Tgstore – It’s quite good!!

Posted by on July 25, 2012

The website is a perfect destination for all those who are into running and cycling. Both running and cycling are adventure and fun filled sports that help in boosting the stamina of body. However, the experience and overall performance depends a lot on how comfortable your clothes are. Comfortable clothing lets you move with ease and you also have a great experience at the same time. The website is basically an online store where one can find a wide range of running clothes and cycling clothes for both men and women.

It is basically an official e-commerce website that belongs to the brand Gore Tex. It can be easily found on the web by the search terms “Running Clothes For Women” or “Cycling Clothes For Women”. Their online store showcases a range of Women’s Running Clothes and Cycling Clothes for Men. I am pretty impressed by the way the website showcases items. The brand boasts of its ability to bring fashion in the sports wear as it reflects in their collection. Their clothing line comprises of cycling and running clothes that are made of fabrics used by most of the leading sportswear manufacturers around the world. The brand promises to deliver utmost comfort during the course of action. Now, this is what I call branding which the website exudes successfully through its contents right from the introductory paragraph. Their homepage is quite an impressive one with an intelligent usage of pictures and graphics. The main USP of the website is its beautiful layout which catches attention of any random visitor.

The most interesting feature of the website that I liked is the pictorial display of the products. This is a very important feature to see in any efficient e-commerce website. One can also have a closer look of the items by zooming in the photos. They have also provided a measurement guide for the customers to get a better idea of the fitting.

The website very well reflects the ideas and vision of the owner which very well shows the entire website design and layout. The top left section has many links to different sections such as, men’s product, women’s product, services, customer support and blog. The services section gives all the relevant and important information about their customer services. The blog section is great to read as it has some interesting posts on the latest trends in the world of fashion related to sports. The only thing which I found missing is a social networking block which would enable their customers to connect with them. The site has many interesting features that makes people want to know and explore more. There are no flashy messages and advertisements to distract you from the site itself.

In a nutshell, I think the website is a good performer and it does have a potential to keep the visitors engaged. I would like to give it 4 out of 5. However, efforts and a few tweaks are required to make the space even more interesting and worth visiting.

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