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The Protein Warehouse – Only a few sections that need to be added!!

Posted by on July 25, 2012 | Comments is the official website of the dietary supplement company the protein warehouse. They are the top brand supplements selling company in lowest prices. BSN Syntha-6, which is very well known for its role in gaining muscle size, is their top seller. The other products available with the company include Animal Pack Vitamins like Animal Pak 44.

The homepage downloads fast despite of the presence of graphics and pictures. The website can easily be found on the internet. Homepage looks aesthetic with white background and the design of the homepage is such that any browser won’t take much time to understand the subject. The display of different products is right on the homepage with their respective prices. Introductory paragraph states the unique selling point and the purpose of the website very well.

I really liked the style they have used the graphics to display a string of photos of the products. There are a number of menus placed on the homepage which are easily visible. There are a number of links given all through the website, in the contents, photos and separately too. They are visible and there are no broken links which makes the navigation easier. I really liked the way they have made the browsing of the products easily. Well, there are menus which are named like browse by products, browse by brands and browse by goal. Such a categorisation helps a user to look for a specific product as per his requirements. This feature enhances the usability of the website. This makes the process of selection really simpler as one will obviously click on the product he or she is looking for without going through the whole website. All the products are well described with pictures and product details. A search bar is placed at the top of the homepage which lets a browser to type the name of a product and get the details. Now, this is an intelligent feature that really saves a lot of time. I loved the usage of attractor which is an information block on the homepage. This block features all the special offers for the customers on product purchases. The features that I found missing is a Facebook widget, a blog section and also a customer testimonial section.

In short, the website is a decent performer and makes a good e-commerce website. All pages have been designed and structured well. The website truly reflects the vision and ideas of the company. You won’t find any flashy or pop-up advertisements appearing from here and there to divert your attention. Related pages are inter-connected well via links which makes the navigation through the website really easy and simple. There are no pop-up texts, advertisements or unnecessary graphics. The website is good and has the ability to draw customers. Only a few sections as stated above are required to be added to make it even more desirable!

DNA Solutions – Provide you all the Answers

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DNA testing is an important tool for those people who want to determine the biological father and/or mother of a child. The results of this DNA test can be very useful for child custody matters as well as divorce and insurance claim issues. The other commonly term used for this procedure is a paternity test.

If you are going through this situation then go to could be helping hand for you in this crucial situation and it can also provide you all the answers that you wanted to know. Since people who are into this problem, they want to figure out their paternity but with 100% confidential so would definitely be a good choice for them. They provide you with accurate results with quality of service and it would be completely confidential. You can get in touch with them through various different ways like email, phone, chat, or web submission.

Recently I was wondering as to why home DNA testing kits demand is increasing day by day. Now I have realized that people are becoming more and more aware of these DNA test kits because of numerous reasons, most importantly to know one’s relation to another or to get a confirmation of who a child’s father is. Nowadays these DNA are also done to verify certain disease in advance.

Since 1997, DNA Solutions is into this business and they have years of experience in that DNA test sector. DNA Solutions is providing their services in DNA Testing UK wide. This is UK’s one of the most recommended DNA testing service provider. They have full command on their respective subjects; indeed they are knowledgeable and have rich experience. They do have highly certified ISO-17025 DNA testing laboratory which gives you accurate results. As compare to others DNA testing provider, DNA Solutions is very affordable and beside of that they do offer a home DNA testing kit too.

DNA testing is big innovation in forensic scientists; it helps in identification of an individual by their respective DNA makeup. DNA samples can be obtained really easily and if you have any question in your mind then you can go directly to this website and click to live chat section and your unsolved questions will be answered in no time and rest assured that this will remain fully confidential. Here, you can also order online DNA sample collection kit as well.

I have found F.A.Q section to be very informative especially for those this subject is entire new. To me, this website is simple and user friendly at the same time. If you are interested in performing a home DNA test, then use home DNA testing kits along with quick note on how to use it by your own. Normally they mail reports at your doorsteps between 2 and 3 weeks. One thing I forgot to mention here they do offer express delivery options which cost a bit more than normal one but it’s worth it.

Molarclean – Toothbrush Heads that fits Braun and oral B Toothbrushes

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The fact is that that is just another e-commerce website but with a difference. The website is simple without much usage of graphics or flashy texts; it gives the message that they are here to sell toothbrush heads. The website is owned by Molarclean, which is quite known to people and the website serves the purpose of online shopping of their toothbrush Heads that fits Braun oral B toothbrushes.

