Discount Timeshare Sales – Offers Timeshares at Discount Prices!!

Posted by on August 1, 2012

Property investment is a full- fledged industry these days which can promise you higher returns on investment. This place is of interest to all those who are interested in either buying or selling timeshares. is an official page of International Property Professionals, Inc. They are an integral part of Timeshare Resale Brokers Association. As we all know that it is best to sell or purchase timeshares through a Licensed Real Estate Agent since LTRBA brokers are a trustworthy source for timeshare consumers. The website owners are licensed real estate agents who offer timeshares at discount prices. They guide you on both buying and selling timeshares. The website can be easily found on the internet by search terms “buy a timeshare” or “sell my timeshare”.

Homepage downloads really fast and it’s compatible to all the browsers. Also, you do not need to download software to view it. The homepage has been kept simple with an introductory paragraph, menus and display photos. Introductory paragraph throws light on the matter, right from what is timeshare and why and how people buy timeshares. It also gives a detailed and elaborate description of the company. Through informative, I would have liked it more if the introductory paragraph had been kept brief with only a little introduction to the company and its services. An “about us” section could have served the purpose well which is common to see in most of the sites. A visitor may find it uninteresting and time consuming to scroll down and down to read the entire content and then discover the actual purpose of the website and what they have to offer. Also, there are many sections which can be accessed only by the members. One needs to register himself to the site and then he’ll be allowed to view the whole content. Only a very interested user would like to do the same. Whereas, it will be an instant switch off for any random visitor.

On the plus side, the homepage has been designed well. The usage of photos lets you know what the website is all about. “Post a free listing” button right on the homepage enables its members to post a listing for free. “Timeshare resources” page has a list of valuable links to checkout for interested people. Log in is easy for its members with a log in block placed right on the top right of the homepage. I liked their “property directory” page as it lets you know about all the available properties in different regions. One can easily locate both facebook and twitter widgets right on the top right of the homepage. There is no flashy advertisement which is indeed a welcoming change and you can wholly concentrate on the matter.

In short, the website is strictly okay with so many limitations. They can work out a better plan to design the site adding all the necessary features that would lure more prospective customers for their business.



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