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Horrendous service and support by Tata Sky the most horrible DTH provider in India

Posted by on June 20, 2014 | Comments

My family has multiple TataSky connections and 2 of them are owned by me having a multi room connection in one of them. Yes both the connections are TataSky Plus with recording facility. Even though slightly expensive compared to other DTH providers and even after recommendation about Videocon and Airtel, I continued using TataSky for many years and I still use it.

When did I start using it? Hard to recall but its more than 10 years for sure. I even was subscribed to the Mega Pack for few years on both connections. Yes I had to keep 2 separate connections as they were on different building.

The love affair with TataSky continued smoothly for years except with some minor issues at times which were handled promptly by TataSky support.
But this never remained the same until last one year when problems started crippling in at both the locations. 1st in location one the transponder failed and I had to make not one but several complaints which ultimately landed into frustration and I almost decided to do away with them and go with some other provider. But then finally they sent someone and replaced not transponders but the digicomp as the later was found to be faulty. Yes I was charged a visiting fee as well as part replacement fee. The location is in southern India.
Now a similar story was repeated at location 2 when I had to give complain but this time the service was quick and the part was replaced promptly. Again this time too it was the Digicomp and I was charged a fee for both visiting as well as the device replacement fee.
Lately I got a marketing call from TataSky at location1 and I upgraded the plan to a bi annual plan.
Now again within just few months the 1st location Digicomp failed and I had same issue repeating. The issue is simple and in simple words its called “NO SIGNAL”. My account balance get reduced but I am unable to watch any channel since May 2014.


And the latest complaint was lodged today vide service request number SR2006141190688 which had the following content which explains the issue neatly.


Content of the complaint bellow for SR2006141190688

SR1806141189821 is still open since 18th June

SR1506141187825 of 15th june is closed without resolution

SR1305141167787 of 13th May is closed without resolution
Basically we are not able to use the service since 13th May 2014 i.e. more than a month and you are not bothered to give a solution. We are completely frustrated now. I have a 2nd connection with mob 99xxxxxxx5 (Number hidden in web post but is there in real complaint) and never had similar problem. Are you not caring anymore? I want refund of all my balance till may 2014 and you may cancel my subscription so that I can take a reliable connection from some other provider and enjoy TV then staying with baseless hope of you useless and stupid support and service. I will love to post LOUD on WWW about your idiotic service.

The service and support of TataSky has become beyond horrible and I am unable to find words to explain their shockingly careless and step mother attitude. They are beyond hopeless now. Readers of this review can imagine how frustrating it can get to continue paying a provider while not been able to see the service for more than a month.  A TV subscription is for entertainment to give us some relaxation but this subscription from TataSky has done the other way round to me giving additional headache and frustration. And the most vibrating fact here is that, they are not even bothered to give a call back and are happy shucking the money from account balance.


I would call them the Vampire TV Subscriber in India having the brand name TataSky

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Marquee Hire – Have various types of Marquees

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Marquee hire has become quite popular these days and more and more people are opting to go for marquee hire when it comes to throwing a big party, be it a casual corporate, a wedding or any function. Now for all those who are planning to throw a party, is the place to inquire for marquee hire from Marquees Direct. Additional good news is that they not only give marquees for hire, they also provide furniture hire, linen hire, dance floor hire etc.

One look at the homepage and you do not need to guess what it is all about. The homepage looks exquisite and appealing to the eyes. Introductory paragraph defines the purpose of the website very well. The format is easy to eyes and has an amazing aesthetic look with some great content and eye catchy photos of different marquee setups. The pictures of different event set ups make the homepage look extravagant and instantly arises an interest of exploring more in the website. The pictures are so beautiful that any person would give it a thought to make a fast enquiry. All the menus and headers are placed at the right positions. The page “Pricing” gives information about the charges that is based on the kind of marquees one is going to hire. The section “Events” has detailed information on the type of marquees provided by the company. There are different types of marquees, wedding marquees, corporate marquees, themed marquees etc. The section “Service” describes all the marquee hiring services offered by the company. The section “Venues’ of the website provides one the facts of the existing venues at various places to organise events.

There is a list of products offered by the company which appears on the left and each option has been hyperlinked. This is a great feature as it allows any interested person to choose the desired product without having to go through all the web pages. Then, there is list of links coming under the header “information’. Every link takes you to the page for the relevant information. I liked “FAQ” section as it gives answers to all the common questions related to marquee hire. “Booking with us” guides you on how to book their services. I liked the Facebook widget right on the homepage that lets the customers know the latest updates. The only thing that I missed is a blog section which would have been a great place to share the latest news in the marquee hire industry.

