Save Yourself Money – It is a great insurance comparison package!

Posted by on July 25, 2012

Home is definitely one’s dearest asset for sure and therefore protecting it and your belongings in the house comes first on any individual’s checklist. But then, market is flooded with countless insurance providers and their schemes. Identifying the most suitable one is the real trick and here is the site which is of use to all those who are looking to take up a home insurance plan through home insurance comparison. One can compare home insurance plans on this site and find a cheap home insurance plan for himself.

Talking about the website, it has been planned and designed very well. The site can be easily found on the internet by “house insurance compare” search term. One of the most important factors in conveying an efficient impression is the download time. Here, the homepage downloads really fast. All the pages are easily readable, clear and easy to understand. The best thing about the site is that it is not too cluttered with text and images. The font size is large enough to be readable. All this puts a good impression on any random visitor and he instantly realises that the site is of potential use to him. Introductory paragraph very well defines the objective and the unique selling point of the site. All menus and links are placed at right positions and constantly visible and consistent throughout the complete website. This makes the navigation system intuitive and easy to use, providing direct access to different pages and facilities on the site. There are no broken links and all the pages are very well connected with the links. Compare deals button on the homepage lets any user to just click on the button and land on a page where he can compare house insurance and home contents insurance deals.

Content wise, I really liked their latest news and features sections. All content presented on the site is of high quality. There are no fancy animations and graphics. Basically, the website strictly talks business and nothing rubbish. Contact phone number has been given right on the homepage. I was looking forward to see a blog section which was not present. However, I really missed a blog section and a customer testimonial section. The company can post related topics on its blog section to let the customers know the latest developments in the business. Whereas, a customer testimonial section lets the user know the credibility of the website. Independent comments from the existent customers about how trustworthy the website actually is builds trust in the users.

To summarise, the website in question is a great package and scores well on the standards. It has great content and has a professional outlook. One can easily and effortlessly navigate through the website. The format is simple, soothing and easy to your eyes. There are no flashy texts, advertisements or unnecessary graphics. The website is good and has the ability to draw customers. I’ll give it 4 out of 5.

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