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Xcel Sports Recruiting – A good sports related website!!

Posted by on July 27, 2012 | Comments

The website is a perfect destination for all those athletes who are trying their luck in the upcoming nationwide college sports recruitment. The website is the webpage of college recruiting agency called XCEL Sports Recruiting. The agency helps in simplifying the entire recruiting process, be it a college football recruiting process or a college basketball recruiting.

The website has been successful in conveying the ideas and vision of the agency which very well shows the entire website design and layout. The homepage downloads in no time. The site has a warm and welcoming presence. I loved reading the introductory paragraph as the content defines the objective of the website very well. Menus are easy to find. The most attractive feature in my opinion is that the links are strategically placed everywhere, all through the websites and they can be easily located without any need to look here and there. The blog section is great to read as it has some interesting and informative posts highlighted on sports recruitment activities. A user can come across many interesting features that makes him want to know and explore more. There are no flashy messages and advertisements to distract you from the site itself.

Social networking widgets are found down below. The site basically provided a social networking platform to the athletes to showcase their talents to a recruiter. There is a provision that any athlete can create his profile on the website to promote himself to recruiters searching for athletes. The website basically acts as a medium where recruiters can meet athletes.

In a nutshell, is surely a good performer and has a potential to keep the visitors engaged. I would like to give it 4 out of 5. Any user can discover its usability once he lands on its webpage.

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