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New Life Vitamins – Find a range of popular Health Supplements!!

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This is basically an online store, where an individual can find a range of popular nutritional supplements. The website also appears as a resource sharing valuable information on nutrition and its importance in maintain overall well-being. It shares vast amount of information related to health problems and supplements.


The layout is really nice and it does have that professional feel to it. The moment you arrive on the website, you know why it is here for. Talking about the homepage, everything right from the background, the format and the placement of each and every element has been done in an appropriate manner.


The website belongs to New Life Vitamins which is a part of the New Life Foods Company. They are in the business since 1998 and since then, they are providing best quality nutritional supplements for the spirit, mind and body.


The thing which I like about it is the way they have explained order processing to their customers. “My account” section is all for the customers. One can easily register to the website and have an account on it. Now, every time you place an order, your account section will get updated with the developments in the order processing. FAQ section has answers to all your queries regarding the placement of order, its shipping, return and exchange policies of the company. You can also know the status of your order on the website.


Content wise, I liked their blog. This section has some really interesting and informative posts from the author. The content is high on quality and it will draw you in. You are sure to find yourself reading more than you had actually come for. I noticed that the blog is updated regularly with some really interesting posts. The section “Policies” will bring you information regarding the company policy on different matters like, shipping of products, return and the terms of use. The page “History” had really drawn my attention as it takes you back to the time when the need of nutrition supplements was realized and they were formulated first.


As far as the usability of the website is concerned, the website is well equipped with a number of links everywhere making the navigation really easy for the user. A product can be easily searched by typing its name on the search bar. Popular products block displays some of their widely accepted supplements like threelac, cellfood, collostrum etc. Threelac, as we know, is quite effective in treating Candida yeast infections like thrush. The products are nicely categorized by their applications and usage which comes under “category” menu. Clicking on a particular category will display the items coming under the chosen category. They have also added a note for their customers that they should consult a physician before taking the supplements, which appears right on the homepage.


Overall, the is definitely worth your visit. The only thing I would recommend that they should move the social fan page widget to the first fold so that people impressed with content can easily like it for updates to get regular updates.

Wedofaces – Find Lots of Solutions at a Reasonable Price

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I believe more than 80% people want to change their future by looking good, all thanks to Hollywood and its stardom. People easily get influenced by stars persona and their perfect looks. They also know that many of them did plastic surgery at least once in their life so why not me. Plastic Surgery is probably the quickest way to makeover your overall look. This is a remarkable technique which helps you look better and attractive.

If you also desperately feel that you need makeover than go through this website They have over 17 years of experience in this field. Past few decades, people believed that Plastic surgery is a luxury and they can’t afford one, but if you browse this site, you may find lots of solutions at a reasonable price. Apparently, the demand is growing fast and thousands of women are going in for the treatments.

Here in, this plastic surgery Orlando has full of advanced technology and at the same time, it is very cost effective. I would say these all advanced technologies help get rid of repair bodily damage or scar in a matter of few minutes. Edward J. Gross is a well-renowned name among others plastic surgeons in Orlando FL. I can confidently suggest you that go with their experience and trust your face as they say too. They have a highly trained staff, who understands the sensitivity of medical case and act accordingly.

As far as website’s style goes, it is very aesthetically and pleasing which help them to bring new business. I must say this is probably the best plastic surgery website that fulfills all your needs. I personally liked all the pictures they have used. Also, I love their punch line that says – “Trust Your Face” and the background color plays important role and I really appreciate their choice on this. I am sure this site would properly provide their services or products as per one’s requirement.

Primera plastic surgery provides full range of plastic surgery procedures, providing patients with awesome alternatives to give them the pride they deserve. Edward J. Gross is committed to ensuring the best services at all time. He believes in giving specific information related to their surgery, he likes to provide complete education to the patient so that they are able to make right decision about their surgery or treatments. Primera plastic surgery teams are very trustworthy and have competent surgical skill. They are also experts in dealing with wrinkles and fine lines problem which develops around the face over time and it is the main reason to look older than what you actually are.

As we all know, this era is all about beauty and fashion and people are becoming more interested to change the way they look and their body shapes, they no longer hesitate to go for plastic surgery treatment. If you are also one of them, then go and grab this wonderful opportunity. First and foremost important thing before going for these surgeries is to verify the skill sets and credentials of the treating physician. Dr. Gros clinic offers a great quality treatment. He is well known and well-respected in this cosmetic surgery field. He has been busy in transforming imperfect looks into beautiful looks. If you want to bring back your confidence, then you may undergo plastic surgery to improve your physical appearance.

