and constructed and hardly takes any time to get downloaded. It can be easily found on search engines by the search term “travel insurance compare”. Introductory paragraph is quite informative and it truly presents the actual purpose of the website. There are direct links on the homepage itself that takes a user to action pages directly without searching here and there. The font size of the texts is large enough to be readable. However, a Facebook widget is very much missing which is quite common to see nowadays and a medium to draw prospective customers to the website.

Absence of flashy colours for displays is very much acknowledgeable due to which the real essence of the matter didn’t get lost. There is a button called “Get quote” at the top middle of the page, clicking on which takes you to the page where a user can instantly get a quote by filling out his details. Now, this feature immediately catches one’s fancy and anyone would like to use it. The main USP of this site is user friendly and can keep the visitors engaged. Clicking on “View Product guide” button takes you to a page that serves to be an insurance buying guide. The “latest news” section has interesting posts related to the latest developments in the field.The site is interactive and creates a feeling of looking for more in the website. The site provides all insurance related information that a prospect is looking for and would love to come back for more updates and information.

Contact phone number appears in bold big fonts and displays on the top right. The website lets you know the ideas and vision of the company very well. All the pages are well structured and include necessary contents and messages. There are no undesirable pop up displays or advertisements to drive your attention away. I really found it to be up to the standards and give it 4 out of 5. The website surely deserves praises for all the good work.

Polaris World – Provide World Class Resorts for Purchase

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Owning a resort apartment house is like a dream come true and Polaris world resorts is just fulfilling these dreams of many by providing world class resorts for purchase. is the official website of the company Polaris world property on which, interested people can visit and get the relevant information about the types and location of luxury apartments and villas. The site also serves the purpose for those who are looking forward to own golf resorts as Polaris world golf resorts are known for their class and style.

Talking about the website, it has been very well planned and designed which clearly shows in the layout of all the web pages. The homepage can be easily found and gets downloaded fast. The background colour has been chosen white which very well goes with the subject. Introductory paragraph and picture defines the purpose of the website and specially emphasizes on how one can get apartments at attractive prices with affordable mortgage options. This is a great way to catch the attention of any random visitor. The homepage has a soothing appearance and feel which immediately makes one get connected with matter. The homepage itself comprises of a list of information on different resorts at different locations and their respective price and mortgage option. Every location of resort has been given by its respective photo and also a hyperlink which takes you to the page where every possible detail has been given on the chosen location or resort. Also, the menus and headers are placed at right positions which helps make the navigation really easy. There are no broken links and all the pages are very well connected with the links.

I really liked the way they have categorised their resorts based on location that appears on the left. This enables one to select the desired link and land on a page that gives detailed description on the desired location. Even the contact details, phone numbers and e-mail id are been given right on the homepage. I was looking forward to see a blog section which was not present. Also, there is no social networking block on any of the pages. The site owners must consider adding these two sections to make the website complete. However, on the plus side, three things that I really liked are live chat option, biding block and live help online sections. Also, the bank enquiries block is also a great feature that allows any interested person to enquire about the mortgage options and to estimate his financial ability to buy a chosen property.

In totality, this website is a great package and scores well on the standards. I would also like to mention one thing that I personally do not like flashy texts appearing on any website. This website does have a flashy text sentence appearing on the top of the homepage but this seems to be essential to promote their business and make more sales. The website is good and has the ability to draw customers.

Daytonabeachshortsales – Drop Your Worries Now!

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With the current economic climate in U.S, most homeowners are worried about mortgage payments. The site comes as a breath of fresh air to owners facing Volusia county foreclosures or Daytona Beach foreclosures. Foreclosure, as many of you know is the most devastating financial challenge that a family has to face and is a place to get some valuable information on how to deal with such circumstances. It seems as if the author or the owner has been successful in capturing everything that he has learnt and put it together here. The website clearly depicts the owner’s vision and ideas in an illustrative manner.

