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Bms-Cars – Pays Money for even Scrap and Salvage Vehicles

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Only last month, I sold my BMW M3 Evolution (1998 model) for more than 7500 pounds and believe me, if you go by the salvage condition in which it was, you wouldn’t pay a penny more than 5000 pounds for it. Surprised, eh?? Even I was taken aback when I learnt that I could sell that piece of scrap for such a good value. But before you start pondering on questions like “Why am I talking about my old car?” or “What has all this got to do with a review?” I would myself make it clear that this is pretty much related to the website I am going to review –, a Mot Chichester business.

BMS Cars, as the name suggests is Used Cars Chichester based firm, which pays money for even scrap and salvage vehicles. Also, it deals in car repairs and MOT failures. BMS-cars is situated in Sidlesham two miles south of Chichester and has been functioning in the area for over 8 years now. This Car Servicing Chichester firm deals in all aspects of vehicles and has vast experience in this domain. From what I experienced and all I could gather, this is one of the best garage service providers in this area. Not only do they pay instant cash in some cases, but they also ensure punctuality in pickup and delivery of your vehicle. Also, legal compliance with the MOT is ensured and they operate in a very eco-friendly manner – something that is pretty appreciable for a Car Repairs Chichester business. Besides, the business allows you the option of requesting a quote online just by filling up a form. I was browsing through the list of used cars for sale and I must admit, with more than 700 cars in stock, this is one of the largest dealers in the region.

Coming, to the website, it has an absolutely beautiful layout with a glimpse of professionalism. Navigation menus have been kept on the left and a static banner displaying the staff on the right. The site it not completely built and you’ll find parts of it left untouched. I visited the About Us page and found it blank. There aren’t a lot of pictures or ads and the site loads in a pretty decent time on an average connection. Colours have been chosen to match the theme of the business and navigation has been kept pretty straight-forward. There isn’t a lot of content on the site, but whatever has been put up is pretty appreciable.

This is business with lots of future prospect and I will have to say that with a little more effort this can transform into a massive success. So next time you’re planning to dispose off your old vehicle or buy a second hand motor for yourself make sure you have a look at BMS cars. Who knows you might be as surprised as I was.
An 8 out of 10 for this one.

Scrapcars-forcash – It is a perfect package!!

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Do you want to scrap your car? I mean, do you want to scrap cars for cash? Now the first question that comes to your mind is “how can I scrap my car?” Well, is the right choice for if you are looking to scrap your car and want good cash in return for you scrap car. buys scrap cars irrespective of the condition, size or location of your car. If you are seeking to scrap cars for cash, there’s really only one company to which you should turn. That company is, of course, Scrap cars for cash; you can expect best prices from They have a network of collectors that will pay you the best scrap car prices.

Now coming to the website, the homepage downloads quickly and instantly grabs your attention. The website can be found on the internet by search terms “Scrap Cars For Cash buy scrap cars”, “We want car scrap”, “ buy scrap cars” and “scrap my car” .The logo is right on the top in bold letters of big size which lets any visitor know what the site has to offer. The display impressive quotes give you the assurance of getting the best value for your car scrap. The format is quite easy to your eyes and has a good aesthetic look to catch your attention for sure. There are links placed in all the pages are easily visible and make the navigation really easy for you.

Introductory paragraph gives a brief introduction to the company and the basic purpose of the website. The homepage looks neat with the adequate usage of graphics and texts. Content wise, I really liked the section “scrap car prices” section. The section discusses salient features of car scrappage and how the company helps you to get the best deal for scrap cars in UK. There are attractors like “send request” block on the homepage where a user can ask for a free quote by filling out his scar and personal details. There are three simple steps which are mentioned on the homepage for the user to follow to scrap his car. Now all these features make the website interactive, interesting and the user looks forward to explore for more. I also liked their blog section since it discusses about the latest trends in the industry. Whereas, FAQ page gives answers to all generally asked questions, related to their service. You can also find a customer testimonial section where the existent customers have shared their views on the services. The only thing I would like to recommend them is to bring the facebook and twitter widgets on the top of the homepage.

In totality, I would like to state the website is a good performer. The website layout has been carried out well after proper planning. It has all the essential features and qualities that make a website really worth visiting. The website is a good package and has the potential to draw customers looking for their services.

Uptowndetailing – Car Wash and Auto Detailing Services

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The logo of Uptown Car Detailing Orlando shines bright on the top left of the homepage. One glance and you get to know what the site is all about and what all services it has to offer. The website is the official website of a family run business of Mobile Detailing and Ozone Deodorization of automobiles. Their valuable services range from simple car wash and vacuum to full detailing of interiors and exteriors, waxing, shampooing, headlight restoration and complete smoke and smell removal.

