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CFW-kitchen-worktops – Choose from a Wide variety of Worktop models

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If you are bored with your same old kitchen interior, then try something new with To me, kitchen is the most utilised part of the home. I love to see my kitchen perfectly designed and styled with full of appealing kitchen surroundings. I ‘m seeing that kitchen worktops are widely being used these days to give a perfect look to your dream kitchen. As a woman, I feel and I am sure all women would agree to the fact that the kitchen is an integral part of any home therefore it is imperative that you give serious consideration while choosing kitchen worktops for your kitchen. A kitchen worktop also knows counters or countertops. has a wide variety worktops models that you can choose according to your budget and the need. Laminate Kitchen Worktops are the most sought after work of them all. Formica and Axiom are some of the popular brands come under this Laminate Kitchen Worktops. These are high in demand because of its water and heat resistant feature which I think is a must for any kitchen.

This is an ideal website to find out interior in different colours like terracotta, sapphire, brushed aluminium, etc. that goes well with your kitchen’s interior. I prefer gloss finish for my kitchen however you also find here satin and matte finish too these typically require less maintenance than others. Laminate Worktops will go a long way and it will save you some money as well, that’s why it’s gaining popularity day by day.

The kitchen worktops UK has a big market for interior lover which complements your kitchen decor. On this website many colours and patterns are available in kitchen worktops and these are of high quality functional parts where you can prepare, cook and serve. No doubt, these worktops play a crucial role in your kitchen activities.

As far as the look and feel of this website goes, I personally like the style of their homepage, it is probably ideal for kitchen worktops. They have made it multi-coloured that essentially makes this website look attractive. Sections are well classified and informative at the same time that helps you decide which model to go for. You would also find some useful information related to various types of kitchen worktops and also, information on their durability and maintenance. If you looking for any additional information, you can also contact them by phone, mail and email.

What I like most about their service is that you can choose your own delivery date and time for your order. It is really convenient as it take care of your busy schedule. They also offer free delivery over purchase of £ 500. Next favourite thing about this website is that they offer Free Samples as well. If you have any confusion about any product and unable to take decision then go to Free Samples Page and offer free sample to get rid of this confusion.

Here, you get countless materials and patterns for kitchen worktops, however, at the end of the day, decision is yours, select the kitchen worktop that suits yours budget and at the same time, which is long lasting and looks good for your kitchen. Also keep in mind, it should be easier to clean so it remains hygienic and it should be easier to maintain as well. Analyse all the options well before investing your money and make an informed decision because kitchen worktops are indeed essential part of every kitchen.

Cfw-kitchen-worktops – A website dedicated to kitchen essential worktops!!

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Stylish kitchen worktops makes a kitchen look smart and classy. Today, with so many options of kitchen worktops available to choose from, one can give a good makeover to his or her kitchen. So, all those who are planning to add glamour and class to their kitchen by installing new kitchen worktops, this is the place for you. is the official website of CFW kitchen store, where they are showcasing a range of worktops made of different materials, be it wood, laminate or any other. They cater to all types of customer requirements.

Introductory paragraph defines the purpose of the website as here they proclaim to offer high quality cheap kitchen worktops. The website promises to find you top quality products at a very reasonable price. I’ll call it a smart gesture as in a way; they have started marketing their USP right on the homepage. Branding is very important to get it be known among people in the crowd of many other and here they have done exactly the same. Homepage downloads quickly and has a very catchy look because of the usage of graphics and photos. There is an array of photos of attractive kitchen worktops displaying right on the middle of the homepage, which makes anyone, want to install in one’s own kitchen. One glance to the website makes a random visitor know what the website is all about and what it has to offer. The homepage looks neat with all the menus, contents and buttons at the right positions. The products have been categorized by brands and by materials used in the making that displays on the right hand side of the homepage. This is quite a good feature to be seen in good websites which helps buyers to directly go to the desired product page and make the transaction. I also liked the option called product search which allows you to type a particular product of your choice on the search bar and it will display the list of products under that category.

Content wise, I liked their introductory paragraph. Blog section is full of interesting posts. One thing that I would like to point out is that the font size is really small and it really takes effort to read small texts. Also, they have covered brief introduction of all their product ranges on the homepage itself which was really not required as they have already included separate pages to cover different types of products. This makes the homepage look a bit crowded which is not desirable to see in a good website design. For example, “Wood worktops” appears on the top that takes you to the page where you find an elaborate description of wooden kitchen worktops and their range of products from different manufacturers. Despite that, a brief introduction to wooden worktops has been included below the introductory paragraph on the homepage which could have been avoided.

In totality, is a good website and has almost all the features of an efficient website. I’ll give it 4 out of 5. They only need to work on few weak issues to make it even better.


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Welcome back folks!!! Another unique website to review today – . CFW Store – confused?? Never mind. It is the abbreviation for the Contemporary Floor and Worktop Store. Yes, you got me right. This is a store for floor work and kitchen worktops – pretty obvious from the name.

If you are planning to get new floor work and kitchen tops for your home, then probably is the ultimate destination for you. At least, you’ll get the opportunity to feast your eyes upon some of the latest in-house designs. Before I proceed towards the website, let me first tell you what I hit upon while browsing through it.

The site has some exquisite worktops for kitchens and I’m pretty sure that it will be every homemaker’s delight to lay hands on them. Browse through the website of CFW Store and you’ll notice that there would be certain models which you would have never seen before. A rare collection of flooring and worktops, I must admit. I was browsing through the worktops section and I was impressed to see that it hosts an entire collection of not only laminate kitchen worktops but wooden kitchen worktops too (which includes oak kitchen worktops). Another interesting and important thing I noticed is the website’s claim of providing these at the cheapest prices, although I am not pretty sure as too how true these claims might turn out to be. There is also a range of flooring available although Cfwstore seems to be primarily dealing in worktops only. Another very interesting feature is the ‘Buy Here’ option on the website. You can directly get the best kitchen worktops from CFW Store without any hassles online.

Coming to the website now, this one looks a lot girlish. It is draped in complete girly-pink with navigation menus at the top, links, tweets and ads on the right, and content on the left. There is no particular banner on the website but on the home page you’ll find a dynamic content with 4-5 pages displaying latest offers in sequence. I strongly feel that the developer could have done a lot more with the colours. CFW Store for worktops looks pretty odd in its pinkish outfit.

Navigation is pretty straightforward and simple. Brightly highlighted menus in bold and large fonts make it even easier. There aren’t a lot of ads on the website – in fact there is a single ad only. A lot of images have been inserted all over the website, giving it a better appearance though slowing down the loading time. In fact, the site takes a lot of time to load on an average browser with a normal internet connection.

A lot of content is present on the website and most of it is pretty useful. I ran across some of the lines and found them to be pretty interesting and convincing. Extra points for that. All in all if you’ve got some extra cash in your pocket and don’t mind spending a few bucks (or rather a lot) to renovate your kitchen, then wooden kitchen worktops from CFW Store are the right choice for you. As for the website – 3.5 out of 5.

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