Mahnke Consulting – Caters to Small and Medium Size Contractors

Posted by on August 1, 2012 is the official web page of the consultant company, Mahnke consulting. The company is well known for its administrative consultation services to USG-funded programs. The company saw the daylight in the year 1999 and since its inception; they have been doing impressive job in the field of CPSR and DCAA Audit. The company mainly caters to small and medium size contractors who do not have enough resources to handle big projects. comes helps them in dealing with a project. They offer valuable suggestion at each stage of the project right from project cost accounting, procurement, Incurred Cost Submission, contract administration to customer audits. Their consultants implement the acquired skills received from big firms in the projects dealt by smaller contractors to fit their smaller budget efficiently.

The website appeared very simple to me as there is hardly any usage of graphics or colors. The website only serves the purpose of a medium to provide information related to their consultation services. The introduction to the company has been given under two different headers. First is the “Company profile” that tell us about the company and the second is “our website” which defines the purpose of the website. There are of six menus on the left of the homepage. Homepage looks neat with only a few contents and the menus. However, I really didn’t find any attractor that would bind your attention. It may appear to you like a text book.

However, the website downloads fast since there is not much display of photos or graphics. All menus are strategically placed and they can be easily found. Also, the links are provided in each and every page to help you navigate through the website easily. All menus, buttons and links are working fine which has made navigation really easier. There are no broken links and all the pages are in tandem with each other. Logo of the firm appears right on the top left of the homepage which gives the knowledge whose website it is and what it has to offer. All landing pages are well connected to one another via links.

Content wise, I liked the “principal” page which basically gives the bio data of the company head Linda Mahnke, her professional accomplishments and work experience in the field of CPA. “Training” page gives information about the various training programs imparted by the firm. I liked the page “Resources” as it almost like an ocean of valuable information for new entrepreneurs. Resources page has several useful external links. The content which makes me appreciable is “budgeting in a job cost environment”, where every aspect of job costing has been covered nicely. I would recommend them to bring all the links appearing on the top of “Resources” page on the top of the homepage. I would also like them to add a blog section and a social networking block for the customers to connect with the company.

In simple words, the website is an average player in the lot of thousand other websites.


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