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3d Scanning Services – In simple words, a great package!!!

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3D scanning is the new age technology is the gallery and if you are looking forward to buy a 3D scanner or looking for some other 3dscanning services, then this is the site is of good use for your kind of people. The site belongs to a lab named NeoMetrix Technologies which is specialized in the application of laser based 3D measurement equipment for digitizing, reverse engineering, and computer aided inspection. They are the experts in converting raw scanned data into a high-quality surface and parametric solid models. The website can be easily found on the internet by the search term, “High Speed 3d Scanning”.

Talking about the website, the website has been well planned and structured. The content here is informative and gives maximum possible information. The homepage downloads fast and the moment you view it, you get to know what it is all about and what it has got to offer. Menus are placed on the top of the homepage and can be identified easily without any need to search here and there. The format of the website is pleasing to the eyes and the font size of texts is readable. The background white color goes with the subject very well which works well for such content rich websites as it helps one to concentrate on the matter. The contact info is given on the top right side of the homepage which may help a prospect to call and make enquiries. One more thing to be liked here is that there are no flashy texts or advertisements or external links. The website definitely scores decently on my standards and I would really not mind to come back here again.

Content wise, I liked “about us” page that throws light on the background of the company and its pole in the field of 3d scanning. Product menu displays a list of the product names manufactured by the company. Clicking on any of the link takes you to the page where every detail related to the item is well presented with description, photos and price. “Services” menu displays a list of the scanning services made available by the company. One gets to see the links placed strategically, clicking on any of the link will land you on the chosen service page which covers the details regarding the chosen service. I very much liked their “blog/news” section which has some really interesting and informative posts on the latest news of the scanning industry. All the posts are updated ones and it was visible that the posts are updated regularly. “Request quote” button allows you to ask for an instant quote right on the homepage. The catchiest element of the site is that it has links present everywhere on the homepage. This makes the navigation easy as a page can be found through numerous links available. The only thing that I would recommend them is to bring the contact details on the front page.

In short, the website is a great package with all the essential features and it can be like a role model for other sites too.


Innovative look with 3D Scanner

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Digital technology just like all other technologies has also been gaining momentum over period of time and this field has touched nearly every industry in various different ways. Have you ever come across the term 3D scanner?

The 3D scanning is essentially a way to get the most accurate measurement of any physical object. This can be achieved with the help of a 3D Scanner. 3D scanner can help us produce 3D scan data quickly. Using this technique, we can obtain the most accurate measurements of an object which includes all dimensions viz. volume, length, width, height, feature size, surface area etc.

3D scanning is being used in various industries including entertainment industry, Art industry, automotive industry, Fashion industry, industrial sector, aerospace and the medical industry. In this modernized world, film industry people started using this 3D technology for production of movies, which has given new look to the whole film industry. 3D Scanners are able to capture very small objects as well as full size giant aircraft. Looks like, the usage of 3D Scanner is endless especially in this fast moving technology world. If you are looking for 3D Scanners or other digital product then I would say would be the best place for you.

There are many reasons to choose NeoMetrix Technologies, Inc. ( for your business along with your personal usages. They have more than twenty years’ experience in this field. Their engineers have expertise in all the areas, they have done many successful projects over a period of time spanning across industries such as medical, travel industry etc. There is no doubt that 3D scanner has emerged out to be one of the most innovative devices of this century, and to make an effective use of this innovation, you need to engage with NeoMetrix who can bring relevant experience and guidance to the table.

Another advantage of using 3D scanning being time, as it can really save time. Furthermore, this device helps you enhancing a product’s design which is very critical for many industries. In medical field, 3D scanner is very useful. Besides capturing the accurate information about the measurement of an object, this device also capable of capturing data very quickly and you can generate an instant inspection report out of it. There are numerous other benefits of 3D scanning product in the present era and it will be more useful going forward.

NeoMetrix focuses on giving you best services at affordable prices. You can also request for some samples if you interest in doing business with them. There are many high performance product lines that they offer. Although this 3D scanners technology is growing fast but still this technology belong to niche market and this in niche market NeoMetrix is the best supplier of these digital products.

Through 3D scanning devices we have been able to see object differently. Thanks to this totally new innovative technology. A lot of people and companies understand the potential for using 3D scanning methods.

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