Reflectxstaffing – Saves thousands of bucks in Your Recruitment Process

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In the healthcare industry, physical therapy jobs are well rewarding and secure job from others and in the USA these jobs are high in demand in this current scenario. This is the one of the best profile in health care market that offers you handsome salary package with flexible working hours and awesome growth opportunities, at same time, it provides complete job satisfaction.

If you are looking to choose your career as occupational therapists then visit to, this website will help you find the best job according to your expectation. They know that there are numerous opportunities for occupational therapist jobs in leading healthcare facilities in the US and at, you will be able to find highly paid jobs, all you need to do is register here because this is most reliable healthcare staffing company among others.

I think it would be challenging if you try to find out good occupational therapy jobs by yourself. On the other hand, if you go with Reflectxstaffing, which is well known professional recruiting services provider. For all the job hunters, this is the right place where one can find his/her dream job with the help of dependable staffing companies in the field.

Reflectxstaffing Services has opened the door for you in a variety of healthcare settings such as rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, schools, clinics, multi-specialty healthcare facility centers and most importantly in hospitals. Besides this, you can choose to work here on short-term, long-term, permanent, temporary, traveling, full-time and part-time assignments.

This is an ideal staffing firm’s website that can assist you in securing a good occupational therapy jobs with great pay in reputable medical facilities. This could be the best option for both employers and employees. All over US, there are thousands of physical therapy job openings each year, but finding right candidate for these jobs could be difficult for employers so they need to hire staffing firm such as Reflectx, they use quite unique recruitment methods to find most talented therapists. They are here to find the right physical therapist for the right job. will also help you, if you are looking for travel occupational therapy jobs. People are interested in these jobs more because therapists are getting additional perks with housing and relocation allowances. This job could be ideal job for all therapists who are seeking options to combine travel with work.

In simple words, I would say about this website design is simply perfect. There are no flashy colors used, but still manages to grab complete attention of employers and employees in its field. Here, you will find qualified and experienced professionals in the field. This could be very helpful for those employers who want to save thousands of bucks in their recruitment process.

Reflectx service provider has been able to do a quick search to get the best occupational therapy jobs and Physical Therapy Jobs across the US. This staffing firm provides you with all the necessary support and assistance to manage your job search for you. Just complete registration online and they will help you find the perfect Physical or occupational therapy job which suits you, the most.

CollaborateMd – Makes Your Hospital Management Smooth

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Of late, we have been facing a lot of difficulties in getting a medical claim settled from the insurance company. In this uncertain economy times, medical claim is a big relief from patient’s point of view. To get a medical claim settled from the insurance company, you need to be able to show proper and original medical bills to the insurance company. Likewise, it is equally important for the medical professionals to manage their daily affairs; particularly administrative issues, so certainly they need something which can help them in storing, keeping, and also, analyses and edits every patient’s record and these needs can be met by software called Electronic Medical Billing software.

Electronic Medical Billing software has been built to keep record of patient’s details in an electronic form. However it’s mainly designed for smooth management of hospitals operations. I have found this medical billing software as important as to getting good medical insurance. Its first and foremost work is to prepare medical bills. Earlier it was not easy to do it without the help of this software. If you are interested in buying this wonderful medical billing software then visit to, this could be a perfect solution for you.

You can save lots of time and effort for preparing bill with the help of electronic medical billing. CollaborateMD will ensure you 100% accurate results with the very short period of preparation time. This billing system is again a good option for patients as they get compensation early as well as in short time frame. This software is getting more popularity in the US healthcare market.

There are many types of medical billing software available in the health industry today, so I guess it’s really very important to select the right one. CollaborateMD has a known EMR partners empanelled such as ICANotes, CodoniXnotes, Catalis and the list goes on. These partners help to design innovative and organized electronic medical record system which in turn being very efficient billing software, gives you best quality as well.

I understand that designing a perfect website is a lengthy and creative process and has done it really well on this front. This website has represented well as per their nature of business, all sections have relevant information and well drafted. I like the history section most because very few people include this part on their website and I like the content quality as well.

Most important feature of this billing software is you can regularly update this along with that you get data security as well. Another good thing I like about it is that, they provide you a 24/7 accessibility of this software and you don’t need to depend on someone else to access it because it’s simple & easy-to-use. offers you on-demand support and online training videos too. Most importantly, this medical billing software is very cost-effective and saves you valuable time too. Medical Billing Software is a perfect solution for efficient, reliable and modern management of hospitals.

