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Color Prints Online – Indeed a well-planned package

Posted by on August 1, 2012 | Comments is the right place for someone who is looking for printing services for his business. The company logo appears right on the top left which is indeed a good feature to let the visitor know whose site it is and what it is all about. This feature propagates branding of the company which is a must for any online business. The site belongs to the company color prints online that offers top quality and cost efficient digital color and black and white print solutions. One can get color copies and prints at great prices. Now they have come up with this website after having years of experience and expertise in the field of print technology.

The website very well displays a work of art. It has been very strategically planned, designed and then laid out. The homepage has got a very catchy yet soothing look with the white background. The apparent look of the website has been kept simple by not overcrowding the homepage which makes it look quite neat. One can find quite a number of menus, clicking on which will land you on information pages. There is a list of menus at the top of the homepage like home, about, order, help etc. Introductory paragraph defines what is special about their services very well. “about” page covers the basic details about the company and its services. I would have appreciated more, if the same has been placed on the homepage. Links are placed strategically and are found all through the pages. All links and buttons are working perfectly making the navigation easier for the user.

Social networking block is on the homepage that allows the visitors to like their business page quickly. The format of all the pages is easy to read and understand. All the menus and lists can be easily found on the homepage which makes the navigation easy. What I really found interesting from a user’s perspective is that the site has many elements that will keep him engaged and hooked to the website. “Get exact quote now” button lets any random user to request for an exact quote. I found their blog section filled with interesting posts on the latest technologies used in printing services. “Start here” lands you on the page where pricing of different color printing can be compared. This is a great feature as comparison is a great way to identify most suitable option as per ones requirements and budget. “Contact us” page has all their contact details like e-mail id, contact number etc.

I found the website really interesting as it has many features that make a good website. For a change, there are no flashy advertisements to drag away your attention. The website very well states the main USP of the company to the prospects. It can keep any interested prospect engaged. scores well on the standards with a great layout, good quality content and ease of use. I’ll give it 4 out of 5.


3d Scanning Services – In simple words, a great package!!!

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3D scanning is the new age technology is the gallery and if you are looking forward to buy a 3D scanner or looking for some other 3dscanning services, then this is the site is of good use for your kind of people. The site belongs to a lab named NeoMetrix Technologies which is specialized in the application of laser based 3D measurement equipment for digitizing, reverse engineering, and computer aided inspection. They are the experts in converting raw scanned data into a high-quality surface and parametric solid models. The website can be easily found on the internet by the search term, “High Speed 3d Scanning”.

Talking about the website, the website has been well planned and structured. The content here is informative and gives maximum possible information. The homepage downloads fast and the moment you view it, you get to know what it is all about and what it has got to offer. Menus are placed on the top of the homepage and can be identified easily without any need to search here and there. The format of the website is pleasing to the eyes and the font size of texts is readable. The background white color goes with the subject very well which works well for such content rich websites as it helps one to concentrate on the matter. The contact info is given on the top right side of the homepage which may help a prospect to call and make enquiries. One more thing to be liked here is that there are no flashy texts or advertisements or external links. The website definitely scores decently on my standards and I would really not mind to come back here again.

Content wise, I liked “about us” page that throws light on the background of the company and its pole in the field of 3d scanning. Product menu displays a list of the product names manufactured by the company. Clicking on any of the link takes you to the page where every detail related to the item is well presented with description, photos and price. “Services” menu displays a list of the scanning services made available by the company. One gets to see the links placed strategically, clicking on any of the link will land you on the chosen service page which covers the details regarding the chosen service. I very much liked their “blog/news” section which has some really interesting and informative posts on the latest news of the scanning industry. All the posts are updated ones and it was visible that the posts are updated regularly. “Request quote” button allows you to ask for an instant quote right on the homepage. The catchiest element of the site is that it has links present everywhere on the homepage. This makes the navigation easy as a page can be found through numerous links available. The only thing that I would recommend them is to bring the contact details on the front page.

In short, the website is a great package with all the essential features and it can be like a role model for other sites too.