Branding has been done in a quintessential manner as their brand logo appears right at the top. One can also notice the brand logo of Oral b Toothbrush Heads or Braun Toothbrush Heads. This is an important aspect of intelligent web design. A known brand helps get the immediate connect with the prospective customers as they are well aware of the credibility of the brand.

Simple colors, white and blue have been used for the background which gives a very pleasing aesthetic look to it. The page layout and the format are simple and easy to read and understand. However, there is no introductory paragraph to give any information. The bold captions and pictures of toothbrush heads explain it all. Any random visitor will be able to figure out what the site is all about. The place is mainly for those who have run out tooth brushes and want to buy new ones. The different models of brush heads have been mentioned right on the homepage with their respective prices. Also, they have given the item codes of different oral B tooth brushes that fit Molarclean brush heads. So basically, all your job gets done right on the homepage as you can place the order right on the homepage without sparing much time. Also, one can place order on phone for which, a telephone number has been given on the top right. In short, the message is clear and straight to the people and it is “come and buy our tooth brush heads”. No flashy texts or advertisement to see here. The website consists of very few pages.

“100% satisfaction guarantee” page advocates the benefits of using their brush heads and why one should use them. “Consumer reviews” covers reviews of the product given by the customers. In fact, customer reviews have also been given right on the homepage. Well, for me it is way too simple. They could have used some catchy graphics to get more attention. They could also have included more contents for the visitors to read.

The website is good and a good package in itself. All menus and lists are easy to read and understand. There is hardly any complication and it is very simple to use. Absence of flashy pictures or graphics has made the pages to get downloaded pretty fast. There are no broken links anywhere in the website and all the pages can be easily navigated. The website perfectly fits to the lines of the phrase “simpler the better” very well. The website scores decently and I would give it 3 out of 5.

Empowerhair – Get a good package all together!

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Hair is such an integral part of a person’s looks and personality. No matter how well you are dressed or how good you smell, no one will notice you if you do not have those perfect streaks of hair. With the increase in all kinds of pollution, stress and unhealthy lifestyle and food habits more and more people are complaining about hair loss. For some, it may be a trivial issue but all those who are suffering low esteem due to hair baldness know how it feels to be bald. Well, is the perfect place for all such people who are bald or facing hair loss problems. The website belongs to empower hair solutions, who are basically one of the leading hair replacement company that are doing some amazing job in providing hair loss treatment.

Talking about the website, one look and you what it is all about. The website has been well planned and structured which is quite visible in the layout and design. A string of customer testimonial displays right at the beginning of the introductory paragraph that immediately connects to someone who is balding or suffering from hair loss problems and desperately needs a hair replacement. Usage of photos to highlight their services is a great step towards branding. Clicking on any of the photo will take you to the respective page of service details. The homepage looks aesthetically good and appealing to eyes. A lighter background goes very well with subject. Introductory paragraph truly defines the purpose of the website. Also, they have emphasised on a few salient points on why one should visit or Empower Hair for the treatments of Hair Baldness and Hair Loss. Well, I loved this concept as there is a possibility of them to instantly sympathise and connect with a hair loss sufferer who might end up availing their services.

I liked the facebook and twitter widgets on the homepage with a blog section. Also, the latest blog posts are visible right at the bottom. A list of main menus appears on the left which also includes the name of services provided by them. Clicking on any of the links takes you to the respective page of detailed information on the selected option. For example, hair loss page covers all the information regarding the matter including the list of hair loss treatments.

The website is a good package in itself and has the ability to engage a user. All menus and lists are easy to read and find. Navigation is quite easy and effortless. There are no extra flashy pictures or graphics to make the homepage crowded. There are no broken links anywhere in the website and all the pages can be easily navigated. You browse through the website and in case you are a hair loss sufferer, you would like to fix hair loss at Empower Hair. It scores well on website design standards and I’ll give it 4 out of 5.

Newlifevitamins Brings a complete package: That’s all I can say!

Posted by on July 11, 2012 | Comments is the official website of the dietary supplement company new life vitamins. Out of many websites that I have reviewed so far, this is probably the best of all. It has all the essential features that make a good website.

The homepage downloads fast despite the presence of so many graphics and pictures. The background has been kept white with a touch of green to highlight menus on the homepage. This gives the homepage a rather aesthetic look and feel which also appears soothing to your eyes. The web designer has made extensive use graphics and pictures as compared to texts which is good in a way to promote the products right away. However, I would have appreciated if they have placed the introductory paragraph somewhere on the middle of the homepage. Also, the Facebook widget is hardly visible. It would be really better if they make it visible by increasing the font size. However, the introductory paragraph clearly talks about the purpose of the website and what it is about. The design of the homepage is such that any visitor won’t take much time to understand the subject.

