Waterfrontengservices – It’s is a nice e-commerce package!!

Posted by on July 25, 2012

Fluid control technology plays a vital role in making water from different resources usable for drinking and industrial purposes. And, the essential components required making this technology find its application is fluid control equipments. Website http://www.waterfrontengservices.co.uk/ belongs to the company Waterfront which is specialised in the making of such equipments and is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers. The company Waterfront was founded in 1988 and it is also specialised in the installation and commissioning of penstocks and valves in water treatment plants. This website is the online store of the company that showcases a range of fluid control products like Sluice Gate, Stop Logs etc, manufactured by the company. They have efficient team of staffs qualified to perform different operations.

The website has been designed to perfection incorporating the ideas and vision of its owners and an instant glance is good enough to let a visitor know what it is all about and it has to offer. The homepage downloads fast and can be easily found on the internet. Web pages have an aesthetic look with a good colour combination of blue and white that appears aesthetically pleasing to eyes. One can see a string of photos of different items right on the homepage. There are a number of links provided all through the website that can be found easily which allows one to navigate easily. There are internal links provided in the contents and the photos to allow users to move through the site easily. A click on the photo lands you on the page that covers complete details of a product i.e. usage, application its dimensions of the chosen category of items. The description of item gives information on features and applications. “Enquiries here” button allows one to make enquiries about the items easily. The only thing that I missed is a Facebook widget on the homepage which allows the owner to connect with his customers and keep them informed about the latest updates. Also, a blog section would have made the place more interesting.

The website showcases excellent graphics and introductory messages. The introductory paragraph talks about the purpose and the main USP of the website very well. There are no broken links and all the related pages are connected. The format is easy and soothing to the eyes. The website essentially features all the good characteristics of a good website. There are no flashy messages and pop up advertisements to divert your attention from the subject. Flashy displays make it uncomfortable for you to view the website itself. The top right area has all the essential links to products, services, certifications and contact pages. I would recommend them to bring the contact details right on the homepage. The website has all the necessary information through its high quality content. The usage is simple making it able to engage a user.

In a nutshell, the website is a good e-commerce package and is has the potential to draw customers for its business.

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