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Equipa Shop – If you need Attractive Shop Fittings

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If you are planning to renovate your shop or you are into retail businesses, you definitely need attractive shop fittings make your set up look good and organised. I think that it could be quite boring if you do not change the look and feel of your shop. Changing your shop fitting once in a year would be a good idea, besides giving a completely new look to your showroom, this will also add appealing factor to your shop from customer’s view. is of the best online website of shop fittings. They are into this business since 1985. This is the one of largest company in retail supply market. You will find over 2500 products here such as clothes rails, wooden hangers, synthetic wigs, book displays, mannequins, dummies, jewellery rotating displays, standing mirrors, cloth hanger and many more. You just name the product that is typically used as a shop fitting and for display purpose and you will get it here. This website has a larger range of the products, some of them I have found very unique here. You can also probably fulfil your desire to select colour and style of your own here as they have got big range of fitting collection.

Sometime do offer stuff on sale. If you want to grab the best deal on product you just need to browse the website from time to time. Typically those who engage in this business, they often experience that the shop fitting contractor fails to calculate exact cost and time estimate which later creates problems for both the parties. Equipa Shop which is an experienced shop fitting supplier is good at providing estimates in terms of cost and time. A detailed calculation of a budget gives a comfort level and of any problem in between the completion.

Retail businessman might understand the importance of shop fittings; they know that these shop fitting items can attract a lot more customers just through their visual aspects. I feel that, these display products may enhance the beauty of shop as well as they also attract the customers to visit their shop at least once. You can also show your shop’s most exclusive items with the help of this display items like clothes rails. Just use all the display items in a way that help customers to browse everything very easily. If you have doubt about what display product to choose from in this shop then just feel free to call Equipa Shop’s staff and they will be happy to help you with any of your queries.

I have read good feedback about Equipa Shop’s staff that they are highly professional. They understand that the need of these shop fitting and display items may depend upon nature of shop that’s why they offer us huge collection of these items. Their customer service are excellent, they also help in decision making process as to which type of display items you should go. They will offer you advice as per your need. As far as quality is concern, they ensure that you get a good quality of material which is long lasting and gives a perfect elegance to your shop. also promises you to offer less pricing in this market which is obviously good after all who doesn’t want to save extra bucks. If you are also looking for budgeted shop fitting, then I would suggest you must consider this website as well.

Total-displays has an amazing collection of all kinds of display items

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It is a well-known fact that the sales of a retail shop depends heavily on the way the items have been displayed and that is why display items and products are of utmost importance when it comes to, designing a retail store. is the perfect destination to meet all your display item needs. Their online store has an amazing collection of all kinds of display items such as pop up displays, exhibition stands and banner stands in bespoke shapes and designs to suit different retail needs.
The website is beautifully designed and an instant glance is good enough to let a visitor know what it is all about and what all they offer. The homepage has an amazingly aesthetic look that pleases your eyes. The photographs of different items are right on the homepage and one can easily browse through the different display item categories. You just have to click on the desired item category to land on a page that gives a complete description of that particular category of items with photos. The description of item includes right from what it is all about and what its features are. There is also a provision to zoom in the picture and get a closer look of the product for a better idea before making any decision. One thing that I missed is the Facebook widget which is quite common to see in all websites today as it is a great medium to connect with your customers and keep them informed about your latest updates.
The website is beautifully designed with excellent graphics and introductory messages. The first look itself tells you how beautifully the website has been planned and constructed. Every section in the website is strategically placed. The introductory paragraph talks about the purpose of the website very well which I really liked as I always see to it whether I get the required info at the home page of the website or not. It should be more or less as long as the introduction of this article.
The format of the website matches the standards. The layout of all the pages is well similar and well coordinated which is a sign of a good website. The colours they have chosen for the website are white and green that soothes your eyes and perfectly goes with the theme. I personally do not like very flashy display as it doesn’t seem comfortable to view the website itself. There are no flashy and pop up advertisements that drag attention from what the website has to offer. The top left area has all the sections of links to the different category of items which makes the browsing easier and you don’t have to search for things you are looking for. The contact information of the retailer is given at the top which makes it easier for a person to make enquiries about the desired item.
All in all, the website is worth of praises and making purchases.