Content wise, the website has some great content apt for every related topic. The website clearly reflects how well it has been planned and designed. The website very well reflects the actual essence of the matter which shows in the layout and the content. All the pages are downloaded fast. I am also happy because there are no pop up messages or advertisements that takes your attention away from the actual matter. In a nut shell, the website is great in terms of design and layout. The owners must keep up the good work.

Costello Entertainments – Live Bands For Hire

Posted by on July 4, 2012 | Comments

So, you are planning to throw a party and hope that it turns out to be an out and out fun experience for your guests that remains etched in the memories forever. Well, is a website for your kind of party lovers. is a website that belongs to Costello Entertainment, which is known for Top Quality Entertainment and First Class Service. It is an agency that was founded six years ago and now they have brought this online portal which provides various kinds of entertainments services. They can be contacted online for live bands for hire, tribute bands for hire, singers, celebrities, comedians, celebrity look alikes and children entertainers. Their main aim is to provide services to entertain your guests and make your function memorable forever.

The website has been laid out well and truly reflects the ideas and vision of the owner. The homepage is catchy and instantly draws your attention as there are some beautiful graphics for a treat to your eyes. It is easily downloaded and lets you know what all it has to offer. The homepage clearly gives their introduction, their approach to work, client testimonials and reasons why you should contact them.

Their list of services is placed on the left side of the page which are also links. The user gets to realise that the website is of use and instantly gets connected looking for more information. There are no broken links and each link takes the user to its respective page of the desired information. Like, if you click on the “comedian”, you will land in a page where a list of comedians for hire is given. Also, there are different comedians for different occasion like corporate or after dinner comedians and wedding comedians. They have a range of options for any kind of entertainment. FAQ section lets you know about the common doubts regarding hiring entertainment services. Their contact info is given right at the top which is clearly visible. However, a video of any past performance should have been placed to provide a better idea.

I liked the image gallery block on the homepage as it displays the photos of different artists or comedians. The website is able to engage a user till the time he gets a choice for the final decision. Sufficient number of internal links is provided to allow users to move through the site not only through text or graphical navigation system but also through the content. It helps the user to navigate with the natural progression of the content. All content on the site is of high quality which is good as usually the users are seem to be more interested in the content and not at the fancy animations and graphics.

Also, there are no undesirable pop up messages and advertisements to drive your attention away from the website itself. The website is worth all the praises but as nothing is perfect, continuous efforts are required to keep the good work going. I’ll score it 4.5 out of 5.


Marquee Hire

Posted by on June 5, 2012 | Comments

There are a number of websites that you know exactly what they are before you even get to them. Marquee hire is quite simple and straight forward and had it been anything but that I would have been taken aback.

So, one aspect which leaves me mad is when a site is littered with ads all over it and it prevents your access from the meat of the website. This site doesn’t do that and, in fact, the ads are positioned where they ought to be. Major crutches for that.

The basic objective of the website is to make you hire marquees directly without having the hassle of going round the town to select designs and colour schemes. The site displays a variety of products which includes marquees, lighting, heating and furniture too. In short, it is a one stop destination for making all your arrangements for any kind of events – marriages, birthday parties or even corporate events.

Now coming back to the website (which of course is the topic of this review!!!), it has got a very simple three column layout. The content is placed in the centre with links on both sides. Although most of the links are pretty interesting and useful, a lot of futile links have been also added towards the bottom of the page. The left side contains links regarding products and several other frequently visited links. The right side is filled up with the Photo Gallery links and archive links beside some other links.

Talking about the content of this website, there is no shortage of information on it. In fact, the home page itself looks so full of information that the readers will have to keep their eyes wide open to take in the content. On the home page, a lot of claims by the company are listed (I’m sorry I have no test to establish its genuineness!!) underneath a flash slideshow of some really beautiful marquee designs. The flash content, in fact, helps the readers to take their mind of the boring claims.

Navigation is pretty simple through the site. The navigation bar at the top is well positioned and visitors can easily access all the pages of the website. The site also loads pretty fast and this shows that the website is well built from the scratch.

The website appears pretty drab and boring at first instant. There is not much use of colours. In fact, the entire website is built with a single colour. There is no banner or poster to distinguish the site at first look. In fact there is not a sign of uniqueness. The only good looking thing about the site is that it is completely loaded with loads and graphics. There are beautiful pictures of marquees posted all over the web site.

Another pretty boring aspect of the site is its blog. It is rather for promotion purposes and not for blog writing at all. Overall a 3.2/5 for this site.

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