Medical Billing Software includes Appointment Scheduling which is very important for every patient and for all big works in hospital. Sometime this billing software also able to translates any language by its integrated language translator. It offers customization of medical terms which are specific to the country where it is being used. So increase your credibility with CollaborateMD’s medical billing software.

Explore Your Own World without Any Dependency

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Profound medical equipment has been working for several years to ensure that disabled people can do their regular activities by themselves. With help of these wheelchairs, disabled persons are able to manage their whole daily routine work by themselves and this equipment is making their life easier. offers a wide range of these medical equipments such as wheelchairs, stair chair lifts, scooters and wheelchair access service.

Chair lifts for seniors are very useful especially for who are not able to move without any help and they have difficulties in standing up, especially after they are sitting for a long time, so you need to choose best chair life that is available in the market. Acorn stairlifts come with fully automated controls, you just need to push one button to operate these equipment. I know this equipment is quite costly but it’s worth to spend this amount for your loved ones. Stannah stairlifts are good for straight and curved staircases, now it’s easy to get these and quick to get it installed, just go to and look for yourself.

A Bruno stair lift is a leading supplier of a wide range of residential and commercial accessibility solutions. You don’t have to worry about its installation, company employees will take care of everything because they know their job best. This equipment installation could be complicated so don’t try it by yourself. Their technician always quality test these chairlifts before you start using them. They have designed these stair lifts so it’s easier to control and operate. This certainly helps to create a sense of independence among those who use them.

Profound medical equipment also offers maintenance work, just call them and fix your next maintenance appointment with them. I have found many manufacturers and dealers on the web that provide this service and Profound Medical Equipment is among them. They understand disabled persons daily needs very well and design this equipment accordingly. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to get a good discount for a new installation.

I would also like to say, that with the advancements in technology, wheelchair are so advanced today and without a doubt, it would be a wonderful gift for your loved ones those have problem to walk or with movability. Wheelchair help converting a difficult life into a normal lifestyle for disabled persons, they do not need to depend on anyone to go out. However, one needs to be aware of the fact that these products should be safe and comfortable at the same time as safety matters a lot. On this site, they sell only two brands of stair lifts and both are very safe and not risky but it’s always advisable to put on a seat belt when you are going up or coming down.

Coming to the feedback on this website, as we know content is a very important aspect of any website. On this website, I would say, content is good but it could have been more informative. I like the color theme of their homepage, it looks neat and clean and they have really managed to make it super simple for customers.

It’s a fact that only those people would understand the problems who have actually gone through it. Nothing feels worse than losing your ability to move around and do your work on your own. No one wants to depend on others to do the simplest thing. So go ahead and gift them such useful equipment and let them explore their own world without any dependency.

Cannabis-cosmetics – Facilitate Holistic Treatment of Diseases!!

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Allopathic medicines sometimes cause side effects which are certainly undesirable. There exist certain special healing methods that facilitate holistic treatment of diseases. So, if you are looking for such special method and medicines, is the place to look forward to. The site is the official web page of the company can-cosmetics Ltd and the site is basically their online store to showcase their products for treatments like Psoriasis Treatment, Itchy Scalp Treatment, Scalp Treatment, Atopic Eczema Treatment, Psoriasis Treatment and Itchy Scalp Treatment. The company specializes in making special cosmetics and food supplements that have healing effects.

One glance at the homepage lets you know what the website is and what it has to offer to you. Homepage looks a bit messy and crowded with display of photos, external links, advertisements and contents. There was actually no need of adding so much of text content on the homepage itself. It seems as if they wanted to provide as much information on the homepage as possible which makes it looking cluttered and aesthetically unpleasing. Just a look to the homepage is good enough to switch off your interest from the topic. They could have given the same amount of info in different pages. I would strongly recommend them to work on the layout to make it look aesthetically good and appealing. Also, the photos of their featured products are on display right on the homepage. Their existent customers may like it as they are already aware of the products but it will fail to lure new prospects. Homepage has bunch of advertisements and external links to other websites which is not desirable to see in a good website. All these links will only drive the customers away from the website itself.

On the plus side, I liked the way their categorization of products and the way they have been listed on the left of the homepage. There are links placed all over the homepage as well as in other pages which can be found easily. Links can be easily found connect the landing pages well which makes the navigation easy. Search block allows one to type the name of the desired product and search through the website.