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Spartoo, an online retail portal of all variety of shoes

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The website, is wholly dedicated to people having a fetish for shoes. As you know that only your outfit and accessories do not make you look fashionable. The shoes are also an integral part of any wardrobe and wearing them right will complement your entire look. I have even seen many people who just love having an entire closet dedicated to shoes only and that comprises of all kinds of shoes to suit every style and occasion. Some even buy matching outfits just to complement their newly bought shoes. Coming to the website, yes it’s an online retail portal of all variety of shoes, be it women’s shoes, men’s shoes, kid’s shoes, fitness shoes, formal shoes and huff…..yes it’s all about shoes.

I myself being a shoe freak just loved the portal. The Spartoo sell shoes online and their shoe selling portal showcases shoes of total 617 brands. Now that’s an incredible number. I was quite impressed to see so many choices and options at one place. Right from a working girl to a sports person, fashionistas and casual and trainer addicts, they have something for each and every choice. They have almost all the top selling brands shoes in their collection. And what’s more? People get to have heavy discounts on their choicest shoe brands. One more thing to notice is that they have an amazing price range that suits every budget. Price off course is a big factor and here prospects would love to shop for sure. The newsletter section is right on the homepage and one can instantly register to it and for that; you get an extra discount of 5 Euros.

Now, coming to the website design, it is very well planned and very systematically laid out. Just one look of it is good enough to grab people’s attention and know what it is all about and what it offers. The home page of has a very pleasing aesthetic look to it. They have used the standard format followed by maximum e-commerce websites these days which is easy and pleasing to the eyes. Just like most of the websites, it has a Facebook block that allows the reader to get connected for all new activities. However, One thing that I expected but couldn’t find is the like and share options. One thing that I hate about current web portals is that they allow too many advertisements on their site which is not very desirable to keep the prospects hooked to. Thankfully, I got to see a refreshing change in this context and it was really nice to see that the website is not filled with a bunch of advertisements that distract from the site itself.

In summary, the website is well thought about and planned which clearly reflects the owner’s ideas and vision. It has got great informative content and catchy graphics and off course the great deals to keep your eyes hooked to it. It does have that X-factor that can pull potential buyers.

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Equipashop – Re-design the interior With Acrylic Items

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If you are looking for something stronger and lighter for your retail shop then Acrylic Display Product is probably the best for you. All retailer business people would understand the advantages of the display products. Selling is primarily dependent upon how you display your product, especially, products like jewellery item. Jewellery item or any other valuable items that cannot be put up openly and yet it should be seen properly to the customers however customers should not be able to access it in your absence. So here is a solution, lock acrylic display cases will keep valuable items safe and visible enough to grab customer’s attention and will also keep your item free from dust.

I have seen earlier, glass displays have long been the most popular type of display to keep product in. Acrylic display is now slowly becoming the first choice of retail owner and its getting more popular than those made from glass. If you compare, these will be more useful than the glass one. These acrylic products look much better than glass, much handier and stronger. is also engaged of this business and they have large collection of acrylic display product which comes in different sizes, shapes and designs. They do have many more other display product like mannequin, clothes rail, wooden display, tailors dummy, grid wall fittings, changing room security and many more. This list does not end up here you will have to visit the website to see full range of products. has great collection that you can expect for any retailer shops.

In my views, mannequins plays very important role in influencing the people when they pass by your store. To see mannequin wearing something nice, your mind also forces you think of clothes being worn into the mind. Thereby people instantly start thinking in mind whether they buy it or not. I was amazed to see the large mannequin collection on this site.

