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PEA – A package with all the good features

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Getting an Aviation Training or a pilot training leads your career in the correct direction towards becoming a great pilot or flight attendant. Getting a job in aviation industry is sure a dream for many aspirants who love flying high. So all you aspirants looking forward to a thriving career in aviation, might be the perfect source of information on different pilot courses and aviation schools. The website belongs to Phoenix East Aviation, an international school that offers various courses in aviation.

The website has been planned and designed very well. The site can be easily found on the internet by “” search term. Download time of the webpage is the first element to have an impression on the user. Here, the homepage downloads really fast. Format of all the pages are easily readable, clear and easy to understand. There is a series of photos of pilots and aeroplanes being displayed on the homepage which very well lets you know what the site is all about. The font size of the texts is large enough to be readable. All this puts a good impression on any random visitor and he instantly realizes that the site is of potential use to him. Homepage has an introductory paragraph that defines the objective and the unique selling point of the site. An efficient network of links makes the navigation system intuitive and easy to use, providing direct access to different pages and facilities on the site. All the pages of website have a similar format. A number of buttons are given on the left side of the homepage like, choosing a flight school takes you to the page where necessary guideline have been given on selection of an aviation school. Similarly there are other buttons taking you to their respective pages of information.

Content wise, I really liked their FAQ and about us sections. The content presented on the site is of high quality. “Courses” menu has a list of different kinds of courses for different posts in the aviation industry like, glass cockpit, airline dispatcher etc. Admissions page guides you with all the process involved in applying for a course and how to get the financial aid for the same. “International students” page covers all the necessary information for the international students who are interested in their courses. “Student life” page covers the kind of life a prospect can look forward to in their aviation school and all the other related information. Contact phone number has been given right on the homepage. The only thing to complain is that the homepage looks a bit crowded due to the presence of too much content. They could cover the same in other pages.

To summarize, the website is a great package and scores well on the standards. It has great content and has a professional outlook. Social networking block allows the prospects to connect with them to know the latest news about the courses. There are no advertisements or external links because the website only talks business and nothing rubbish.


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