I happened to be in Orlando and was looking for such services that I stumbled upon this website. Typing search terms “Auto Detailing Orlando” and “Mobile Detailing Orlando” landed me on this wonderful website. I have remarkably noticed how well the entire website has been systematically planned and designed. The homepage has an amazing aesthetic look that is both appealing and soothing to your eyes. The website has a predominant yellow color which just goes with subject very well. The introductory paragraph has a great content to read and it clearly highlights the purpose of the website. As, I have always mentioned the importance of homepage in all my earlier reviews, this one has all the essential elements to grab people’s attention. The best thing about the homepage that I liked, is looks neat without an overdose of graphics and texts. The subject is simple and easily gets understood by anyone. In short, the homepage clearly highlights the main USP of the company.

There is a section called “detailing enquiry”, which allows any random prospective customer to make an instant enquiry by filling out simple details. This way, one gets the idea about the pricing of the desired service. The website is so well designed that navigation will never be a problem as all the necessary options are given on the homepage and links that take you to the page giving complete information on the chosen subject. “Who is uptown” link is right on the top middle of the homepage that lands you on the page which gives information on their services very well. Despite all these positive features, a social networking block was sourly missed on the homepage. This is something which is very much required to allow your customers to get connected with the brand and lets them know all the important activities and updates about the company. Absence of flashy texts and advertisements is very much liked and appreciated as these annoy any individual by diverting the attention away from the actual matter. I loved the bubble thing that moves like a cursor at the top.

In a nut shell, I really found that the website is well thought about and planned. It very well reflects the ideas and vision of the owner. It has got great informative content and catchy graphics to entice your eyes and off course the attractive prices of the services to keep your eyes hooked to it. It indeed has the ability to immediately connect with the user and keep him engaged.

Shop.twistyride – Truly professional and efficient!!

Posted by on July 16, 2012 | Comments is for all those adventure loving people who love travelling by motorcycle. Long rides on motorcycle gives one a fun filled experience but there are some essentials that you cannot forget to have while venturing out. Motorcycle luggage is a must have on your long distant rides which helps you carry all necessary items that you may require during the trip. is the online store of Twisty Ride Touring Shop. The website caters to visitors looking for motorcycle luggage, motorcycle panniers, motorcycle waterproofs, motorcycle gears, tank covers etc. They also specialise in both motorcycle sport and adventure touring.

The website has been designed well with a perfect layout of pages. They have made good usage of photos and graphics to convey the message well. Homepage downloads fast and has all the menus and button working fine. Navigation through the website is very easy with all the related pages connected through the relevant links. The format is easy to your eye which makes the look of homepage aesthetically good. What I liked the most about the homepage is its background which is a photograph of a trail. This enhances the overall look of the homepage. All kinds of motorcycle essentials have been categorised on the left side which lets anyone choose the required item by just clicking on the link to land on the product description page. I also liked the way they have displayed the photos of all their featured products right on the homepage. This gives an idea about the top seller products and their respective brands available on the online store. Each item can be viewed on its respective product description page which includes photo of the item, its detailed information and the price. Zoom in option allows a customer to have a close look of the item to make a final decision on the product.

Content wise, I liked the sizing guide section that has every detail of the size that helps one find the right fit for his size. Return page covers all the issues related to return of products like how to return a product, how to cancel order, how to exchange orders etc. Delivery page covers all the details about delivery procedure, charges of delivery. Now, these three sections are very essential to run a successful e-commerce website, where purchases are being made without actually seeing and touching the products. All these details help one to have a hassle free and enjoyable shopping experience. There are two features that are sourly missed on the homepage. The first is a blog section where they can discuss the latest trends in the industry with the customers and the second is a facebook widget which lets the customers know all the latest updates of the company like, new product releases, company offers, sale etc.

To summarise, is indeed an e-commerce website but has its own flavour to it. Only a few tweaks are required to make it a more sought after place for all bikers.

Value Tyres – Right Place to Compare Tyre Prices

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This website, is clearly for all those who are looking to get their tyres replaced shortly. Well, in a market, where there are countless brands offering the same product and each promising to provide the best quality product, it becomes quite difficult to pick the most competent one, a good quality product at the most competent price. And if you agree with me then this is the right place to compare tyre prices offered by different manufacturers and find the most competent of all that suits your needs and budget as well. Yes, I sound, this website is an online store of tyre internet retailers.
The website, is very well laid out and an instant glance lets the visitor know what it is all about and what all they offer. The homepage has got that aesthetic look with good choice of colours and graphics that pleases your eyes. Homepage gets easily downloaded without wasting much time. What actually drew my attention is that the website is very interactive and informative as well. There is a photo display of a tyre pointing out the different dimensions to determine the size of a tyre. This is extremely valuable information as many car users still do not know how to determine the size of a tyre. Once you know the size of your car tyres, all you have to do is to fill out the required details of your tyre in the blanks provided and click on the search button. This lands you in the page where different models of tyres, matching to your criteria at competent prices are displayed and you can buy tyres online. I liked this kind of a layout where you get to know the options you are looking for so easily and that too with just a single click.
There are numerous other links given at the top of the homepage. The “help and information” section lets you know all the frequently asked questions and their answers. It also includes customer testimonials which help you in making a decision of value tyres easily. Similarly, the “news” link takes you to the page where all the relevant information on all the latest happening in the world of tyre manufacturing has been provided. The only complaint is that they should have been provided the contact details right at the top corner. It would have made easy for the prospects to make enquiries about their cheap tyres easily just by having a glance of the homepage.
The website is beautifully designed with excellent graphics and introductory messages. The texts are easily readable. The first look itself tells you how beautifully the website has been planned and constructed. Every section in the website is strategically placed. The chat option is also admirable as their representative on the other end will help you out in buying tyres online from
In short, one must visit for the best tyres as tyres from offers you best at most competent prices.