Innovative Consultancy Ltd – Offer Excellent Web Design Services

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This is a blog review, devoted to the talented web design company at Hampshire and Salisbury, who is committed in developing the websites for E-commerce and E-newsletter development for the people in the armed force, web designing, Search engine optimisation and marketing for local businesses, web designing for catering, graphic and website designing for mutual support, websites promoting army sports lottery, website promoting people of brand, etc. with their innovative technical expertise and creative vision.

The Innovative Consultancy Ltd of UK is the leading website design Hampshire and Salisbury Company which takes great pride in the quality of their work of creating stunning websites. “INNOVATIVE CONSULTANCY LTD” founded in 2004 by Ben Hewson, is presently the most preferred and favourite company for the customers of Hampshire and Salisbury.

The website has an amazing thing that it shows the list of its most desired products on the home page, by a slide show. This website design Salisbury firm works for the help of “HEROS”, who are, devoted their lives for the country.

The Innovative Consultancy ltd. works on website design, E-Commerce, Search engine optimisation as well as internet marketing. The website of Innovative Consultancy, is very stunning, flexible and unswerving. I found the “contact us” link of the webpage well great as it contains site map of the firm.

However, I would like to suggest that the website should create an online chat window for the visitors and customers for better and efficient interaction to share and discuss their issues or requirements.

The appreciating thing of the website is that it has links to various social networking sites i.e. LINKED IN, TWITTER, etc and also there is a “Testimonials” section where you can get views from different customers. However, the website, is really remarkable and just amazing.

Consilium-uk – IT Support Service for Your Business

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I have noticed that over the past few decades there has been a massive demand generated for IT support. IT support system is a back bone for any corporation. I have no doubt that systematic and well maintained computer network is very important for the smooth running of any business. If you are looking for consultancy and IT support service for your business then is probably the best option for you. Although this Glasgow IT Support firm is centrally located however they do provide roaming team throughout Scotland.

The technical support team plays a key role in every office, they ensure that the office systems are working as expected. In every office there are many software and programs that are used which can possibly face technical issues any time so in that situation you would need expert’s help in order to resolve these issues. Mostly companies have their own technical staff to take care of all these issues but these days’ companies prefer to outsource these services which are provided by best IT support service and technical supports at a very reasonable price. You don’t need to hire fulltime IT support staff to take care of the entire office network.

Edinburgh IT Support offers you best IT support team who are experts in their work and they have good knowledge about common and any specific technical problems. Hiring IT Support Edinburgh services would mean that your technical problems will be resolved in the most professional and expert manner. IT Support Glasgow is known for its quality of services with very less downtime, sometimes, they are able to fix the issues over the phone itself which is the need of the hour in this fast moving world.

I acknowledge the fact that IT support system is extremely valuable for those who are totally dependent on computers in their everyday lives. Computers could be life of any organization or business, if computer is not working properly than your business may suffer. has well-informed and highly trained technical support team. They are experts in encountering various annoying errors or troubleshooting PC errors. IT Support Edinburgh gives you best cloud computing specialist services within your budget. If you outsource these service from Edinburgh IT Support then you will certainly be able to reduce infrastructure costs significantly and at the same time, will manage to get quicker resolution times.

I’m impressed with their website’s design of Although they have used a bit of flashy colours but it looks good overall. What I like most about this site is that they use miniature professional guys on the homepage who will take care of your entire IT support problem, which I found most attractive part on their homepage. They are into this IT support business since 1998 and since then they are continually offering best service. IT Support Glasgow offers technical support services either online or via phone are pretty reasonable in terms of prices.

In my opinion, the main advantages of hiring or outsourcing IT supports from this site is you should not worried about how to deal with these IT problems, their experienced experts will take care of all the issues and you just need to give full attention to developing and growing your business so I hope turns out to be the right choice for you.

Try all over new web design with Bubble IT

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If you too believe that first impression does work then you surely need a good web designer for your website. I totally agree with, a well-designed website holds huge importance for the online business and it would certainly bring more flow of web traffic to your website and at the same time, your website gets the recognition in the internet marketing arena. has been known for their professionalism. Web designers of Bubble IT understand every client requirements. Web design in Nottingham ( was established in 2001 and since then, they are offering their service in web designer area, IT support, computer repairs and high quality IT Services etc. Web designs in Nottingham from Bubble IT guarantee you in terms of services which no one can beat.