I really liked the way they have used the graphics to give a quick demo of their products. There are a lot of menus and links on the homepage making navigation through the pages really easier. Popular products block displays the photos of their most sought after products. Whereas, “new arrivals” section displays photos of all newly launched products. In other way they have made it a point to do the branding very well. Categorization of all the products have been done in two sections, brand or product wise and requirement wise. Moving the cursor to any of the two links displays a list of products with hyperlinks. This makes the process of selection really simpler as one will naturally click on the product he or she is looking for without having to search here and there. Like, if you click on Candida or yeast infection link, you will be taken on the page where all Threelac products have been displayed with photos and their respective prices. All the products are well described with photos and product descriptions in their respective pages. A search bar is also provided at the top of the homepage which allows a user to type the name of a product and get the details. This is invariably an intelligent feature that really saves lot of time. “History” page covers all the information on company right from the start to their achievements in the industry.

In short, the website is great and sets an example for all upcoming e-commerce websites. All the pages have been designed to perfection and reflect the vision and ideas of the company. There are no flashy or pop-up advertisements coming from here and there to divert your attention. All the pages are connected so well that navigation through the website has become really easy and simple. Only continuous efforts are required to keep up the good job!

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Change Your Fitness Regimen with Body Supplements

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Recently I heard lot about Animal Pak that is body supplement or nutritional supplement products range programs. I read that it has all nutritious elements which are need of everybody to boost your overall health, performance and stamina. This is good especially for all male athletes and sports persons. Animal Pak has been a big name since 1983 in this space. It is absolutely necessary to get all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs in order to restore what you have burnt throughout your workouts. To get additional nutritional supplements, many of us use Animal Pak. It has large list of essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids that are considered to be compulsory for building and maintaining muscle mass.

Many of bodybuilder called it your nutritional insurance which is known to give you essential vitamins and minerals. Animal Pak has been No. 1 selling training “pack” in the world.
I’m sure it gave you additional nutritional supplements whatever i have read about this product so far and no one has any doubts about their effectiveness. I have spoken many who have used it and they say ‘it really works’. If you are looking to buy this, you can go to This is one of popular site that deals in all kinds of bodybuilding supplements.

In my opinion, being healthy is very important part of our life especially if you engage in powerlifting, bodybuilding and all sports guys. On, we can get variety of products that are used for this purpose. This site includes all big names such as Dymatize, Optimum Nutrition, Reflex, Animal Pak and so on.

As far as my opinion goes, Animal Pak is the best nutritional supplement in market for serious athletes as it covers everything that you require on a daily basis to perform best in your field. By using this product you not only get all your necessary vitamins and minerals but you also get the added bonus of amino acids, digestive enzymes, anti-oxidants, and even some liver protection. Do you know digestive enzyme helps in the metabolism of fats?

Universal Animal Pak is specially designed to complement nutritional needs of a male athlete as it is full of multi-vitamin and mineral supplements. Possibility of getting a side effect while using this product can’t be ruled out such as an upset stomach or an allergic reaction as it comprises of a large quantity of pills and it’s really hard to swallow the whole serving at once.

I really admire their policy on product return bought on this site, but there is only one condition that the pack should not be opened and damaged. Also, they do provide you with free shipping facility within UK only if you spend more than £ 80. They also have a good tracking system so you can track your parcel on your own.

Although I have found everything good and systematic here, but I do have a suggestion to make for them – Why don’t they include cash-on-delivery option here? I’m sure, if they give this option their sales will surely increase.

It’s a known fact that, now people are more serious about their fitness regime and all that. Time has indeed changed. Everyone, from a bodybuilder to a common man understands the importance of nutritional supplements and aware of elements missing in their diet and at the same time, they are becoming increasing aware of the numerous benefits of these supplements. There is no surprise that health conscious people do not even bother about how expensive these products may be.

Tags: , – Jobs with a Difference!