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Get Money from your scrap car

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Having car and driving car is like a dream come true but your dream can became nightmare, when wanted to get rid of your scrap car but not able to do so. The main problem being, why we are not able to throw away our junk car is ”human mentality”.

Human mentality is like that, you know the problem but you can’t just throw away because we belief that our scrap car do have some value. So taking out this value in cash, you need to sell out your scrap car. Here is the site where I have found the solution,, this could be the place to sell your junk car and get the best money in exchange. Just go through this site and I am sure, you will get all the answers which you always wanted to ask to any scrap dealer.

Scrapcars-forcash has 10 years of experience in this industry. These guys are really good at what they do. You know what; they offer instant cash payments for scrap cars. You just need to fill the form on their website and their friendly and skilled staff will offer you the best price for your scarp car. They also deal in scarp van or motorbike in all over UK.

Earlier I used to think, it won’t be possible to get good value from your damaged vehicle. However, time has changed. These days, scrap metal industry is booming so dose this business. In only UK, every year around 2 million cars are scrapped and it would be incorrect to say metal is equal to money now.

You just need to log on to their site i.e. to scrap your car and for vehicle collections. They will ask for your convenient time for pick up. In fact, they also guarantee you to buy crash damage vehicles, no matter how old and bad condition it will be; this in my view is probably the best part. Apart from that, while they assure you to give you the best price of scarp car, they would not ask for any fees and there are no hidden charges whatsoever.

Everything seems perfect here, they have made the site so simple to understand and navigate and it’s full of relevant information. I have got some good info here while reading through the content on the site. They have very friendly staff members who can assist you during every stage of the whole process.

Cars that are scrapped typically go directly to the scrap yard where they are disposed of in an environmentally friendly fashion. You can also get intent to scrap certificate that you can send to the DVLA for your satisfaction.

In UK there are laws relating to the disposal of cars because scrap cars can cause environmental damage, therefore we should act responsibly too. Scrap cars for cash is such an awesome business to get rid of unwanted junk cars. Scrap cars for cash leading company and offer awesome service for your scrap car, they arrange pick up all over UK. It will be nothing less than getting good money for your junk vehicle in a hassle free process.

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Need To Sell My Car – Selling a Car Without Any Hassle

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There’s absolutely no doubt that buying a car is a great pleasure but when it comes to selling out a car, it has been a nightmare headache for many of us. Firstly, deciding where to start with would be a challenge as there are many questions which should be answered related to sell your car in terms to market, dealer and so on. Having a good dealer is like life saver for many of us. I have spent so many days just to find the best dealer who can get me the best deal for my car.

I have also noticed a trend recently towards selling cars, now it’s not really a big deal which it used to be few years ago. Off late, selling a car online is becoming increasingly popular and convenient too. One important characteristic of selling car online being – it really gives you fast results.

It could be a complicated process to sell a car, if you do not pay full attention and do not plan things in detail. I guess, from internet you can get some useful information that will certainly help you to make your decision quicker. is a known dealer in this business. I have always got good reviews about them. Need To Sell My Car have been pricing cars for a long time now and they are also known for providing excellent services.

Sell your car with would be a good option and trust me, it’s very easy to get valuation of car over here. I personally like the straightforward attitude of Need To Sell My Car. They offer prompt services, in some case their transaction can be completed within 24 hours.

I can say one this about them for sure, if you are looking for a hassle free process, there is no better place for you than this. For immediate response, you can always call them and their team members will tell you about the whole process. Another thing that I like here is that they will help you clear your outstanding finance. That might be very helpful in crises time.

However, there is a problem that I have experienced here before. If your car is not registered within the British Mainland then they are not going to entertain you. This could be an issue for those who come from outside. Big names like Need To Sell My Car should overcome this issue going forward.

Need To Sell My Car would always clear their funds before car is taken away which normally other car dealer don’t normally do. One more interesting thing i have found here that, they do not charge any administration fee like other sites do. This truly helps in keeping the maintenance cost low.

They are dealing in buying your van, bike, caravan and your scrap car. They also deals in part exchange services. I recommend you to go through their website ( and forget all your worries about selling your car. Need To Sell My Car offer you the best, prompt and hassle free services that offers you the best price for your car.

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