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A mixed baggage of different flavors!

Posted by on October 17, 2012 | Comments

Being a fashion freak myself, reviewing a fashion blog is more of fun to me than work.  Fashion conscious people, who always like to put their best foot forward, in terms of wearing the right outfit for the right occasion with suitable accessories to match, are sure to find great tips here. All my boredom went by the wayside the moment I stumbled across this website, The name itself speaks for the purpose of the website. I mean, just look at the name, fashion flu! It has that ‘it’ factor to for sure.


The website offers a look into the world of latest couture, fashion, and style. The first page to welcome me, appeared quite an appealing one. The article header on the homepage is, “five hot fashion trends to try this season”! The content is fresh and invigorating, especially to someone who is standing in front of her closet and is clueless about what to wear. It emphasizes on the importance of wearing the right women shoes and accessories to pair up with any outfit to make the look complete. The ideas given are simply amazing and it’s something that you always wanted to try out but never sure whether it will work or not. The article gives you a good idea about how to carry a lacy outfit and turn heads to you! The article on how to choose proper clothing for plus size women is also very well written. The author has very beautifully outlined what to wear and what not to wear for such women. The basic underlying message is that your outfit should be such that it hides the problem areas of your body and enhances the overall look to make you look and feel desirable!


In all my earlier reviews, I’ve always mentioned that photo displays are very important to illustrate your purpose. Here, I have noticed that photos appear at the right places to demonstrate what the article content is talking about. As far as the design and layout of the site is concerned, the work has been done intellectually. Right from having the ease of navigation and usage; it fulfils almost every criteria of being a good web page. The only annoying thing on the homepage is an ad, appearing at the top, which could have been avoided. Otherwise, everything else looks good with all the icons, menus and links appearing systematically at proper places.


The Style blog has a lot more to offer apart from the regular dose of fashion. It has numerous articles classified into different categories. Some of them, which took my interest are, food, celebrity news, Astros tips, investing, health and beauty, lifestyle, music, Retro clothing, travel and so on. If you are in for some hot and juicy news of fashion and entertainment industry, “Featured” section on the top right is just for you! I loved the category named food, where I found many articles on various food facts, myths and trends. I really appreciate the way they have covered every topic, giving utmost importance to each of them.


In short, the site is like a mixed baggage with many different elements, packed beautifully in it! I really loved it and you are going to love it too!!

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