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Cannabis-cosmetics – Facilitate Holistic Treatment of Diseases!!

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Allopathic medicines sometimes cause side effects which are certainly undesirable. There exist certain special healing methods that facilitate holistic treatment of diseases. So, if you are looking for such special method and medicines, is the place to look forward to. The site is the official web page of the company can-cosmetics Ltd and the site is basically their online store to showcase their products for treatments like Psoriasis Treatment, Itchy Scalp Treatment, Scalp Treatment, Atopic Eczema Treatment, Psoriasis Treatment and Itchy Scalp Treatment. The company specializes in making special cosmetics and food supplements that have healing effects.

One glance at the homepage lets you know what the website is and what it has to offer to you. Homepage looks a bit messy and crowded with display of photos, external links, advertisements and contents. There was actually no need of adding so much of text content on the homepage itself. It seems as if they wanted to provide as much information on the homepage as possible which makes it looking cluttered and aesthetically unpleasing. Just a look to the homepage is good enough to switch off your interest from the topic. They could have given the same amount of info in different pages. I would strongly recommend them to work on the layout to make it look aesthetically good and appealing. Also, the photos of their featured products are on display right on the homepage. Their existent customers may like it as they are already aware of the products but it will fail to lure new prospects. Homepage has bunch of advertisements and external links to other websites which is not desirable to see in a good website. All these links will only drive the customers away from the website itself.

On the plus side, I liked the way their categorization of products and the way they have been listed on the left of the homepage. There are links placed all over the homepage as well as in other pages which can be found easily. Links can be easily found connect the landing pages well which makes the navigation easy. Search block allows one to type the name of the desired product and search through the website.

Content wise, their section “about us” covers all the details of the company background. I also liked their FAQ section where they have answers to all common queries regarding their products. This section also explains the process of manufacturing, shipping and making of medicines and cosmetics. Customer reviews section has reviews from many of their past and existent customers. This is a smart feature to be seen in most of the websites as they help in building customers’ trust about the credibility of the company which finally results in more enquiries and sales.

In short, the website is just okay and really needs to work on its design and layout to make the place worth visiting. External links and advertisements need to be omitted. I’ll give it 3 out of 5.


Empowerhair – Get a good package all together!

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Hair is such an integral part of a person’s looks and personality. No matter how well you are dressed or how good you smell, no one will notice you if you do not have those perfect streaks of hair. With the increase in all kinds of pollution, stress and unhealthy lifestyle and food habits more and more people are complaining about hair loss. For some, it may be a trivial issue but all those who are suffering low esteem due to hair baldness know how it feels to be bald. Well, is the perfect place for all such people who are bald or facing hair loss problems. The website belongs to empower hair solutions, who are basically one of the leading hair replacement company that are doing some amazing job in providing hair loss treatment.

Talking about the website, one look and you what it is all about. The website has been well planned and structured which is quite visible in the layout and design. A string of customer testimonial displays right at the beginning of the introductory paragraph that immediately connects to someone who is balding or suffering from hair loss problems and desperately needs a hair replacement. Usage of photos to highlight their services is a great step towards branding. Clicking on any of the photo will take you to the respective page of service details. The homepage looks aesthetically good and appealing to eyes. A lighter background goes very well with subject. Introductory paragraph truly defines the purpose of the website. Also, they have emphasised on a few salient points on why one should visit or Empower Hair for the treatments of Hair Baldness and Hair Loss. Well, I loved this concept as there is a possibility of them to instantly sympathise and connect with a hair loss sufferer who might end up availing their services.

I liked the facebook and twitter widgets on the homepage with a blog section. Also, the latest blog posts are visible right at the bottom. A list of main menus appears on the left which also includes the name of services provided by them. Clicking on any of the links takes you to the respective page of detailed information on the selected option. For example, hair loss page covers all the information regarding the matter including the list of hair loss treatments.

The website is a good package in itself and has the ability to engage a user. All menus and lists are easy to read and find. Navigation is quite easy and effortless. There are no extra flashy pictures or graphics to make the homepage crowded. There are no broken links anywhere in the website and all the pages can be easily navigated. You browse through the website and in case you are a hair loss sufferer, you would like to fix hair loss at Empower Hair. It scores well on website design standards and I’ll give it 4 out of 5.

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