Content wise, their section “about us” covers all the details of the company background. I also liked their FAQ section where they have answers to all common queries regarding their products. This section also explains the process of manufacturing, shipping and making of medicines and cosmetics. Customer reviews section has reviews from many of their past and existent customers. This is a smart feature to be seen in most of the websites as they help in building customers’ trust about the credibility of the company which finally results in more enquiries and sales.

In short, the website is just okay and really needs to work on its design and layout to make the place worth visiting. External links and advertisements need to be omitted. I’ll give it 3 out of 5.


In8 Fitness – A good fitness portal

Posted by on August 1, 2012 | Comments belongs to iN8 Fitness which is regarded for their quality fitness services. Their fitness centre is geographically located at Lake Mary, Fla. They are a team of fitness professionals whose main objective is to improve overall health of their people by implementing their fitness methods. They motivate people to inculcate healthy lifestyle and food habits to maintain lifelong wellness. Now, this is their official website to where people can come and inquire about their services. The website can be easily found on search engines by “personal trainer Orlando” and “personal trainer in Orlando” search terms.

The website downloads amazingly fast and first time comer will gauge the level of effort that has gone into the planning and designing of the website. Every element has been strategically placed at correct positions. Homepage looks catchy with a black background and usage of green colors. The display pictures give the message loud and clear that they are here to spread fitness awareness. Only a look to the homepage is good enough to know why the website is here for and what it has to offer. The header mission is like an introductory paragraph which describes emphasis on physical fitness, exercise and healthy food habits. The website has all the possible links all through the website that take you to the information pages. Menus and links can be found without having to search here and there which makes the navigation easy. All navigation menus have separate lists that appear below the “navigation’ header. The website is easy to use and a user is bound to find the usability. Social block has all the social networking widgets with a like option that allows a user to like their business page right here.

Content wise, I really liked the “Blog” section as it has interesting recipe of sweet potato fries cooked in a healthy way. Here, the photo of the final dish has been captured beautifully which would definitely make you salivate only to develop an urge to try your hand at the recipe. One thing that I would recommend to them is to add more contents on the importance of healthy living in our lives. “About us” page covers details of the company, right from its inception, their work approach, about their training and nutrition programs to the experience and achievements of their trainer and founder Nicole Kreiser. “Testimonials’ section is under construction but it will be good if they bring it soon. This feature helps in building trust among the customers and adds value to the credibility of the company. Clicking on “Service” menu opens up a list of two elements, nutrition and training. Clicking on any of the two can land you on the page that features their services.

The website is definitely a great package and has the potential to keep the interest alive. The place is rich in quality content that has valuable information for the prospects. To summarize, the website is a good fitness portal that has many standard features that make a good website.


Molar Clean – Short and sweet!!

Posted by on August 1, 2012 | Comments, an e-commerce website that sells tooth brush heads. The main USP of the website is that it only talks about business and nothing non sense. The layout is very simple yet attention drawing; it says loud and clear that they are here to sell toothbrush heads. The website owner is the company Molarclean. The website is basically an online store of their toothbrush heads that fits Braun oral B toothbrushes.

As I have stated in my previous reviews that branding is a quintessential element to promote a product. How will people come to know about what you are selling unless you do not create your brand awareness? Here I really liked how well they have placed their brand logo right on the top. Their tie up with Oral B is also quite visible with brand logo of Oral b Toothbrush Heads or Braun Toothbrush Heads on the homepage.

One cannot find all those flashy displays of photos or texts or graphics as they have kept it really simple. Yet, the website has a very pleasing aesthetic look to it. It looks neat and conveys the message very well. The pattern is too easy to read and understand. I missed an introductory paragraph which is quite a regular feature to be found. The bold captions and pictures of toothbrush heads make any random visitor know what the site is all about. Different types and model number of brush heads are mentioned against their respective prices. The item codes of different oral B tooth brushes are also given that will fit only Molarclean brush heads. The homepage is downloaded fast and can be easily found on the internet. Order can also be placed on phone for which, their contact number has been provided. In short, people now can order tooth brush heads on their website without having to take pain of visiting a super market. There are no flashy texts or advertisement.

“100% satisfaction guarantee” page tells you the benefits of using their brush heads. “Consumer reviews” covers reviews of the product given by the customers. This is a good way to build trust among the prospects about the credibility of the company. However, I found it too simple. They could have made use of intelligent graphics to make it look more appealing to eyes. They could also have included a blog section to make it more interesting.

In short, is a decent performer. Menus and lists are easy to read and understand. Links are easily visible in every page which makes the navigation easy. Also, there are no broken links and all pages are well connected through links. There is much ease of use with all the user friendly features. Absence of flashy pictures or graphics has made the pages to get downloaded pretty fast. The website perfectly fits to the lines of the phrase “short and sweet package” very well. The website scores decently and I would give it 3 out of 5.


