Total-Displays – A good e-commerce package!!

Posted by on July 25, 2012

There is a phrase called, “first impression is the last impression”, which means outer look has a very essential role when it comes to impress others. Especially, in the retail business, the presentation and display of items affects the store’s impression on customers. It has been observed that sales of a retail shop depend very much on the way the items have been displayed. Display items are an integral part of the interiors of any retail store. is basically the online store of the company Total displays that has a good collection display items such as Pop Up Stands, exhibition display stands and banner stands in bespoke shapes and designs to suit different retail needs.

The website is professionally designed and only an instant glance lets a visitor know what it is all about and what it has to offer. The homepage has an amazingly aesthetically pleasing look. The photos of different items manufactured by the company are on display right on the homepage. This allows one to easily browse through different items. There are links in the content and also in the photos that appear all through the websites. One needs to click on the desired item category to land on a page that covers the product description of the chosen category of items. The description includes product details, its make, its features and its applications. Photo of any product can be zoomed to get a closer look of the product for a finer idea before making any decision. One thing I would recommend is that they should bring the social networking widgets on the top of the homepage from the bottom. One would hardly like have the patience to scroll down to the bottom to find them.

On the plus side, the website showcases excellent graphics and introductory messages. Every section in the website is placed at correct positions. The homepage looks catchy with the correct usage of graphics and texts. The introductory paragraph defines the basic purpose and the USP of the website very well. The format of the website is as per the standards. The layout of all the pages is similar to one another and well co-ordinated. The background colour they have chosen for the website is white which really soothes your eyes and perfectly goes with the theme. The string of photos displaying one by one makes it look interesting. There are no flashy or pop up advertisements to take your attention from the subject itself. All the menus and links are working perfectly and can be easily found which makes it easy for you to navigate through the website. Contact information of the retailer is given at the top which consists which makes it easier for a person to make enquiries about the desired item. Attractors like “promotional gifts” and “upload artwork” are strategically added to draw prospects’ attention.

In short, the website makes a great e-commerce website. It is attractive, interactive and has many other features to engage a user. I’ll give it 4 out of 5.

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