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Meltonclassics – It is a classy one!!

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If you want to give a new exquisite makeover to your exteriors then this is quite the right place for you. Columns add that classic beauty to any house which you cannot see in regular apartments or houses. is the website of Melton classics that are known for caters to all your column, balustrade, cornice, moulding and millwork needs. The website serves the purpose of being an online portal where one can find the choicest quality columns and architectural millwork products manufactured by the company which includes, Porch Columns, Fiberglass Columns, Decorative Columns, Architectural Columns, Column Covers, Fiberglass Column, Exterior Columns, Front Porch Columns, Fiberglass Column Covers, Fiberglass Porch Columns, Wood Porch Columns, Structural Fiberglass Columns and Column Wraps.

The website design and layout truly matches with the subject. The homepage looks classy and has an aesthetic look with a red background adding a royal touch somehow. Any random visitor coming to the homepage will be bowled over by the beautiful layout of homepage. Oh! The website is really an exquisite affair and it will make you to browse more through the website to know more. Texts are all white in color which beautifully complements the red background. The format is easy and soothing to the eyes. The brand name appears at the top left of the page with a piece of column which simply gives you the idea about what the website is all about and what all it has to offer to you. Introductory paragraph is an explanatory one and gives a brief intro about the company and its range of products. Just below the introductory paragraph, they have also given brief descriptions and needs of their range of products, column, balustrade, cornice, moulding and millwork. They have also displayed beautiful pictures of these on the top middle to give you a better idea.

There is a list of menus that appear at the top. If you place the cursor on products menu, a range of different kinds of products get displayed. You can choose any range by clicking on the respective link and land on a page that gives every possible details and information about the products under the chosen range. I liked product selection guide page where even a lay man can understand the basics of columns and balustrades selection. Project photos section has a gallery of beautiful photos of their past accomplished projects. All their products have been categorized neatly under the header, all products. This allows one to choose a product link of his choice to view all the necessary detail and photos of the chosen product. Everything seems to be up to date here with only one complain that why there is not a blog section here? Also, a customer testimonials section would have made the website even more informative from customer’s perspective.

Otherwise, the website is great with great content, great appearance and easy navigation. I also loved the absence of unnecessary advertisements. The website scores high on the standards and I would give it 4.5 out of 5.


Majestic Entrance from Melton Classics

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Whether you want to build your dream home or you are into a construction business. Either way, you should have brief idea about columns. When I was busy in building my own house, that time I came to know about the importance of architectural columns.

Column is a primary component of a building, this play a supporting role to walls or roof. Do you know column will enhance the beauty of your house as well as gives strong foundation? A column comes with different shapes and sizes. An architectural column gives royal look to your home.

I have realized that, there is a common misconception that these architectural columns are not economic and it won’t be affordable for everyone but it is not always true. If we research properly before purchase then you might get these at good price. There are many ways you can find adorable manufacturers and exporter who deal in this business. While I was searching online a good deal for my project, I have checked out columns from This site is dealing with all types of parts which are used in building construction works such as column, balustrade, cornice, moulding and millwork etc.

A Melton classic is an outstanding supplier for columns. They have separate sections for variety of columns. My personal reason of liking the site is: if you have any confusion about design or product you can choose and then website provides you the solution. Melton classics have specialists stuff and their experience will help you to decide, which product is best for your need. Don’t worry much about budget; they will take care of it too.

I don’t like the background colour of the site, somewhat it feel like very dark for the customers. Another problem I have found here is that they do not publish price list of columns. I feel it should be included here so people can make their offer according to their budget. These are just small points which though can be corrected easily.

I personally like stone columns, which gives historic look but only disadvantage here is that require relatively more maintenance. Fiberglass columns are good option which usually comes with a lifetime warranty and another good point is, these are lightweight and require very little maintenance.

If you are looking to give supreme look to your interior as like luxurious hotels do, use interior columns. An interior column brings majestic style into your surroundings. Interior columns can be ordered in custom sizes. Which material do you want use in, interior columns is up to you. Melton classics have largest selection of interior columns. Melton Classics also provide you a proper guide on how to select right columns which will help you placing right order on the site.

The entrance is indeed the most important place in any home setting. Architecture lovers easily recognize the quality of columns, so be careful before making any decision, take advantage of Melton classic’s 50 years’ experience with hassle free service and give a perfect look to your dream house.

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