Web design Nottingham Companies believe that the website is meant to showcase your company’s attitude so it should be appealing to the visitor and special care is to be given when it comes to the colour selection, font, over all shapes and forms used throughout the web pages otherwise poor design leads to only confusion which is definitely not good for the business in a long run.

Website design Nottingham strongly believes that the quality must never be compromised because of price factor. They always follow high quality standards with reasonable price. They also offer computer repairs services.

One should never underestimate the value of IT support in your company, it could be very advantageous to keep your staff informed about updates to programs which will help you make your business more efficient and Bubble IT understand this. Bubble IT supply IT support across the Nottingham at an affordable price. I think it is imperative if you are running a business that you have a good IT support that will maintain and enhance your business performance.

In my opinion this site score’s higher when it comes to the complete informative for new client. Every section has full detail of their services. My favourite thing in here is a live chat services that can be useful for prospective customers and this live chat will help you make your decision fast. However I didn’t like the font size of this website and this is very light colour which can stress your eyes a bit while reading.

Web design in Nottingham from Bubble IT, have expertise in creative web designing. This website makes your job easier with highly qualified and skilled professionals. Online business scenario is growing like never before and if you are also keen to grow your online business then will be best solutions for your all website related requirements.

Online business has emerged as the most powerful medium in this current marketing scenario. A company’s website plays a pivotal role in its online image building and website is only medium to promote your business via internet. Bubble IT realizes if your website is not designed properly then it may not able to drive traffic. So pay attention and hire best web Design Company for your website. I would recommend here to take care of this aspect of your business. They assure you to give proper attention to the quality of delivered results and their professionals provide you with 24/7 support.

Cloudlogon – Truly goes with the subject!

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Do you want to reduce your IT expenses and give a boost to your business revenues? Here is the place where you can seek for the solution. is the official website of the Cloud Backup UK Company named Centrum cloud services. The company specialises in providing best quality cloud backup services to various UK based businesses. They are known for their cost effective and scalable cloud backup services that help businesses to get rid of expenses involved in technological upgrades, installations and IT related capital expenditure.

The website can be easily found on search engines by “Cloud Backup UK” search term. It appears high on the search display results. The homepage downloads pretty fast without keeping me waiting for a long time. In all my earlier reviews, I have stressed upon the importance of homepage in overall impression of the website. Even here, I didn’t get disappointed at all. The brand logo of the company appears bright on the top left giving you an idea about the owner of the website. I really liked the white background with blue hues giving a very eye soothing look to the homepage. The pictorial representations of the cloud service get displayed on the middle which is indeed an intelligent strategy. Introductory paragraph gives information about the company profile, a brief introduction to the services offered by them and the purpose of the website. Any visitor coming to the homepage will know where he has landed and what to look for in this space.

I very much liked the blog section on the homepage with the links to different posts. The blog content is very informative and the posts give you an idea about the latest trends in the field. All the menus appear at the top. Navigation through the website is really simple and effortless as all the links are working properly with the respective pages connected through them. Despite all the essential features present on the homepage, a social networking widget is very much missed. A social networking block with like option is highly recommended to be present on the homepage which was the only dampener so far. Content wise, I liked the way they have categorised their services in different pages. Like, Cloud backup page covers detailed information about the cloud backup solutions provided by the company. Hosted exchange page covers different features of hosted exchange UK. It services page have details of many IT services offered by the company. Cloud protect page deals with the extent of data protection, the company is capable to provide.

The website does have a systematic layout to present their views and ideas. There are no advertisements popping up from here and there. The format is quite simple to read and understand. In short, truly justifies with the subject in terms of design, layout or content. However, consistent efforts are required to make it even better and more interactive. I would love to give it 4.5 out of 5.

Innovative look with 3D Scanner

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Digital technology just like all other technologies has also been gaining momentum over period of time and this field has touched nearly every industry in various different ways. Have you ever come across the term 3D scanner?

