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Water Fronteng Services – Showcases a complete range of fluid control products

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Fluid control technology is of utmost importance as only with the help of this technology, the water from different resources can be made usable for drinking and industrial requirements. The small elements that make this technology find its application is numerous fluid control equipments. Waterfront is specialised in the field and one of the leading manufacturers of various fluid control products. is the official website of Waterfront which was founded in 1988 and it is specialised in the installation and commissioning of penstocks and valves for water treatment plants.

This website is basically an online store which showcases a complete range of fluid control products that are designed by the company to customer’s specifications. They also provide service teams qualified for the different operations.
Talking about the website, it is designed perfectly with the ideas and vision of its owners and an instant glance is good enough to let a visitor know what it is all about and what all they offer. The homepage has an aesthetic look with a good colour combination of blue and white that pleases your eyes. Series of photographs of different items are displayed beautifully right on the homepage and one can easily browse through the different products. You just have to click on the photo of the desired product and the given link will land you on a page that gives a complete description i.e. usage, application and dimensions of that particular category of items with photos. The description of item gives information about what it is all about and what its features are. One thing that I missed is the Facebook widget which is quite a great medium to connect with your customers and keep them informed about your latest product releases and news updates.
The website is strategically designed with excellent graphics and introductory messages. The introductory paragraph talks about the purpose of the website very well. The links to different product description pages are given on the left of the homepage.
The format is pleasing and soothing to the eyes. The layout of all the pages is well coordinated, which is definitely a sign of good website. There are no flashy messages and pop up advertisements. This may be also because I do not like flashy displays as it doesn’t seem comfortable to view the website itself. The top right area has all the links like products, services, certifications and contact. The contact information makes it easier for a person to make enquiries about the desired item. The website is interactive and gives all the necessary information through its high quality content. There are absolutely no broken links and it is quite capable of engaging a user. There are internal links provided, to allow users to move through the site easily.
In a nutshell, is designed to perfection and is has the potential to draw customers for its business. All in all, the website is worth of all the praises and scores high on my standards.

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