In8 Fitness – A complete package with all interesting features!

Posted by on July 27, 2012 is the website of iN8 Fitness which is known for their top quality fitness services. It is based in Lake Mary, Fla. and they work towards improving overall health of their clients by changing their unhealthy lifestyles and food habits to maintain lifelong wellness. Their training program includes physical training by Orlando personal trainer and nutrition awareness. Now, they have come up with this website to make more people aware of their services. The website is easy to find on the internet by “personal trainer Orlando” and “personal trainer in Orlando” search terms.

The website downloads really fast and it has been designed to almost perfection. A lot of effort has been given in the planning and designing of the website which clearly shows. Every section has been placed at the right place. The homepage looks catchy with the usage of black and green colors. Also, the display of pictures gives the owner’s message loud and clear. A mere glance to the homepage lets any random visitor know whose website it is and what can he expect to see in this space. I really liked the mission header which describes their motto of spreading awareness on fitness and healthy living. The homepage has all the possible links that take you to the respective pages. Menus and icons are clearly visible and you will hardly face any difficulty in finding a particular link or text. Though all the navigation menus are given on the top, yet, again they are listed below under “navigation’ header. This makes the website to use it easily. Social block has all the social networking widgets and there is even a like option which allows a user like their Facebook fan page right there.

Content wise, “Blog” section has the most recent post and that is a recipe of yummy sweet potato fries cooked in a healthy way. Again, the photo of the dish has been captured beautifully which makes the space really worth visiting. However, I would have appreciated if they had included more contents on the importance of good nutrition and fitness in our lives. “About us” page covers all the details of the company, right from its inception, their work methodology, a brief intro of their training and nutrition programs and the experience and achievements of their trainer Nicole Kreiser. “Testimonials’ section is yet under construction but it’s a good feature to be added to a website as one gets benefited by the experience of previous and current customers. This adds to the worth of the company. You will find the “Service” menu has been opened up to two links called nutrition and training. A user can click on any of the two to land on the page that gives information about their services in both areas.

The website is a great package and it surely has the ability to keep the interest intact. The place is rich in quality content giving all possible information about the owner. In short, the vision and ideas of the owner clearly reflects in the entire design.

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