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The website, is not just any job portal that features a variety of jobs in different fields. Surprisingly, the site is totally dedicated to professional therapists or new graduates who are seeking for Physical Therapy Jobs, Occupational Therapy Jobs or Speech therapy Jobs. was established in the year 1989 and it is specialized in the job placements of Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants and Speech-Language Pathologists across the United States. The site is a perfect place to find jobs in occupational therapy and jobs in physical therapy, Travel Occupational Therapy Jobs, Travel Physical Therapy Jobs and Travel Speech Therapy Jobs. Talking about the site, I’m very much impressed by how perfectly they have laid out the entire website design. A first look and you come to know what it is all about. A person can instantly look for a job by filling out the details in search job block and once you do that you are sure to get email and SMS alerts, in case you get a response. Every section has been strategically placed and you hardly have to find whether to click here or there. You can find jobs both by job category and place. All necessary links are provided right on the homepage. Their blog section is interesting and there is a strong emphasize on the demand of various therapy jobs today. Only one thing that I found missing is the Facebook block. Otherwise, the website has everything and all important information; a job seeker would like to know. Usage of colours and graphics has been done very intellectually and the content is well worth reading. Also, there are no flashy displays to take your attention away. All in all, the website is credible enough to get the attention of visitors looking for more.

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Time to Shape Up with Bodybuilding Supplements

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There has been a lot of publicity recently about weight management programs and bodybuilding supplements. What I have seen, now people know the importance of being healthy. All bodybuilding supplements are getting more popularity day by day. Everyone’s getting excited to use these bodybuilding supplements.

In order to being prevented from any nutritional deficiencies, one can use some good bodybuilding supplements available in the market place. Your body will need more vitamins and minerals especially if physical activity levels are high maybe because of your new exercise regime which typically increases the chances of you facing deficiency without supplementation.

Do you know there are many types of bodybuilding products available in the market? is one of the good places to buy all these bodybuilding products. They have a complete range of all supplement products which increase the productive in a long run. Whey protein powders and creatine supplements are good source to increase your muscle recovery and increase testosterone production. The provides you the best solution for maximizing their muscle gains. This site also offers you creatine supplements, which have been most popular sports supplements.

In my mind, there is no doubt that whey protein is one of the best products to lose weight. Whey protein is especially made from cow’s milk which is high quality protein supplement for weight management program. Whey protein has no carbohydrates and no fat so from all of the calories you get is just from protein. Whey protein isolate have highest protein percentage which you want to have. I heard when you reduce your calories intake then only you lose weight in a safe and healthy way. That is best tool to maintain muscle mass while you reduce your calories.

Reflex Nutrition is one of the known brands in the UK. Reflex Nutrition deals in bodybuilding and sports supplements since 1996. Reflex Nutrition supplements are known for higher quality and good priced product. They have done a lot of research on whey protein powders, creatine and sports nutrition. Creatine from Reflex Nutrition is the best option to go for.

Creatine kinase (CK) is a kind of enzyme present in your muscles.CK helps in the production of phosphocreatine, which is a molecule used for energy generation in your muscles. Although CK is normally found in your muscles, however, any injury to membrane surrounding the muscle could lead to CK to leak into the bloodstream. Take immediate medical attention in case you see any symptoms of a heart attack like chest pain, breathlessness, pain in the jaw, pain in your left arm or extreme perspiration. Keep in mind that many of the causes of skeletal muscle damage could potentially be quite critical. I would also recommend that you immediately contact your doctor if you experience any severe or long muscle pain or weakness.

Whey protein from reflex nutrition gives you an active lifestyle. Reflex Nutrition offers the best whey protein product that you are looking for your weight loss program. Buying whey protein here is quite easy, just go online and order it. Selecting the best bodybuilding supplement gives you healthy lifestyle and that will support to your bodybuilding program. Everything is good here, but my advice to you is, before you start taking any supplements, don’t forget to take your doctor’s advice.

Reflex nutrition is also offering creatine supplements at very competitive prices as compared to others and I have found that creatine from here is mostly used by many athletes as needless to say; it will improve their performance and increase their strengths.

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Happy Health Clinics – Take care of your Feet

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Have you ever taken an appointment with a chiropodist? Chiropodist is the one who will help you with all types of foot and lower limb related problems like heel pain, corns, athlete’s foot, verrucae, sweaty feet and many more problems. They are the medical professionals who specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of foot disorders. They usually do private practice.

In my opinion, foot is one of the important parts of our body part which is directly connected with our nervous system. Foot massage gives you full body relaxations. Hence, it can help to lessen stress, sickness and it overall improves our well-being.

