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Saveyourselfmoney – It is a good portal!!

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One can find several finance companies that providing many different motor bike insurance schemes. Now it is important to note that the prices of the policies vary with different insurance providers. Cheap motorbike insurance is certainly desirable as a lower premium won’t eat into your budget. is the perfect space for one to do motorbike insurance comparison and identify the most suitable bike insurance from Save Yourself Money for you.

With the ongoing economical slowdown, it is certainly not at all desirable to go for an expensive motorbike insurance policy; the website seems to be like a breath of fresh air. The site belongs to the company, saveyourselfmoney. It is basically a website where one can compare different bike insurance policies. The site can be easily found on internet by the search terms “bike insurance compare” and “bike insurance quote”.

I, personally found the website very interactive as the button named “Compare deals” is displayed right on the homepage itself. All one needs to do is to click on the button to land on a page where one can get a quote by filling out necessary details. The introductory paragraph defines the main USP of the company. The site is rich in quality informative content. It is user friendly and has the potential to keep the user engaged. On clicking “View Product guide” button, takes you to a page that covers all necessary information on bike insurance buying. “View product guide” section deals with the things which need to be assessed to identify an ideal bike insurance deal that suits ones financial requirements. “Features” section deals with various aspects of insurance policies. The “latest news” section has interesting posts related to the field. The site surely leaves you with an urge to look for more. It also lets you know the maximum amount of premium that is easy on your pocket. However, I dearly missed a customer testimonial section on the home page. This is an essential feature that builds company’s trust among the new prospects. Also, there is no blog section which could have made the space even more interesting.

On the plus side, the website has many good features that make the visit useful and pleasant experience. The site is compatible to almost all major browsers available today. It is robust and the generated data are quite reliable. The format of the website is pleasing to the eyes and the texts are readable. There are no advertisements or flashy messages to take away your attention from the subject. The contact info is given on the top right of the homepage which may help a prospect to call and make enquiries.

In short, the website is a good insurance comparison portal with all the essential features that make a successful business web page. The website definitely scores high on the web design standards and I would really not mind to come back here again. Only steady efforts are required to make it even better.


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“INSURING YOUR SMART BIKE is a blog review for the website, is one of the UK’s insurance comparison website, which is unlike to any other insurance provider websites. Because, it provides offers that saves you money, rather than just having comparison. “SAVE YOURSELF MONEY” ( is Being a part of Save Britain Money group of companies, this company always worry for its customers in saving money on as many products and services as it can.

The major goal of “SAVE YOURSELF MONEY” is to insure the future of the customers through different insurance options say on car, home, van, bike, life, travel, and pet.

In Bike insurance category, various services provided consists of bike insurance, cheap bike insurance and bike insurance quotes etc. Compare bike insurance is the valuable service provided by

If you are the owner of a smart bike and enjoying all the fun of riding that and if you are worrying about injuring or damaging your bike in an accident, or held financially liable for damage you have caused using your bike, Saveyourselfmoney-bikeinsurance can help to find cheap bike insurance for above said situations. Then you should be almost sure enough about the advantages of doing bike insurance with “”.

The Bike Insurance page of this company contains some supportive introduction lines which are the description of the actual services, provided by it. It also provides detail information about the purpose of Bike insurance.

Very prominent part of this website is keeping the link of some social networking sites like Face book, Twitter and LinkedIn in the right-hand corner of the webpage of the website, to whom it is connected. Hence customers feel easy entering into this website and keeping informed of themselves by the fresh news and features about and can know about bike insurance policies and methods.

Very vital and cooperative aspect of “ Bike insurance” is of displaying a category in the webpage that is the Exclusive Offers. The exclusive offers provided by “” are quite interesting and beneficial.

It is very attractive feature of this website to contain the photo of the particular service, provided by it in the webpage. The photo of a black bike, present in this website is very attractive. It is a good decision for the company to have the picture of that black bike, because Picture has an intense impact on a human mind than anything else.

At last, I would suggest that the website must have an online chat window in its homepage, which can give answers to the questions to the customers immediately. This will facilitate the potential visitors in clearing their doubts on Bike insurance at that instant and they will be engrossed to get help of for having their bike insurance.

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