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Marketing File – Simply direct marketing

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Now-a-days, the new advertising agenda is direct marketing. It means direct communication with consumers, who can easily interact and understand the brand. Marketing file is an agency which deals with all kinds of direct marketing services. It gives a range of services, including mail, telephonic, and fax marketing. The official website page of the company is It is the right website for those who are looking for marketing services.

The website looks simple, nice and conveys the information well. One can find texts and links easily. The bold captions give a summary about the website. Social networking links are present on the homepage, so that the visitors can directly like their business page. The company name and tag line appear on the top of the page which is indeed a good aspect to let the visitors know about the company. This type of branding is necessary for any business services. The home page of the website is divided into sections, viz. welcome sections, login section and new user information sections. Web pages open up quickly due to the absence of graphics. And through links, all the pages are connected effectively.

I am impressed by their direct promotional concept, which supplies quality business. They are providing direct high-quality campaign from well-known and reliable sources. It is a direct provider of online source of email marketing company in all over Europe. Customers will have access to their professional services like; no minimum orders, immediate purchase, download, free counts, 15business and consumer lists each. In spite of the regular services, it has other services too. There is a help cell showing in the middle of the home page which helps you know more about the web page while you pressed “Yes Please” button. Some key words are highlighted in the page.

This direct marketing agency provides regular news to make their campaigns successful. Although, the marketing file is a direct-marketing agency but it gives data online and offline. The best thing about the company is you can run counts without any charge, any minimum orders, but you have to pay only for the data as you need. For immediate download business, data is available, but there’s a simple authorisation process for consumer data. Unique alerting service is available, which checks your numbers each day. Their online services are very fast so they are providing other cleaning and suppression services to the customers. Companies those are not interested to receive junk calls or faxes they can register with Telephonic Preference Services and Fax Preference Services through this company. Its web enabled plug in helps to verify numbers against the latest file.

At the most competitive prices, marketing file gives you an ample choice of data as it is one of the Europe’s leading online suppliers of marketing data. It offers a number of other marketing services, including e-mail broadcasting, data enhancement, profiling and segmentation. They can easily and quickly gives suitable data according to the requirement, as the company has years of database experience and great suite of tools.

Mahnkeconsulting – A simple package!

Posted by on July 27, 2012 | Comments is the official website of Mahnke consulting, which is known for its consultation services to most administrative Services related to USG-funded programs. The company was founded in the year 1999 and since then they are doing a remarkable job in the field of CPSR and DCAA Audit. Their target customers are mainly small to medium size contractors who do not have big budgets to handle big projects. comes to their rescue by consulting them on how to deal a project right from project cost accounting, procurement, Incurred Cost Submission, contract administration to customer audits. In short, they apply the acquired skill sets from big firms to accommodate small budgets of smaller contractors.

Talking about the website, they have kept it very simple without much usage of graphics or colors. The website just serves the purpose of providing all the information regarding their services. The background color is white and light yellow which perfectly goes with the subject. The homepage has a detailed introduction to the company and the website which is included in two different headers. The introductory paragraph defines the purpose of the website and what it is all about. The left side of the homepage consists of six menus. The homepage does look neat and have relevant information; still it’s lacking that appeal which instantly catches a visitor’s attention. One may find the website boring as you feel like reading a text book. I very much missed a blog section which has almost become mandatory today. Also, there is no social networking block for the customers to get connected with company.

On the plus side, the website downloads really fast and because it has limited number of menus, one can easily find the matter he is looking for without much roaming here and there. The logo of the company appears right at the top left of the homepage which lets anyone know whose website it is and what it has to offer. All the menus and links are working fine which makes navigation really easier. Also there are no broken links and all the related pages are well connected to one another via links.

Content wise, “principal” page covers the details of the professional accomplishments, work experience in the field of their CPA, Linda Mahnke. The page “Training” covers the whole information on the various training programs offered by the firm. I liked the page “Resources” as it almost appeared like an ocean of possible information for the new entrepreneurs. The resources page has many links, few of them are listed below and few appear on the top. Each link takes you to the respective page of detailed information on the chosen matter. I liked their coverage on the topic of “budgeting in a job cost environment”, where every facet of job costing has been covered brilliantly. I would have really appreciated if all the links appeared on the top of “Resources” page had appeared on the top of the homepage.

In short, the website perfectly suits the line “simpler, the better!” – Expose your Business with Press Release

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Press release is a common phrase among the organisation. Press release is nothing but a way to issue document or official statement to the media and consumers to announce yourself and your product. Press release could be used as highly effective marketing tool to promote your business. Of course, it could be issued through print media, television and radio media by companies. I believe, if the press release is well-written then it can play a vital role in increasing your sales, expose your company to the masses and most likely it would enhance the image of your business or products.

Press release mainly used for publicity of your business. The main significance of press release being, it brings the organisation into much needed spotlight. If you want to increase the chances of being recognised and go beyond that, then the subsequent big thing is PR agencies. PR agencies provide better understanding to the public about what the company’s products or services and what business they are into. Another characteristic of a press release is from an employee point of view, as a member of organisation they would get a feeling that they belong to a good organisation who believes in building and maintaining its reputation.

There are very few PR agencies that provide UK public relations consultancy as well as international public relations services covering wide range of industries, Potion PR is one of them. Potion PR is an independent agency who really understands the client’s business. You can browse through their website especially UK and international public relations pages and don’t forget to check on Experience galleries. Other options you have are to phone or email them if you need any further information. for PR has established business in all over UK and they have expanded into the international press release market as well. The press release business is booming these days. This is getting popularity because they became major information source of any companies or businesses. is dealing in web PR, media relations, PR strategy, and PR writing services.

I have no doubt that sometimes your strength can become your biggest weakness. It seems true here in this technology world too, as press release mainly used on internet platform but potential clients may not be Internet-savvy.

Site, is a great PR platform to promote your business. Press releases have huge credibility among all the other publicity methods. This is perfect way to increase your public relation. On the other hand it is good source of spreading news and information all over the world. is known for providing best service in both ways informational and promotional. gives maximum media exposure to your business or organisation. I think a well-written press release is an effective way to expand your sales volume and eventually, that will enhance the image of company. is really excellent in writing professional press releases. I would rate this website 9 out of 10.

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