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Marketingfile – No show and only business!

Posted by on July 16, 2012 | Comments

Direct mailing is essential be included in your marketing arsenal as it not only helps in increasing your brand awareness but also increases sales and revenues for your business. So, if you are looking for a direct marketing agency that can provide quality mailing list directory then here is the place. is the website of marketing file which happens to be a direct marketing agency. It gets its clients an unlimited access to their huge range of mailing lists, email lists, fax lists or telemarketing lists. They also provide information and suggestions to their clients to help them make the most of their campaign. Their job is to provide a complete range of direct marketing and email marketing services.

Coming to the website design, the homepage has been kept very simple without much usage of graphics or colours. The website only serves the purpose of providing all the information regarding their services. The background colour is white which perfectly matches with the subject.  The homepage has a small introduction to the company and the website, which is placed on the right side of the homepage. The introductory paragraph is very small and defines the purpose of the website and what it is all about. Just below the introductory paragraph, one finds their twitter posts. However, I couldn’t find twitter block or widget on the homepage. Homepage does look neat and has only the relevant information without any catchy display of pictures or graphics. Somehow, I found it lacking that appeal which instantly catches a visitor’s attention. It seems as if the website has been created just for the heck of it or just to make people aware of their online existence. I very much missed a blog section which has almost become mandatory feature to be seen in most of the websites. Also, there is no social networking block for the customers get connected with company.

On the plus side, the website downloads really fast as a result of limited number of menus; one can easily find the matter he is looking for without much roaming here and there. Also, the navigation is very easy with limited number of links. The logo of the company appears right at the top left of the homepage which lets anyone know whose website it is and what it has to offer. All the menus, buttons and links are working fine which makes navigation really easier. Also there are no broken links and all the related pages are well connected to one another. I liked the block “need help on this page” where one can chat online with their customer support staff by clicking on button “yes please”. One can also get registered to the website directly on the homepage as “want to register” link appears right on the log in block on the homepage.

In short, the website is simple and decent. However, they really need to work on the weaker points to come up with a more catchy and appealing layout and design.

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