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Daytona Beach Short Sales – It has got a unique flavor!!

Posted by on August 1, 2012 | Comments

In a view of the ongoing economic slowdown, mortgage repayment has emerged a cause of concern for most homeowners. The site comes as a fresh lease of life for such home owners facing Volusia county foreclosures or Daytona Beach foreclosures. Foreclosure is like a financial challenge which is tough to face for a family. This place has some real valuable information on this topic. The web designer has been quite successful in presenting his vision and ideas through the website.

The homepage downloads fast and it has an appealing aesthetic look to it. The format is quite easy and soothing to your eyes. The entire layout is such that any visitor arriving on the page comes to know the purpose of the website and what it has to offer. The company logo is placed right on the top. Introductory paragraph has been written intellectually and it is able to get an instant connect with persons dealing with foreclosures and looking for a way out. All pages are well laid out after detailed planning and designing.

Content wise, the sections, “Foreclosure solutions” and “short sales explained” were really enjoyable for me. The “Foreclosure solutions” page deals with finding the solutions to mortgage frustrations, their benefits and drawbacks. “Short sales explained” page gives complete information on short sales and what all and the list of criterion to qualify for a short sale. Both these sections are rich in quality content and very informative for those who are looking forward to Volusia county short sales or Daytona Beach short sales. They have also made a provision that lets interested people ask for a free consultation from their experienced professionals. All one needs to do is to fill out ones primary details and get a free consultation from which I really found interesting. Despite of other good features, a social networking widget was very much missing on the homepage. Now this was quite surprising for me as it is quite a regular in almost all the websites today and power of social networking website in brand promotion is known to all.

In a nut shell, is indeed a great package. It has a great layout, good design and most importantly it is rich in quality content. All links and menus are easy to find on the homepage making the navigation hassle free. The website looks simple, easy to use and truly professional. The website truly speaks about the profession and the unique selling point of the company. There are no advertisements. What I really admired is that the website has got that special factor which makes it unique unlike other websites.
The only thing that I would like to suggest them to add is a blog section and a social networking block on the homepage. This would allow the users to interact with the company and address different issues regarding the matter. Continued efforts will make the space even more informative, interesting and a site to look forward to.


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