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Cfbinspect – Now this is really a good package!!

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Home inspection is a crucial step before buying or selling a house. So if you are in search of building inspectors, here is the place of your interest. belongs to Central Florida Building Inspectors who are specialised in many different home inspection services. They are the providers of ancillary inspection services such as mold inspections, termite inspections, WDO inspections, testing for radon and mold, water quality testing etc. and not just a general home inspection service.

The website has been laid out after a well structured planning and design which reflects in all the pages. Homepage looks elegant and has the appeal get hold of a user’s attention. It looks neat with menus, string of photos displaying and a simple but informative introductory paragraph. White background is giving it a soothing look. The format is easy to read and get through it. Homepage downloads in no time and can be easily found on search engines by the search name “Home Inspection Orlando”. The homepage consists of very few menus and contents. Introductory paragraph defines the role of company as a building inspector and its background. The left side consists of two headers and their respective contents, which I really liked a lot. The first is “buying a home” which explains why does one need building inspectors before buying a house to make sure they are investing money in a property worth the price. Similarly, “selling a home” explains the need of Building inspectors before selling a house to make sure you get a good value for your property.

The content has been covered in different pages and to visit them one has to click on the menus appearing at the top. “About us” covers the detailed information about the company and their role. “Home inspection” page covers all the inspection procedures that come under Orlando Home Inspection. I found this section quite informative as a person, completely new to the field. “Specialist services” page describes all the special services provided by them in the home inspection procedure. I liked the way they have covered the topic with quality content and explanatory photos of the devices used in the procedures. The page “Pricing” gives you an idea about their charges for all kinds of inspection services provided by them. The website is indeed rich in quality and legitimate content. However, I had missed a blog section. Also, there is no social networking block to find in any of the pages. These two features are very important in establishing a relationship with the customers which keeps them updated with all the latest developments in the company. They also help in gaining more prospective customers for the business.

Otherwise, the website is good and scores high on the standards. It has almost all the features that make it a place worth visiting. There are no flashy texts or advertisements for a change. It has great content which talks only business and nothing useless. Don’t believe me? Click now on the links and find it yourself!! I’ll give it 4.5 out of 5 for sure.

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