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Saveyourselfmoney – This is quite a professional one with some great quality content!!

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There exist innumerable finance companies that provide various life insurance schemes. However, the prices of the policies vary with different insurance providers. A cheap life insurance is certainly desirable as a lower premium won’t burden your finances. is the perfect place for you to compare life insurance quotes and identify the most suitable one for yourself.

In the current economical climate, when it is not advisable to go for an expensive life insurance policy, the website appears to be like a breeze of fresh air. The website belongs to the company, saveyourselfmoney. It provides all the required information on the selection of an ideal life insurance policy.

I found the website very interactive as there are two buttons called “get quote” are displayed right on the homepage itself. All you have to do is to click on the links to land in a page where one can get a quote by filling out primary details about oneself. The main USP of this site is that it is informative, user friendly and has the potential to keep the visitors engaged. Clicking on “View Product guide” button lets you to a page that covers all necessary information on life insurance buying. “Life insurance guide” section deals with the factors which need to be assessed to find an ideal life insurance package deal that matches ones financial requirements. “Features” section deals with general myths and doubts associated among people related to life insurance policies. The “latest news” section has interesting posts related the field.The site leaves you with a feeling to look for more. Life insurance calculator lets you estimate the required amount of coverage as per your financial condition. It also lets you know the maximum amount of premium that is easy on your pocket. However, I dearly missed a customer testimonial section and also the Facebook widget on the home page. These are two essential features that allow you to connect with your customers. Also, there are no blog and customer testimonials section which could have made the space even more interactive and more interesting.

On the plus side, the website has been well planned. It is rich in quality content to give maximum possible information. The homepage downloads fast and it immediately connects the user. All menus are placed right on the top and can be identified easily without any need to search here and there. The format of the website is pleasing to the eyes and the texts are readable. The background white colour goes with the subject very well which works well for such content rich websites as it helps one to concentrate on the matter. The contact info is given on the top right of the homepage which may help a prospect to call and make enquiries. One more thing to be liked is that there are no pop up messages and advertisements. The website definitely scores decently on my standards and I would really not mind to come back here again.


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“INSURING YOUR PRECIOUS LIFE – BLOG REVIEW” is a blog, dedicated to one of UK’s comparison website i.e. “SAVE YOURSELF MONEY”, different to other websites as it includes money saving offers making more of money saving site than just a comparison site. Save Yourself Money ( is part of the Save Britain Money group of companies. This company is devoted to help clients save money on as many products as it can from Utilities to Loft Insulation.

To insure the future of the customer through insuring their car, home, life, travel, van, bike and pet is the main aim of “SAVE YOURSELF MONEY”.

In Life insurance category, various services provided are i.e. life insurance, life insurance quotes, life cover etc.

I found, the life insurance page of this company’s website contains some effective introduction lines which is the clone of actual body of it. The presence of the photo of a sweet family is very attractive. Picture and image can better influence human mind than anything else. The web page of the website also gives information about the purpose of life insurance.

Keeping the link of some social networking sites i.e. Face book and LinkedIn on the home page of the website is very interesting part of this website is to which it is connected. So clients are easily connected to this website and updating themselves by the recent news and features about “SAVE YOURSELF MONEY” ( insurance).

Very significant and successful aspect of “ insurance” which i found is that it has one division, displayed in the webpage i.e. Exclusive Offers, Solar panels, PPI claims, Loft and Cavity Insulation etc. are the exclusive offers of this website.

The webpage of “ insurance” contains one useful and fascinating “GET STARTED FORM” to start the service.

In Summary, “INSURING YOUR PRECIOUS LIFE-BLOG REVIEW” is a blog explains the services provided by the “ insurance” website and its worth effectively.

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