The Fireplace Warehouse – A website with many good features!!

Posted by on July 25, 2012 is the official website of fireplace ware house retailers who have years of experience in this industry and have many showrooms around the North West. The site is basically a Fireplace Warehouse that caters to people who want to install fireplaces in their houses or want to give a new makeover to their old fireplace. The Fireplace Warehouse specialises in design, manufacture and installation of fireplaces. The Fireplace Warehouse sells wood burning stoves along with other types of quality granite, marble and wooden fireplaces. Their bespoke designed gas and wood burning stoves and other fireplaces are tailored to fit your interiors well. The website can be found on the internet by search terms “thefireplacewarehouse” or “stoves for sale at The Fireplace Warehouse”.

Talking about the website, it has a professional look with every element strategically placed on the home page. One doesn’t need to search; everything is there right in front of your eyes. The very first thing that grabs a user’s attention is the big bold display of the starting price in red.

Any user will find it useful as the store showcases all contemporary models of different items on display right on the homepage itself. Navigation through the website is very easy as there are numerous links given all through the website that take the visitor to the required information page. Links are very much visible everywhere, in the content, in the photos, headers and menus. The starting price of different models are mentioned with their respective photos so that the interested prospect can easily click on the model photo and lands on a page that covers all the required information about the chosen product like, item description, price, discounts, features and. There are two special attractors “Internet only” and “stock clearance sale” that appear prominently on the homepage. Both are intended to lure prospective customers for more enquiries and sales. Now this is an essential feature to be seen in a good e-commerce website.

There is also a provision for users to know the locations of their existent stores across the northwest. Content wise, I really liked the way they have explained the necessity of fireplace warehouse in “Why FPW?” section. However, the site falls short in adding some other essential features like a blog section, a customer testimonial section and a social networking block. All these three sections are important in building relationship with customers and help in building trust in the company. I would recommend them to add these sections to make the site even more interactive and interesting.

To summarise, in question is a great package and scores well on the standards. The website has quality rich content and has amazing graphics. It has got a professional look. One can easily and effortlessly navigate through the website. The format is simple, soothing and easy to your eyes. There are no flashy texts, advertisements or unnecessary graphics. The website is good and has the ability to draw customers.

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