Save Yourself Money – This one makes a good finance related portal!!

Posted by on July 25, 2012

The space is for all those people looking for some good advice on mortgages. Well this one will bring a sigh of relief to many who are facing financially difficult times post retirement and want to unlock some cash held in their property. However, there are various mortgage schemes available in the market but the real trick is to zero in one that perfectly suits one’s requirements well. As we all know that comparison of different schemes is the best way to get strike a deal available at most competent price. serves the purpose of mortgage comparison very well and I’m really impressed by the entire layout which allows one to compare mortgages with ease.

Well, now coming to the website, the homepage has a very pleasing aesthetic look to it. The format including the white background appears easy and soothing to your eyes. Like, I have always emphasised on the importance of branding in making a company website successful, I am pleased to find that the website has promoted its respective brand and here the logo has been placed right at the top. Introductory paragraph is self explanatory and immediately connects with the people on a mortgage hunt. The efforts are quite visible that went into the making of the website. However, a social networking block is very much missing on the homepage which was quite surprising. This feature has become quite a regular in almost all the websites today. It is also great to see that the pages are not filled with advertisements.

Content wise, the section that impressed me very much is “Mortgages” since the page has some truly valuable information on the topic. This place has some really valuable information for those who are looking for good mortgage deals. There is also a provision that interested people can fill out simple details and submit to continue their quote. I also liked the “latest news” section as it has posts related to the latest developments in the industry. Clicking on “Product guide” button takes you to a page that serves to be a mortgage buying guide.

In simple words, the website is a great place to find the required information on the said matter. It is well planned and designed. It has almost all the mandatory features that make a good finance related website. All the menus, button and links are easy to read and find. The website looks is easy to use and can keep a user engaged. What I really liked about the website is that it has a unique charm unlike all those other websites that are flooded with advertisements.

The only thing that I would recommend is to add a blog section, a customer testimonial section and a social networking block on the homepage. This would allow the users to interact and discuss various issues regarding the matter with them. With continuous efforts and dedication, the space will become even more informative and interesting.

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