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Saveyourselfmoney – Probably one of the most efficient insurance comparison websites!

Posted by on July 25, 2012 | Comments is the official webpage of the company saveyourmoney. It is basically an insurance comparison website where one can do dog insurance comparison or any pet insurance comparison. Pets are costly to look after, especially given the price of veterinary fees. Here, one can find many pet insurance quotes to compare and find the best pet insurance that is easy on your pocket. Cat owners can find suitable cat insurance. The website can be easily found on the internet by search term “cheap pet insurance”.

The website has been very well planned, designed and laid out. One look and you know what it is all about and what it has to offer to you. Download time plays a significant role in getting a firsthand impression. Here, the homepage downloads really fast. Format of all the pages is easy, readable and clear. The best thing about the site is that it doesn’t look cluttered with intelligent usage of texts and images. The font size of the texts is large enough to be easily readable. Now this helps in putting a good impression on any random visitor landing on the page. The user immediately realises the potential usability of the site to him. Introductory paragraph very well states the objective of the site. Menus and links are placed at appropriate positions in all the web pages and are easily visible throughout the website. This makes the navigation system easy to use, providing easy and direct access to different pages and attractors on the site. All related pages are very well connected through the links. Get quote button on the homepage lets any user to just click on the button and land on a page where he can instant quote by filling out the required details.

Content wise, I appreciate their latest news and features sections. The content presented on the site is informative and well worth your attention. There are no flashy texts, fancy animations or graphics. Good to find the contact phone number has been given right on the homepage. Despite all such impressive features, the website missed out on providing two sections, a blog section and a customer testimonials section. These two features are a regular in the current lot of websites as they offer a great medium to discuss new trends in the business with the customers. An independent and neutral comment on the services from the existent customers about how trustworthy the website actually is, builds trust in the prospects.

In totality, the website in question is indeed a great package and scores quite high on the standards. It has great content, great professional design and almost all the features that make it a place worth usage. Navigation through the website is really easy with sufficient number of links. The format of the website is as per the standard which is quite easy to your eyes. It has its own flavour unlike the other sites. I’ll give it 4 out of 5.


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“INSURING YOUR DEAR PET-BLOG REVIEW” is dedicated to one of United Kingdom’s insurance comparison website,, which is merely like chalk and cheeses to other website. Because it includes money saving offers making more of money saving sites than just a comparison site. The website, is part of the Save Britain Money group of companies. This firm is very helpful for its customers in saving money on as much stuffs as it can from Utilities to Loft Insulation.

To insure the future of the customers through various insurance options like on car, home, van, life, travel, bike and pet is the main objective of

In Pet insurance category, you will find various services provided which includes pet insurance, dog insurance, pet insurance compare etc. Compare pet insurance is the valuable service provided by

If you are the owner of sweet pets, who are costly to look after, especially if it is troubling for the price of vet fees then you should be almost certainly know the advantages of doing pet insurance with “”.

The Pet Insurance page of this company contains some helpful introduction lines which are the scanned copies of it. It also gives necessary information about the purpose of Pet insurance.

Very striking part of this website is keeping the link of some social networking sites such as Face book, Twitter and LinkedIn in the webpage of the website, to which it is connected. So that customers can easily enter into this website and can keep informed of themselves by the updated news and features about insurance and can know about pet insurance policies and methods.

Very important and helpful aspect of “ Pet insurance” is of displaying a category in the webpage that is Exclusive Offers. The exclusive offers provided by this website are outstanding which includes offers like Solar panels, PPI claims, Loft and Cavity Insulation etc.

It is very attractive trait of this website to contain the photo of the particular service, provided by it in the homepage. The photo of a sweet Black-White pet Cat is very attractive. As we know that Picture and image has better influence on human being’s mind than anything else.

Finally, I would be very pleased to suggest that the website may contain an online chat window which can give answers to the questions to the customers instantly. This will help customers clear their doubts on Pet insurance right away and they will be fascinated to get assistance of for doing their pet insurance.

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