Cannabis-cosmetics – Specialized in making cosmetic products and food supplements

Posted by on July 27, 2012 | Comments is the official website of can-cosmetics Ltd. The website is their online store of products and treatments like Psoriasis Treatment, Itchy Scalp Treatment, Scalp Treatment, Atopic Eczema Treatment, Psoriasis Treatment and Itchy Scalp Treatment. The company is actually located in central Europe and has come to existence in the year 2002. The company is specialized in making special cosmetics and food supplements which have a healing effect.

Talking about the website, the homepage downloads fast without taking much of a time. One glance at the homepage and you know what it is and what it has to offer. I personally didn’t quite like the layout of homepage as it lacks that aesthetic feel. I didn’t understand why they have included so much of text content on the homepage itself. You’ll feel as if they want you to know everything on the homepage itself. But the actual fact is this; the homepage looks really crowded and instantly switches off the interest to look for more. They seriously need to work on the layout to make it look aesthetic. Most of their featured products are on display right on the homepage with details. This may work for their customers who are well aware of the products and know what they are looking for. There is no blog section and also, you won’t find any social networking block. The homepage also displays advertisements and links to other websites which is not a feature to be appreciated. Such links drive the customer away from the website itself.

On the plus side, I liked the way they have categorized their products and listed them on the left of the homepage. The listed product names have links to take you to the page where the item is described well with details and photo of the product. I also liked the search block where one can search for the products he is looking for without browsing through the entire website.

Content wise, I liked their about us” section where the page brings all the details of the company background. I also liked their FAQ section where almost all my queries regarding their product have been answered. Since, they are manufacturing special food supplements and cosmetics; the obvious question that hits you is how do they do it? So, this section answers to all your doubts and queries regarding the company, the process of manufacturing, shipping and the making of products. Customer reviews section has reviews on the product from many of their past and current customers. This is a smart feature to be seen in most of the websites as they help in convincing new prospects about the product. This results in more enquiries and sales. Also, there are no flashy texts or graphics to divert your attention away from the main matter.

In short, the website is strictly okay and needs to work majorly on its look and the layout. I’ll give it 3 out of 5.

In8 Fitness – A complete package with all interesting features!

Posted by on July 27, 2012 | Comments is the website of iN8 Fitness which is known for their top quality fitness services. It is based in Lake Mary, Fla. and they work towards improving overall health of their clients by changing their unhealthy lifestyles and food habits to maintain lifelong wellness. Their training program includes physical training by Orlando personal trainer and nutrition awareness. Now, they have come up with this website to make more people aware of their services. The website is easy to find on the internet by “personal trainer Orlando” and “personal trainer in Orlando” search terms.

The website downloads really fast and it has been designed to almost perfection. A lot of effort has been given in the planning and designing of the website which clearly shows. Every section has been placed at the right place. The homepage looks catchy with the usage of black and green colors. Also, the display of pictures gives the owner’s message loud and clear. A mere glance to the homepage lets any random visitor know whose website it is and what can he expect to see in this space. I really liked the mission header which describes their motto of spreading awareness on fitness and healthy living. The homepage has all the possible links that take you to the respective pages. Menus and icons are clearly visible and you will hardly face any difficulty in finding a particular link or text. Though all the navigation menus are given on the top, yet, again they are listed below under “navigation’ header. This makes the website to use it easily. Social block has all the social networking widgets and there is even a like option which allows a user like their Facebook fan page right there.

Content wise, “Blog” section has the most recent post and that is a recipe of yummy sweet potato fries cooked in a healthy way. Again, the photo of the dish has been captured beautifully which makes the space really worth visiting. However, I would have appreciated if they had included more contents on the importance of good nutrition and fitness in our lives. “About us” page covers all the details of the company, right from its inception, their work methodology, a brief intro of their training and nutrition programs and the experience and achievements of their trainer Nicole Kreiser. “Testimonials’ section is yet under construction but it’s a good feature to be added to a website as one gets benefited by the experience of previous and current customers. This adds to the worth of the company. You will find the “Service” menu has been opened up to two links called nutrition and training. A user can click on any of the two to land on the page that gives information about their services in both areas.

The website is a great package and it surely has the ability to keep the interest intact. The place is rich in quality content giving all possible information about the owner. In short, the vision and ideas of the owner clearly reflects in the entire design.

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