I heard a lot about Happy Health Clinics. Happy Health Clinics are a chiropodist in London which is London’s best massage clinic. They often come out with unbelievable offers on wellness program and if you go for a membership with them you can get more special offers. I like the design of happyhealthclinics’ website as it is organised in such a proper way so that it’s quite easy to understand what services they are offering and where to look for a particular service.

Some time back, people used to go to ordinary hospitals for any problem. Most of the people never preferred to go to private clinics. Now things have changed, people are looking for something faster and specialised services for their problems and they don’t hesitate to spend money. They just want best results and healthy lifestyle.

There are numerous benefits of a foot massage. One of main benefit is it serves as a great stress reliever. If you are involved in a highly stressed jobs then foot massage will definitely work for you, I myself have seen good results coming out of this. This massage could relax your mind as well as soul. Another advantage of this therapy being – there are no side effects from these massages, in fact; this will increase your blood circulation system which has manifold benefits. There are many types of massages available and each has its unique benefits.

Don’t worry about how to find best chiropodist in London, just visit for more information that you are looking for. This chiropodist London clinic is well-renowned in this field. Good news for all us is that, you can claim the treatment costs from your health insurance. I heard many of insurance companies have started covering Osteopathic treatment in their policies.

What I don’t like about Happy Health Clinic’s policy is, if you cannot make your appointment or cancel it within 24 hour; they are going to charge you with full fees which didn’t sound good to me. Perhaps, they need to revisit this condition and make it more customers friendly.

Did you know, your feet speak a lot, they can actually reflect your overall general health. If you get any pain in your feet, it might be an indication of some chronic medical conditions therefore it is important to be watchful of some of these early warning symptoms. These could be an early signs of medical problems such as diabetes, arthritis, nerve and circulatory disorders and other similar conditions.

To get best and relevant treatment, you should give full medical history of your problem so that you get proper treatment and consequently, results. This way, it will be easy for chiropodist to check your problem. Treatment could be done depending on the nature of the problem. Happy Health Clinics always advices you not get a massage done until at least one hour after a meal. has a much specialised staff that understands your problem and treats you well to your satisfaction.

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DNA Solutions

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Let’s talk about DNA test, DNA is Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid and DNA testing is nothing but the examination of the deoxyribo nucleic acid. This test could be done for number of reasons. It could be done for medical purposes, any personal reasons or maybe due to some law enforcement. The most common reason observed for which DNA tests are conducted is to identify proof of the paternity as using this method, an exemptions paternity can be determined.

Paternity test serves as a peace of mind for many of those who are in doubt about their biological parent-child relationship. This is the best way to discover the truth whether or not a particular man is the biological father of a child. This particular problem occurs when if you have had more than one relationship and wanted to know the real father of your child. Sometimes, paternity testing is needed in order to support one financially or emotionally.

There are several advantages of paternity test, especially from child’s point of view, as it is necessary to know as to who is her/his father for emotional bonding. By legally establishing a man as the father of a child helps provide social, emotional as well as financial ties between a child and his father. It also ensures that the child gets the same rights and privileges as all children. These typically include rights that are inherited from father, access to father’s any insurance related benefits and benefits from Social Security. This also provides the child with an opportunity to build a relationship with the father, and gives him/her an identity through which he/she can connect to the father’s family. Also, at times it is very important to know the father’s medical history if a doctor wants to understand the child’s health, especially if there is a medical history conditions in the father’s family. At the same time, this DNA tests have always proved to be very helpful in criminal investigations cases.

I am really impressed to see that DNA SOLUTIONS has been involved in the DNA test services since 1996. has high accuracy of their testing results. They have most advanced new 18 and 23 region DNA tests available.

DNA Solutions do have an “Express Option” option available on their website. However, in terms of timing, you will have to wait for at least 2 to 3 weeks to get your results.

In terms of accuracy, DNA testing is normally considered to be the most accurate testing method available today. DNA paternity testing can determine that a person is most likely to be the father with around 99.9% of accuracy or that he is excluded as being the father with 100% accuracy.

Process of paternity test is quite easy and simple. One who wanted to undergo these tests is simply required to provide a sample of their cheek cells to the DNA solution’s laboratories for testing. has highly qualified and experienced scientists, and they also offer home DNA testing kit. Your case will be strictly confidential if you are in DNA Solutions. If you have any questions, DNA Solutions has an online chat service which you can make use of. Now I’m sure, you must be wondering what kind of fee they charge for these tests. Honestly, I found it to be very affordable given the facilities they have to offer. So if you have question about someone’s identity, then DNA Solutions is the perfect place to be.

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