The homepage invariably has a very pleasing aesthetic look to it. The format including the background color is quite easy and soothing to your eyes. Any visitor arriving on the home page gets to know the purpose of the website and what it is all about. Branding is something that makes the website promote its respective brand and here the logo has been placed right at the top. Introductory paragraph is able to immediately connect with the persons dealing with mortgage frustration and looking for a possible way to get some air. It is perfectly visible that all the pages of the website have been perfectly laid out after detailed planning. However, a social networking widget was missing on the homepage which was quite surprising as it is quite a regular in almost all the websites today. It is also great to see that the pages are not filled with a bunch of advertisements.

The sections that impressed me very much are “Foreclosure solutions” and “short sales explained”. The “Foreclosure solutions” page covers explanations of all the possible solutions including both their benefits and drawbacks. Whereas, the “short sales explained” page covers an illustrative explanation of short sales and what all are the criterion to qualify for a short sale. This place has some really valuable information for those who are looking forward to Volusia county short sales or Daytona Beach short sales. There is also a provision that interested people can fill out simple details and get a free consultation from them which I found quite interesting.

In simple words, is a great package for all the required information on the said matter. The website is well planned and designed as it has almost all the essential features that makes a finance related website successful. All the menus are easy to read and find and the website loads pretty fast. The website looks simple and easy to use. All the links can be found easily without straining your eyes. What I really admired is that the website has a unique flavor to it unlike other websites that are flooded with advertisements.

The only thing that I would suggest is to add a blog section and a social networking block on the homepage. This would allow the users to interact and discuss various issues regarding the matter with them. Rest all is fine but with continued dedication, the space will become even more informative and interesting.


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This is a blog, dedicated to one of UK’s travel insurance comparison website,, which is different to other websites as it includes stand-alone money saving offers making more of money saving site than just a comparison site. is part of the Save Britain Money group of companies. This company is dedicated to assist customers save money on as many products as it can from Utilities to Loft Insulation.

The aim of this comparison website is to insure the future of the customer through insuring their car, home, life, travel, van, bike and pet.

In Travel insurance category, various services provided are i.e. travel insurance, holiday insurance and cheap travel insurance.

The Travel Insurance page of this company contains some effective introduction lines which are the mirror images of the actual face of it. The presence of the photo of travel bag is very attractive. The web page of the website also gives information about the purpose of travel insurance.

Very interesting part of this website is keeping the link of some social networking sites i.e. Face book and LinkedIn on the home page of the website, to which it is connected. So that clients can easily get in touch with this website and can update themselves by the recent news about insurance.

The webpage of “ insurance” contains one useful and fascinating window which has the information about the Exclusive Offers in a sliding window. It is very interesting feature of the website that it contains the details of the services provided by it in the homepage with photos of the particular service. As Picture and image has greater impact on human mind than anything else.

In Summary, “INSURING YOUR TRAVEL AND FUTURE-BLOG REVIEW” is a blog which explains the services provided by the “ insurance” website and the quality effectively.

I would also like to recommend that the website should contain the E-Mail ID or postal details in the Contact page. So customers can easily reach to the services, provided by It will help new customers who are fresher in the zone of insurance. Plan your Trip to Have a Great Vacation

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Who doesn’t like to go on vacations? People spend some of the best time of their life on vacation. Different people could have different purpose behind vacation but mostly everyone wants to rejuvenate themself during the trip. If you are planning on a hassle free trip, you must book your hotel in advance. I know finalising a hotel is not an easy decision. Hotel plays a vital role in ensuring that you have an enjoyable time in your vacation.

I have always wished to get discounted or cheap hotels with facilities and luxuries ambience. To find affordable hotel in your budget is also necessary when you are planning to travel aboard because your expenses can go high, if you don’t plan smartly. You can also ask if they give discounts to students or senior citizens.

Going online in search of right hotel would be wise. Internet has made this so easy. With the help of internet, hotel reservations have become very popular nowadays. If you are looking for worldwide hotel booking service in one place, visit to This site has some of the best deals for worldwide and has very economical ones.