I believe, before you start shopping, you should get to know the pros and cons of acrylic displays. As we know, there are many benefits of acrylic displays have, one of the best one being its lifetime guarantee. Many of this display come with a lifetime guarantee so you would be able to save more money using this type of product line and you do not worry about storing spare pieces and replacing broken one. Flawless finish is also good point to be considered. These products have durability, style, lightweight and these acrylic displays come with minimal maintenance that all retailers always look for.

There is only one drawback over so many advantages which is, acrylic is not scratch resistant. In fact, it gets scratched easier than a glass but if you rub little bit of good grade of paste wax into the acrylic then it won’t be big problem for long period and it will look like a new one. I would perhaps ignore that problem if I get more advantages with this one.

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Achilles Heel Running Shop Glasgow

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In this world of fitness, for those of you who love to remain fit will certainly appreciate the range of running accessories available in Glasgow. This website is favourite of all the athletics and runners who are looking for multi-brands under one roof. The website for running shoes has whole lot to offer when it comes to buying stuff online. One of the unique features of this website is that users get the chance to select from more than 50 brands they wish to buy.

One thing I like the most about Achilles Heel running shop Glasgow is its user friendliness. This website offers you a variety of well-known brands for everyone in the family. They have huge range of running shoes, high-quality athletic shoes and the large variety of outdoor sports shoes. Achilles Heel running shop Glasgow is famous for its high-quality athletic shoes.

If you want running shoes in Glasgow, this is the place to look for. They have got all the latest styles as they keep updating their product range frequently. Undoubtedly, it is the best place for those who want exclusively racing & lightweight shoes for their workout time. They offer shoes in a variety of sizes for all the ages.

Running shops in Glasgow has separate sections for running accessories and they sell sports or workout clothing especially for those who are interested in sports. One of the most noticeable highlights of this site is ‘Gift vouchers’. Gift vouchers are indeed a good option if you are planning to gift something useful to your loved ones.

Look for products on sale while shopping on this website, chances are you may get a good deal on branded pair of shoes during the sales easily because they offer sale frequently. If you are a smart shopper wait for the right deal and grab it. They have full-fledge customer support system to resolve any customer’s query and issues. If you have any web inquiry their representatives will help you for that. They have separate section of Injury Clinic Inquiry and an email support form is also there on their site.

It’s the time to leverage the ease and excitement that online shoe shopping has to offer. Certainly it’s just the beginning of online shoe stores and Achillesheel has huge potential in the market place and at the same time, they are getting better as the time passes by. From a free return shipping to a wide variety of inventory, there are lots of benefits an online shopping website has to offer. Online shoe shopping is simply an excellent way to shop. provides an unforgettable shopping experience. It offers all the modern styles that are currently in trends at a good discount. They have detailed style classes that help them to organise their catalogue of hundreds of high-profile brands.

Website has a comprehensive section of customer reviews. There are specific fields to capture comments related to shoe sizes, colours and so on. Customer feedbacks are valuable as they provide more details about the products, their experience with the products which will surely help in improving the product. While coming to the appearance of the website, it does not look that attractive or appealing. The categories field cannot be seen easily if one is in hurry rather it should be little highlighting to quickly catch the visitor eyes however it doesn’t means at all to use some dazzling colours but something good and as well it should not miss anyone’s eyes. And the very below section of “About Achilles heel” part is also looking too clumsy which may not create any interest to a visitor to even go through it once. It could have been done rather better by using little bigger size fonts and putting only the essential information there and the rest information in the inner pages.

However, the best part is this website has put up its shipping process in a very simplified fashion which is easy to understand for shoppers. It specifies the various stages involved in placing an order and helps the customers to track their order without any difficulty. The website is having an order tracker, enabling the customers to know their order status while in transit. This website also has various shipping methods with different delivery times that can be selected while placing the order. So, overall I would like to rate it 8/10.

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