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Cloudlogon – Truly goes with the subject!

Posted by on July 16, 2012 | Comments

Do you want to reduce your IT expenses and give a boost to your business revenues? Here is the place where you can seek for the solution. is the official website of the Cloud Backup UK Company named Centrum cloud services. The company specialises in providing best quality cloud backup services to various UK based businesses. They are known for their cost effective and scalable cloud backup services that help businesses to get rid of expenses involved in technological upgrades, installations and IT related capital expenditure.

The website can be easily found on search engines by “Cloud Backup UK” search term. It appears high on the search display results. The homepage downloads pretty fast without keeping me waiting for a long time. In all my earlier reviews, I have stressed upon the importance of homepage in overall impression of the website. Even here, I didn’t get disappointed at all. The brand logo of the company appears bright on the top left giving you an idea about the owner of the website. I really liked the white background with blue hues giving a very eye soothing look to the homepage. The pictorial representations of the cloud service get displayed on the middle which is indeed an intelligent strategy. Introductory paragraph gives information about the company profile, a brief introduction to the services offered by them and the purpose of the website. Any visitor coming to the homepage will know where he has landed and what to look for in this space.

I very much liked the blog section on the homepage with the links to different posts. The blog content is very informative and the posts give you an idea about the latest trends in the field. All the menus appear at the top. Navigation through the website is really simple and effortless as all the links are working properly with the respective pages connected through them. Despite all the essential features present on the homepage, a social networking widget is very much missed. A social networking block with like option is highly recommended to be present on the homepage which was the only dampener so far. Content wise, I liked the way they have categorised their services in different pages. Like, Cloud backup page covers detailed information about the cloud backup solutions provided by the company. Hosted exchange page covers different features of hosted exchange UK. It services page have details of many IT services offered by the company. Cloud protect page deals with the extent of data protection, the company is capable to provide.

The website does have a systematic layout to present their views and ideas. There are no advertisements popping up from here and there. The format is quite simple to read and understand. In short, truly justifies with the subject in terms of design, layout or content. However, consistent efforts are required to make it even better and more interactive. I would love to give it 4.5 out of 5.

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