RedChip – Red chip stocks, both Micro Cap Stocks and Small Cap Stocks

Posted by on July 31, 2012

Phew!!! This time the site which has come across my way and which I am about to review might interest a lot of you guys out there but let me tell you – the very first look left me bamboozled. Before I move on to the review, just a brief glance on what the site is all about. Confused by the name, eh? I was too!! Although a very simple name but with a very different meaning – something that only business tycoons could associate themselves with. Technically speaking, a Red Chip is a concern founded in Mainland China and is incorporated globally besides being enlisted on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Red chip stocks, both Micro Cap Stocks and Small Cap Stocks, have to meet the requirements laid down by the HKSE, which gives them the shape of a major channel for overseas investors desirous of chipping in the swift development of the Chinese economy.

Now, as I was surfing through the homepage of this site, I noticed a very confusing yet interesting line – “Discovering Tomorrow’s Blue Chips Today.” This simply represents the motto of the company- implying the nurturing of small companies into large multi-functional ones. RedChip Companies was founded way back in 1992 as a Small Cap Stock Research firm, but over the years it has progressed into a fully fledged PR firm with hundreds on NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX stocks as its clientele.

With offices spread over different nations and a robust group of employees, this company provides a large number of services beginning from writing press releases to Research reports, telemarketing and Top Stock Picks. Also, the business has a quite strong SNS integration and provides services like Video Podcasts and Internet TV.

Coming to the website, looks a little clumsy despite the professional look. The site has a pretty simple three-column layout with a video in the centre and reports and new beneath it. The right side of the screen is filled up with ads, tweets and some other links. Not much use of colors has been made and the site looks pretty boring – so you can’t expect much traffic from casual visitors.
Navigation is pretty simple yet confusing with very small menus and a lot of options. The site is littered with a lot of unnecessary ads and links and on browsing carefully you’ll notice a couple of graphics inserted on almost every page. The site takes a lot of time to load on an average connection – owing to the fact that there are so many pages bundled together.

The site has a lot of content all over it and most of it is meant only for people involved in stocks – for the rest it is absolutely confusing. Overall, this is a website that you’ll love if you are into stocks and shares and are looking for some necessary help. A 8 on 10 for this one.


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