The 3D scanning is essentially a way to get the most accurate measurement of any physical object. This can be achieved with the help of a 3D Scanner. 3D scanner can help us produce 3D scan data quickly. Using this technique, we can obtain the most accurate measurements of an object which includes all dimensions viz. volume, length, width, height, feature size, surface area etc.

3D scanning is being used in various industries including entertainment industry, Art industry, automotive industry, Fashion industry, industrial sector, aerospace and the medical industry. In this modernized world, film industry people started using this 3D technology for production of movies, which has given new look to the whole film industry. 3D Scanners are able to capture very small objects as well as full size giant aircraft. Looks like, the usage of 3D Scanner is endless especially in this fast moving technology world. If you are looking for 3D Scanners or other digital product then I would say would be the best place for you.

There are many reasons to choose NeoMetrix Technologies, Inc. ( for your business along with your personal usages. They have more than twenty years’ experience in this field. Their engineers have expertise in all the areas, they have done many successful projects over a period of time spanning across industries such as medical, travel industry etc. There is no doubt that 3D scanner has emerged out to be one of the most innovative devices of this century, and to make an effective use of this innovation, you need to engage with NeoMetrix who can bring relevant experience and guidance to the table.

Another advantage of using 3D scanning being time, as it can really save time. Furthermore, this device helps you enhancing a product’s design which is very critical for many industries. In medical field, 3D scanner is very useful. Besides capturing the accurate information about the measurement of an object, this device also capable of capturing data very quickly and you can generate an instant inspection report out of it. There are numerous other benefits of 3D scanning product in the present era and it will be more useful going forward.

NeoMetrix focuses on giving you best services at affordable prices. You can also request for some samples if you interest in doing business with them. There are many high performance product lines that they offer. Although this 3D scanners technology is growing fast but still this technology belong to niche market and this in niche market NeoMetrix is the best supplier of these digital products.

Through 3D scanning devices we have been able to see object differently. Thanks to this totally new innovative technology. A lot of people and companies understand the potential for using 3D scanning methods.

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“WEBSITE DESIGN TECHNOLOGY-BLOG REVIEW” is a blog, dedicated to the talented website designing company at Hampshire and Salisbury, who is dedicated in building the websites for hardwood flooring, E-commerce and E-newsletter development for the men and women in the armed force, website design, SEO and marketing for Army Rugby union, website design for catering, CLC events promoting websites, graphic and web design for mutual support, websites promoting army sports lottery, website promoting people of brand identity , website designing and optimisation for army winter sports board.

The “INNOVATIVE CONSULTANCY LTD.” of UK is the leading website designing company of Hampshire and Salisbury who is involved in the Web design project with a great deal. “INNOVATIVE CONSULTANCY LTD” formed in 2004 by Ben Hewson, is now the most wanted and desired company for the customers of Hampshire and Salisbury.

The website has an interesting factor that it shows the list of its most demanded products in the home page, by a slide show. This company works for the help of “HEROS”, who are, dedicated their lives for the country. “INNOVATIVE CONSULTANCY LTD.” works on Web designing, E-Commerce, SEO as well as marketing. The website of “INNOVATIVE CONSULTANCY LTD.” is very attractive,flexible and reliable. The contact link of the webpage of this web design Salisbury firm has its own importance as it contains site map of the company.

The website of “INNOVATIVE CONSULTANCY LTD.” is connected with various social networking sites i.e. BLOG,LINKED IN ,TWITTER etc. The website of “INNOVATIVE CONSULTANCY LTD.” ( is very fabulous and just excellent.

Finally,I would like to recommend that this web design Hampshire website should have an online chat window for customers ,for better and effective communication and promotion of the website.

