Trustdeedscotland – Could deal with your debts!!

Posted by on July 25, 2012

If you are caught in financial crisis and worrying about debts repayment, this is just the right place for you. The logo appears right on the top left which lets one know whose site it is and what it has to offer. Well, the site is especially for Scottish people who are financially struggling with debts. This is their official page to let people know anything and everything about their service. They help people to deal with their debts with the help of government legislation.

One look and you know how well the website has been thought out, designed and laid out. The website can be found easily on the internet by the search terms “trust deed” or “trust deeds”. The Homepage downloads fast and it’s compatible to all the known browsers. Homepage of Scottish Trust Deeds is content rich giving too many information under the header “Top common questions”. The questions and answers are definitely like an eye opener with so much information on the matter. However, I found the homepage look a bit cluttered. One has to scroll down and down to go read the entire thing. They could have involved the details in a separate “FAQ” section. But, the content is definitely of high quality and truly justifies with the subject. Also, a social networking block is missing. On the plus side, one good thing to notice is that they have provided direct links in all the pages which are very well visible to the user. The format is easy with font size of the texts is large enough to be readable.

There isn’t any usage of flashy colours, photos or texts for displays unlike other sites. There is a menu called “What is trust deed?” on the homepage, which takes one to the webpage that explains how they do their job. I also liked the trust deed wizard which can show you results on if you’ll be relieved form the debts within the next 36 months or not. It is a kind of calculator using which one can check if he or she is eligible to avail the services. This feature is like an attractor which would prompt anyone to use it. Contact phone numbers of their different branches have been given on the top right.

In short, the site is a good package with almost all the necessary features to see. All the pages are well laid out and rich in quality content. The site is interactive and creates a feeling of looking for more in the website. The main USP of the company has been well conveyed to the user through the site. The site has everything that a prospect would look for and also love to come back for more.

There are no such undesirable pop up messages and ads to drive your attention away from the subject. The website has the potential to attract users and I’ll score it 4 out of 5. Few changes have to be made as mentioned above to make it even better.

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