Selecting the right hotel can seem like a difficult task whether it’s for cheap hotels or luxury hotels. You just have to visit and write or call to the hotel directly, their travel agents provide you with full information regarding reservation and they answer your all queries. I have realised that now the scenario has changed the hotel industry business, men have become more professional than ever before. is awesome website! They have big list of hotels which covers worldwide destinations. What I like the most about Hotelology is that probably they haven’t missed out on any famous tourist place where people mostly like to go on their vacations. I have personally experienced that they are passionate about their job. They want everyone to get best services and best deals at the time. Just few clicks on your mouse and can provide you the best deal that you are looking for.

Unfortunately, Hotelology website does not have a live chat option. I think they should work on that. Live chat should be included on Hotelology website so that a customer can have clear communication directly and quickly. I would suggest, just check for hotel reviews and recommendations before booking.

There is a very simple form available on the Hotelology website for reservation booking that you can make use of. However, my suggestion to all customers would be to wait for confirmation of booking. Other good points that I noticed one, they are not taking any administration fees as well as they are not charging any reservation fees and two, they accept all the major credit cards which are a plus from a customer point view. I was really amazed to see that every year roughly around 5 million customers access this website.

I would like to give big thanks to Hotelology that have started using internet technology and provide 24 hours service to its customers. This is very convenient and easy way to book hotels. Hotelology provides you customer reviews and their star ratings which help you to make the right decision. will help you find luxury hotels across the world from Europe to Indian Ocean.

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Gracedarlingholidays – Trip to Northumberland?

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If you are among them who are planning for a trip to a place with natural scenic beauty then try, Northumberland which is situated in the Northeastern part of England. This place is surrounded with a long coast line which has splendid beaches including golden beach, castles, and some of the best gardens. is a perfect site for a perfect planning to visit this place. The company provides a range of holiday cottages for you to book in. If you are a couple or a group of people, gracedarling holidays provides you from a simple cottage, luxury cottages to self catering cottages Northumberland, whatever may be your choice cottages Northumberland from Grace Darling, has a space in for you. They are having around 40 years of experience in managing a wide range of cottages in Northumberland.

The site design is quite simple yet elegant, immediately catches one’s attention and is easy to navigate from homepage. It also contains information on individual cottage wise from which you can choose. The homepage is quite uniquely designed which provides necessary information about the company and its offering. However, the content could have been brief as a user would need to spend some time in finding the perfect cottage. May be they should give a highlight on each cottage and then if desired may go in for detail search. The search criteria should include few more items like charges, cottage view, make, etc. It should also include the nearest tourist spots for each cottage. However the Feature Key used in the site is quite attractive and provides good information.

Though they have provided enough information, best is to check on individual photographs of the cottages which helps the user in making a proper selection. If you are looking for a luxurious stay then check the luxury cottages Northumberland, luxury holiday cottages in Northumberland or Bamburgh Cottage section in the site. The company also provides good information on local site seeing. Don’t miss to book a cottage which is in the heart of villages like Craster, Beadnell, and Bamburgh or which has view to castles and do not forget to visit some of the oldest pubs, castles, horse riding… And do not forget to check in some deals which the company offers, you can find them in Late Availability Section. They also provide free entry tickets to castles and gardens if you book in advance. You can also find some additional deals in facebook by liking Grace Darling Holidays.

Check the local attraction column for the complete enjoyment to your family or friends like Alnmouth or Bamburg beaches, Lindisfarnie National Natural Reserve which has a good place for Bird Watching, some of the famous castle like Bamburgh Castle, Alnwick Castle, Golfing, Alnwick gardens, and if you are an adventure freak then click on the Adventure Northumberland section in the local attraction page, some of the best pubs and restaurant. has provided you the links for each of the tourist spot for providing full information to the travelers.

Have a happy travelling….

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