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A good portal on different insurance comparisons – Save Yourself Money

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As it has always been said that insurance is the best way to protect your asset, be it your health, your house or your car. Well, a car is quintessentially one of the choicest possessions of any individual. Getting it insured will be a judicious step towards its protection. However, with the crowd of so many insurance companies and their respective schemes, it has become pretty difficult for one to choose one from the lot since all of them are promising to deliver the best service. A car insurance comparison is definitely a possible way out. But then, there are many car insurance comparison sites. Now the question is to find one to rely on. Well, here comes that will definitely serve your purpose. Here, not only car insurance, one can also compare various motor insurance deals too.

Coming to the website’s performance, it almost appeared to be like an ocean of information on car insurance and its various aspects. The design and layout has been well planned and structured in a very professional way. Homepage has a welcoming presence and has an aesthetic look. The introductory paragraph defines it all about the purpose of the space why it is worth of being your first choice of a car insurance comparison website. The logo of the company appears right on the top left of the homepage which immediately lets a user know whose website is this and what it is all about. The format is easy to eyes and texts are easy to read and understand. There are many links provided right on the homepage. There are no broken links and all the related pages are connected visa links. “Car insurance guide” button placed right on the homepage takes one to a page where every single detail related to car insurance has been covered beautifully. The different kinds of insurance services provided by the company appear on the top as menus. This allows a user to click on the menu named on the desired insurance service that he is looking for. The homepage looks neat and one can easily search for a particular item.

Content wise, the section that impressed me very much is “Car insurance” as the page has some really valuable information on the topic. This place has some really valuable information for those who are looking for good car insurance deals. “Compare deals” button on the homepage lets interested people to compare different insurance deals by filling out simple details and get a suitable quote. I liked their “latest news” section as it has posts related to the latest developments in the industry. This is almost like a blog section.

The only point that I would recommend is to have a customer testimonial section and a social networking block on the homepage. In short, the website is definitely promising and has potential to draw users. However, a few tweaks are definitely required to make the place even more worth visiting. – Smart Way for Car Insurance

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Savememymoney website provides you a smart way for choosing the perfect insurance plan for your vehicle at a cheaper premium. The company is a part of Save Britian Group of Companies. The site allows you to compare between various Car Insurances which is administered by Seopia Ltd, who is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. If you think you are being charged heavy premiums each time you insure your car or renew your existing policy, then this is the perfect site for you. It provides you with best quote on car insurance premiums.

Car insurance provides you to protect against the losses incurred as a result of unavoidable instances. It helps you by covering yourself against theft, financial loss caused by accidents and any subsequent liabilities. The premium of the insurance depends on several parameters like gender, age, vehicle classification, etc. However by insuring your car it gives you the confidence to drive fearlessly.

With the new Continuous Insurance regulations in place, it is now illegal to run your vehicle without a proper insurance cover. As per these regulations you are expected to cover at least Third Party Insurance policy where you are covered for the cost incurred towards the damage caused to the other vehicle due to a collision, else you may drag yourself to various legal issue which might cost you a lot. This site actually offers various kinds of Services, so when you open the webpage you need to select on Insurance section. The Car Insurance section is interestingly divided into two sections that is Product Guide & Product News. The product guide actually gives you basic cut information on Why Car Insurance? Different types of Car Insurances? And the Product News gives you the latest update on the Car Insurance related matters.

In the website (, you would find a car comparison tool which would ask you to enter information with regard to you, your license, your driving history, and your vehicle like its make, model, year of purchase, its cost, etc. and also the cover you want to take like Full Comprehensive, or third Party or, Third Party theft or fire and thus within no time it comes out with various options among which you can select the best one. The site also has a Video footage where a woman explains you about the need for insuring your car. The site is well designed and simple in looks, easy to navigate. However, it could be better if they could also provide information on various other matters like Claim Process, FAQs on Car Insurance, Sum Insured, Breakdown Assistance, and others. It could also have added a feature in the site like “Want us to call you”, yet it serves the purpose for which it is designed, i.e., for providing the customers a cheap car insurance and thus prevents you from paying more than you need to. You could easily compare car insurance of various firms at

The most informative and unique in this site is the Car News section, as said earlier it keeps the car users updated with the latest on Car Insurance matters, which is needed as a Car owner or driver.

So, secure yourself with Car Insurance. And have a Happy & Safe Driving!!!

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