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Every modern business wishes to be the market leader and strives to become competitive globally. But then, this requires a lot of extra efforts both on the part of employees and the management. One very important aspect affecting the progress of a business is the potency of its IT department. Now, having a separate department for IT issues implies – employing a whole new bunch of staff, training them and lots of other investment. Besides, it also diverts the attention of the concern from its core activities. In such a dilemma, businesses are moving ahead with the idea of outsourcing the IT solutions to an expert, one such being Consilium UK – a leading provider of IT support in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Anyways, as I was reading through the website, I found myself getting so caught up in the importance of IT solutions that I almost forgot about my review. Yes, this site is simply enticing for a tech-geek like me and hopefully you are going to enjoy it too. is the official site of Consilium – a business for IT support in Edinburgh. Now, this is what I hit upon while running through the website and I must tell you that you are going to get impressed too.

At first glance, this might look like a very small business to you. But, it is not. In fact, it is the only Symantec Gold Partner in Scotland – an achievement in itself. Founded way back in 1998, this is one of those companies which you can trust your IT issues with. Browse through the products section and you’ll definitely come to know about the multitude of its operation. With accreditations like Microsoft Gold Partner, Symantec Gold Partner, Citrix Partner, etc. you will not give a second thought about the company’s capability. Hover your mouse over the Services menu and you’ll see a host of services. Consilium provides a wide range of services – which includes consultancy, cloud services, project management and a lot others.

Now, talking about the website, this is the type of website which will definitely impress casual visitors too. A dynamic banner at the top (similar to that of Bing’s homepage) on the homepage with content beneath it looks absolutely fabulous. The right-hand side is occupied by a Contact Us form followed by user reviews and accreditations. The site is pretty simple yet trendy in its appearance. Although, not many colours have been used, yet the site looks pretty nice and professional too – a rare example of simplicity mingled with elegance.

Navigation has been kept pretty simple too. There are clear menus on the top which make jumping from one page to another quite easy. There is a lot of content on the website and most of it is quality content. Overall, this is a very nice website clearly bringing out the purpose for which the website has been brought up.

All-in-all Consilium is not just ‘yet another IT solutions company’ but a ‘company with a difference’. 9.5 on 10 for you guys.

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If your business is facing network and computer related issues, then it is quite palpable that network and IT support services is what you require. With the help of such services, you will be efficient in your domain, focussing more on the growth of your business whilst outsourcing the network and computer jobs to an IT service provider.

Now, this might make you wonder the reason for me talking about IT services when this is simply a blog review. But let me tell you folks, that this review is seriously related to IT and the website I am talking about is . Bubble IT – sounds weird eh!!?? But before you ponder enough on that question to rub your brains off, I am gonna tell you what that this business is all about. Bubble IT, as the name suggests is a business providing IT support in Nottingham and Birmingham.

In this era of technology and an ever-dynamic scenario, an IT department is of inevitable importance for businesses to keep their institutions running and become the leader in their domain. With this has also come – complex network structures and computer systems. Most issues encountered by such companies are not cracked by their workforce alone. In such situations, brilliant and bright IT experts must be roped in for the job. Nonetheless, when you choose to have your network and IT issues managed, you can have core business activities at the centre of your attention while allowing experts to be in charge of the IT aspect of your business. Simply speaking, you are delegating the IT task to a very different team which is not a part of your own company – you can get web design by Bubble IT or even get IT support services in Nottingham.

Coming back to the website –, it has got a very nice feel to it. It is simple yet elegant. The top is covered by a dynamic banner, the type which keeps changing after fixed intervals. This adds a very professional feel to it and makes it look like a glowing business concern. There is plenty of content on the website but not much of it would interest the site visitor. In fact, most of the visitors would overlook the text as there is nothing of much relevance in it.

Navigation has been kept simple but smart. You can browse through all the pages easily without much lags and breakups. The site takes an average amount of time to load. There are not many images on the website, though you might find an advert here and there. On the right side of the site, you’ll find the ‘Request a Call back’ form – an annoying yet very useful tool. Another very rare and interesting feature is the live chat on the website. I was browsing and suddenly I get a message from one of the employees offering me technical support. Whoa! I am impressed! I mean this is pretty awesome as well as useful. So if you’re looking for someone to take care of your systems department then you can definitely fire your ‘systems guys’ and get IT support in Nottingham with Bubble IT. A perfect 4.5/5 for this one.

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