Clearly Interiors – You Can Customize Your Own Designs

Posted by on July 27, 2012 is the official website of Clearly Interiors that specializes in interior designing. They are known for providing bespoke designs, manufacturing and installing of essential interior elements like bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and drawing rooms. Now, this is basically their e-commerce website or online store where one can place order for their services online.

Yes, they are a team of interior designers as designing is in their profession but the fact is that they have designed their website following the same lines. The homepage has an amazing aesthetic look to it which appears soothing to your eyes. The white background looks pretty pleasing with an easy format. Homepage hardly takes time to download and the moment you arrive, just one look is good enough to let you know about what it is all about. The homepage displays photo of a perfectly designed kitchen that you would wish to have in your own home. The introductory paragraph gives a brief introduction of the website and defines its purpose very well. The logos of their product manufactures appear below. Now that is what I called branding which they have done really well. A Facebook like option has been given right on the homepage which is a smart feature and something which is quite common to see these days. The only thing that i missed is a blog section which could have made the space even more interesting.

Now, what enticed me so much is that there is something unique about the website. Yes, it is an e-commerce website but has its own flavour. Normally, it is quite common to see that most of the e-commerce websites display the photos and catalogues of the products right on the homepage. But here, they have a separate bold red colored block named “visit our online store”, clicking on which you will be landed on the page where the catalogues have been displayed on the middle of the page. Also, different products have been categorized by brands. Also, the links of all the top brands are placed below. If you click on the link of a particular brand, you will be taken to the page where all the products of the chosen brand will be displayed in different categories based on the type of application requirement. One can further click on a particular category to get the entire information about a particular product with full description. For example, if you click on bushboard, you will be taken to the page where a detailed description on Bushboard worktops which is further categorized in terms of range of products. Like, Omega worktops are one such range. Also the homepage has all the links of product pages categorized in terms of applications. All these features have made the navigation easy. There are no flashy advertisements or texts to take away your attention from the main matter.

In short, the website is like a work of art and scores very well on my standards.

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